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Remind yourself that the answer is always available when you show off this Seek Pillow. This stylish pillow will add a comfortable touch to the home while also inspiring you to get the most out of every day.
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This Desire Red Wallpaper will add sophistication to any office space. The wallpaper comes in a deep red with pink accents that will make your study space feel regal and empowering.
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Add some romance to your bedroom when you remodel with this Desire Red Wallpaper. This wallpaper offers an elegant print in two different reds that will add depth to any room.
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About Graham & Brown:

When my husband and I were told that we were having twins, we knew that we needed to figure out bedrooms. We already had three children and we only have three bedrooms. Of course one bedroom was for my husband and me, one would be used for the twins, and the third one would be shared by our two sons. That meant finding space for our twelve year old daughter. We decided to convert the attached garage into a living suite. We made a bedroom for our daughter, a small kitchenette and a living room area. I chose the paint for the kitchenette and living room, but told my daughter she could choose paint or wallpaper for her bedroom. While looking at the GrahamBrown.com website, I discovered a technique where you paste the wall and avoid the mess of dipping wallpaper into paste. So when my daughter chose wallpaper from this site, I actually was looking forwarding to painting the walls with paste!

The pros: The wallpaper we ordered is absolutely beautiful and of very good quality. It has a nice texture and the great thing about this wallpapering technique is that if we ever want to change it, the wallpaper will easily peel off. In addition to wallpaper, GrahamBrown.com also offers paint and home decor items, such as art, mirrors and pillows. I also appreciate that this is a family-owned business.

The cons: GrahamBrown.com is limited in products compared to other stores. However, what they do offer is of good quality and at a fair price.

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