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As the top player of online coupon providers, our business is to offer discount coupons and promo codes for shoppers while they shop online. And we believe that the confidentiality and protection of our website visitors' information is one of our fundamental responsibilities. This is why we want you to know how we will handle information we obtain about you when you visit our site.

Anytime you visit, we will NOT collect and store any of the following information:

The name of the domain from which you access the Internet (for example,, if you are connecting from an America Online account, or, if you are connecting from Harvard University's domain); the date and time; the Internet address of the web site you left to visit us; the names of the pages you visit while at our site; and the Internet address of the web site you then visit.

Note: We do have an online site statistical tool: addfreestats. It allows us to improve the site and make it more useful. But we never collect and store any of your information. We promise that.

If you join our mailing list or submit a coupon to us, or in any way we are informed of your email address:

We may enter the information you send into our electronic database. You may also be contacted by us for additional information. We do not disclose your email to any third party. We promise that.

We partner with Rakuten Advertising, who may collect personal information when you interact with our site. The collection and use of this information is subject to the privacy policy located here.

Publishers must also collect an opt-out signal from the consumer and pass consent information to Rakuten Advertising using the consent parameter "cnst." Instructions are available in the attached technical document, "Passing CCPA Opt-Out in Affiliate Links".

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