Cheap Ways to Publish and Promote Your Book

Writing a book is a challenge filled with frustration, grief, joy and stress. Of course, if you’ve just finished writing your first novel then the stress aspect is probably haunting you, right? Trying to figure out what to do with your novel is one of the hardest aspects of the process. From self-publishing and traditional publishing to just putting it away for a rainy day, […] » Continue Reading

Water Conservation Tips to Help the Environment and Your Frugal Budget

If you live in a region that is affected by a drought then you’re probably trying to do everything in your power to save on money without remodeling the entire home to save on water. Of course, even if you’re not in a drought, you may still be looking for simple ways to cut down on the amount of water you use on a daily […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to Keep Your Home Safe and Prepared for Fire Emergencies

With summer peaking, there’s no question that dry weather is a huge risk to your home. With many areas of the country already fighting off bad wildfires, it may be time to make sure your family’s fire safety system is in working order. For many, coming up with a fire safety kit and plan can be costly and thus keeps getting put off. However, if […] » Continue Reading

Turn Your Piano Dreams Into a Frugal Reality With These Tips

With the autumn months on their way, you may be looking for hobbies that will keep you entertained while outdoor activities aren’t as convenient. Piano is a great option for people of all ages and can help performances in school while also relieving stress. Unfortunately, the cost of a piano can be very intimidating for some budgets though. There are a few ways to get […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to Save While Having Fun During Fair Season

From summer time to late autumn, the fairs are in full swing and ready to bring your family unforgettable memories! Of course, they’re also more than willing to take your money and lots of it. If you’re worried about getting your family to the fair this year then there are some things to consider before you buy your tickets and go. With a little simple […] » Continue Reading

Hot August Buys That Celebrate the Last Weeks of Summer

August is here which means back to school, last minute vacations and a whole lot of other expenses that may leave you scrambling to get control of your household’s budget. Even though expenses may be high this month, there’s still a few things you can actually save money on, which may come in handy in the upcoming months. With a few savings to get you […] » Continue Reading

Money Saving Commuter Tips For An Easier Work Day

Every work day seems to start out the same way. A long and tedious commute that not only forces you to get out of bed sooner, but also robs you of your much needed free time. Of course, your entertainment time isn’t the only thing a commute can rob you of. Chances are, if you’re spending a lot of time in your vehicle during the […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Keep Your Laptop Purchase Budget-Friendly

It’s never been a better time to buy a laptop. With prices significantly decreasing from their original price tags, this piece of technology is more affordable than ever. That doesn’t mean that they’re easy to purchase on a tight budget though. However, if you’re looking to keep to a budget then there are a few useful tips you may want to follow if you plan […] » Continue Reading

Dorm Room Essential That Will Help Keep Your Student Frugal

Soon enough, it will be time for parents to help their new students move into dorms, or for new students to take a bold leap and start a fresh new life. This can be a scary time for both parents and students in many regards. Although entering a new chapter in life is scary, the financial aspect of the new life may leave you waking […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways To Add Home Security to Your Household

Finding a way to keep your family safe can be time consuming, frustrating and expensive. When it comes to home security, it may take you months before you find the best tips and techniques to help out your household. Of course, it doesn’t help that the numerous home security items on the market are incredibly costly and could leave you in a budget crisis after […] » Continue Reading

Simple School Supply Trends For a Great Start the Semester

It may seem hard to believe that school will be starting in just a few short weeks. Although many people may feel that it’s still a bit too early to start shopping for school supplies, shopping now can help you earn some major frugal shopper points. This time of the year can be really hard on the budget, especially if you have children in secondary […] » Continue Reading

Set Sail Without Anchoring Your Budget This Summer

Hitting the water is a great way to stay cool this summer, but if you’re dealing with boating fees you may find your budget simply isn’t ready for such adventures. Whether you already own a boat or plan on buying one soon, there’s quite a few ways to work around the high prices of owning, buying or operating a boat. It doesn’t matter what kind […] » Continue Reading

Tee Off with These Frugal Golfing Tips

Summer is here, which means it’s time to dust off your golfing bag and hope your swing isn’t too rusty. With the warm weather comes the season to hit the golf course and show off your game for pleasure and/or business. However, if you’re facing a tight budget during the summer months, then you may not be able to enjoy your summer golfing games as […] » Continue Reading

Red Hot Savings Available In July

July can really heat up your budget, especially with all of the hot weather forcing you to kick up the air conditioning or seek cooler activities. Of course, July isn’t all expenditures though! In fact, there’s quite a few things you can save a whole lot of money on if you’re looking for a good deal. With a little heads up on these great deals, […] » Continue Reading

Soak Up the Sun While Saving Your Budget With These Frugal Beach Tips

The summer heat has finally kicked in, which means the beach is probably the top hot spot all over the world. Enjoying some time at the beach can be a great way to cool down, soak up some fun and bond with the family. However, the beach comes with its own set of costs that could leave you hurting your budget if you’re not careful. […] » Continue Reading

Fiery Hot Barbeques Tips to Cool Down Your Budget

The heat is rising, which means it’s time to fire up the grill and enjoy some delicious food and good company. Grilling can be the home’s best friend in the summer time because it allows you to enjoy your favorite foods without having to heat up the home with the stove and oven. Of course, if you’re not careful, the convenience of the grill can […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Frugally Keep the Kids Busy Over Summer Vacation

Summer vacation is in full swing, which may mean you already have kids bouncing off the walls. It doesn’t take long for kids to go from celebration mode to boredom mode, which is probably a cause for stress. If you’re on a tight budget, keeping the kids occupied can be even more troublesome, especially if you feel like you’ve already exhausted all of the ideas […] » Continue Reading

Ramadan Tips That Avoid Draining Your Savings

Although Ramadan is already in full swing, you have plenty of time to get in some savings during this sacred month. Many find Ramadan to be hard to budget because of the large meals and celebrations that occur. There’s actually a few ways to keep your budget happy during this time of celebration though. From food costs to gifts, you can find simple ways to […] » Continue Reading

Cool Down Your Summer with These Fun-Filled Water Ideas

Summer time is the perfect season to enjoy water in many forms. It’s cooling, keeps you feeling fresh and hydrated and makes for some pretty awesome games. The only problem is, when it comes to this year, many places are facing a drought that has made the price of water skyrocket. Of course, buying a large swimming pool may not be the answer for most […] » Continue Reading

Firework Worthy Fourth of July Tips For a Frugal Holiday

The Fourth of July is a great time gather family and friends for a celebration that goes above and beyond. However, planning a celebration for this patriotic holiday can mean a lot of spending on your end. From meats for the grill to firework prices, it may be hard to get anything done during the holiday if you’re on a tight budget. Luckily, there’s a […] » Continue Reading

Cash In On the Savings This June Has To Offer

Pre-summer heat already got you down? Between entertaining the kids this season and keeping up with daily routines, you may find that the month of June brings many hardships to the family budget. However, there are a few ways you can cool down the cost thanks to the amazing deals June has to offer. This June is proving to be a great time buy some […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Will Make Dad Smile

It’s that time of year again. That is, it’s time to let your dad know just how you feel about him. Although Father’s Day only comes once a year, it tends to show up when we’re busy entertaining the kids during summer break or trying to make the final preparations for a vacation. So, if your budget is looking pretty tight right now, you may […] » Continue Reading

Inspiring Budget Tips for Your Upcoming Trip Abroad

Planning a trip abroad can leave you stunned at how much money it may take just to enjoy your trip. Whether you’re planning to backpack through Europe before heading to college, celebrating your honeymoon in the Caribbean or you simply want to explore your roots, there’s a few great tips that will help you get more out of your vacation for less money. Although looking […] » Continue Reading

Moving Tips That Will Help Save You Money On Your Next Chapter

Summer brings a lot of changes to everyday life. From job transitions to leaving for the dorm rooms, you may find yourself looking to change locations during the hot months. Moving can not only be a stressful time for everyone involved, but it can also cost you a whole lot of money if you’re not careful. For starters, the movie truck alone can send your […] » Continue Reading

Blockbuster Sized Saving Tips For Your Summer at the Theater

There’s nothing quite like walking into a freezing movie theater while the summer heat stays outdoors. Summer time is definitely a time to catch all the best blockbusters, but going to the movie theater can be a huge drain on your budget. With prices climbing little by little each year, taking your family to the theater may end up costing you too much. Of course, […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Getaways That Will Help You Vacation Without the Budget

Can you believe it’s already time for the kids to be finishing up school? Of course, if you haven’t made vacation plans yet then a bit of a panic may be setting in some time soon. Don’t worry! There’s lots of ways to have fun with very little planning involved. If you’re a little shy on the vacation budget this year then you can still […] » Continue Reading

Ten Budget-Friendly Tips for This Summer’s Road Trip Fanatics

The smell of summer is in the air, which means it may be time to hit the wide open road again. However, if you’re dealing with a slight budget crisis this year, or you simply don’t want to spend an arm and a leg, then you may want to consider a few ways to cut the price of your road trip before you take off. […] » Continue Reading

Hats off For Frugal Memorial Day Savings

The long Memorial Day weekend is almost here, but have no fear, there’s still time to save a bundle on all of the exciting events and sales that will be happening. For many, Memorial Day kicks off summer and is celebrated with tasty barbeques and a weekend of shopping. Of course, if your budget isn’t exactly ready to tackle another holiday, there’s still a few […] » Continue Reading

Honeymoon Tips That Will Make Your Bank Account Fall In Love

Planning your honeymoon can be incredibly overwhelming, especially while you’re trying to get everything for your wedding put together too! There’s no doubt that watching all of the money for your wedding leave your pockets might make you feel uneasy about spending anything at all on your honeymoon. There are a few ways you can cut out the anxiety of honeymoon planning though. This is […] » Continue Reading

A Quick Guide On What To Buy This May

The beautiful month of May is here and although some may associate it with May Gloom, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know this is a month worth celebrating thanks to its savings alone. With several holidays feature major sales, namely Memorial Day and Star Wars Day, there’s a pretty good chance you’re already enjoying some of the savings this month has to offer. However, there’s […] » Continue Reading

Skip the Air Conditioning This Summer With These Frugal Cooling Tips

There’s no doubt about it, temperatures are rising and the temptation to turn on the air conditioning grows a little more each day. Staying cool in the heat can be pricey though, especially if you’re relying on air conditioning to do most of the work. There are a few ways you can get rid of the huge electric bills though without forcing yourself to be […] » Continue Reading

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts For Your Tight Budget

Life gets busy, so if you’ve just realized that Mother’s Day is only a few days away then have no fear! This time of year can be hard on a budget, but there’s a lot of amazing things you can do for mom that doesn’t mean dipping into your savings account! It’s hard to avoid the temptation of splurging on mom’s big day because, after […] » Continue Reading

Kid Friendly Outdoor Musts That Won’t Touch Your Home-Improvement Budget

Nice weather is upon us which means it’s the best time to make your yard more appealing to the kids. Although it may be harder to get today’s kids outside for some play time, with a fabulous yard to get them interested in good old fashioned play, there won’t be any bribing necessary! This doesn’t mean you’re looking at spending a lot of money on […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Must Have Graduation Gifts For First Semester College Students

It’s hard to believe that the time has come for an all new group of students to walk across the stage and collect their diplomas on Graduation Day. Although it may be a great time to celebrate their achievements, it can also be a time of hardship if you’re struggling with your budget. Although many believe that money and pricey gifts are the key to […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Cinco de Mayo Tips to Make Your Fiesta Unforgettable

May will be here rather quickly, so it might be time to plan out your Cinco de Mayo party! Cinco de Mayo is such a great time to spread the love amongst your friends and family. Between the Mexican Independence Day and the gorgeous weather, it’ll be hard not to get out for a little fun! If you haven’t hosted or celebrated this holiday before […] » Continue Reading

Frugal Ways to Celebrate May’s Geeky Holidays Without Cashing In Your Savings Account

Geek culture is becoming increasingly popular as the years pass. With the extra popularity comes new merchandise that every fan feels they have to have. This wouldn’t be so bad if the items didn’t sometimes come with a hefty price tag. Nonetheless, May sports a few geeky holidays worth celebrating, especially if you’re looking to get your hands on some of these collectibles. This doesn’t […] » Continue Reading

Save Big on Prom Expenditures When You Have A Frugal Pre-Party With Friends

Believe it or not, but prom season is just around the corner. Whether you’re a parent shopping for your child or a student looking for great ways to save money, there’s one thing you should keep in mind. That is, your pre-party. Although prom day is usually all about the dance and the after party, hosting a pre-party with your girlfriends can actually be one […] » Continue Reading

Celebrate Earth Day With Frugal and Green Living Tips

Earth Day is a great time to add a little green into your pocket and back into the Earth. However, a lot of people never really know what to do to make their Earth Day celebration count. For many, new ideas may seem expensive or too complicated to try which causes them to push aside the holiday and move on to the next. Earth Day […] » Continue Reading

Keep a Frugal Household When You Try Out These DIY Refurbishing Tips

Chances are, you probably have quite a bit of stuff laying around that doesn’t exactly serve a purpose. May it be the item was broken quite some time ago or you just don’t like the way it looks anymore; these items tend to pile up in our storage areas. Often, we even replace them when we find something new and shinier even if we don’t […] » Continue Reading

Ten Tricks Anyone Can Do To Keep Their Car In Shape For Less

You don’t have to be a mechanic to ensure your car is running smoothly! In fact, a lot of people skip out on some of the basic things you can do for your car because they believe they’re too hard to accomplish! There’s actually a lot you can do with your car to make sure it stays on track though, which helps you rake in […] » Continue Reading

Celebrate International Guitar Month with These Money Saving Tips

If you’ve ever wanted to pick up the guitar and roll out your favorite song, or can’t go a day without feeling the strings on your fingers, then April is the month for you. International Guitar Month is an exciting time for guitarist often opens up a world of savings to those looking for their first guitar or a special upgrade. There’s lot of ways […] » Continue Reading

April Savings that Won’t Eat Up Your Rainy Day Fund

April is a month that sees a lot more spending than most. Between entertaining the family during spring break and Easter holidays to spring cleaning and stocking up on the last of winter’s produce. It’s no doubt that saving in April does take a bit more work than the other spring months. However, there are some items you may want to spend some money on […] » Continue Reading

Easy Laundry Tricks That Will Keep Your Clothes Fresh and Wallet Full

Laundry seems to be a never ending cycle that keeps you on your feet each and every day. Although it’s pretty easy to come to terms that you’re always going to have laundry to do, it might not be as easy to deal with the constant money it forces you to spend. However, if you’re looking to cut down on house expenses, this is one […] » Continue Reading

Bring Some Pep to The Easter Bunny’s Hop With These Frugal Basket Ideas

In just a few short weeks the Easter Bunny will be hopping down that bunny trail with treats for all the good boys and girls. This doesn’t mean it’s time to go into panic mode though! There’s still time to get your baskets together and looking great for the big day. Although Easter baskets can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday, they can […] » Continue Reading

Kosher and Frugal Passover Tips for a Holiday Filled with Savings

Passover is only a couple of weeks away, which means you may already be behind on shopping for the 8 day celebration. Don’t start stressing out though as there’s still plenty of time to get the savings you deserve for your holiday! Although many holiday items tend to skyrocket in price around this time of the year, there’s still a few ways you can ensure […] » Continue Reading

Allergy Relief that Comes at A Frugal Price

It’s official, Spring is here! With all the flowers bursting to life, amazing smells on the cool breeze and rainy mornings you’re probably walking on cloud nine, right? Well, okay, I guess I did leave out the part about the sneezing, itchy eyes and other misfortunes that the season brings along with it. If you spend your mornings waiting for the news to announce pollen […] » Continue Reading

Bring Your Garden to Life While Keeping A Frugal Lifestyle

Spring has finally arrived and even if it may not seem like it, it’s time to start thinking about your garden. It doesn’t matter if the birds are already chirping away or if there’s still a foot of snow in your yard, there’s something you can do to get your garden ready for the blossoming season. Prepping for a garden could mean throwing a lot […] » Continue Reading

Jump Into Spring With These Frugal and Fun Activities

Spring is filled with beauty and fun, but a lot of people may feel like they need to throw money into the season to make it exciting. There’s a lot of great ways to transform this season into savings though, and no, that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside until summer! With a few simple tips and a little looking around you should be […] » Continue Reading

Ten Ways to Transform the Every Day Into Frugal Savings

Life costs money but it doesn’t have to cost as much money as you think it does. In fact, a lot of your everyday expenditures can be significantly reduced to help make your day to day living more lucrative. For many, it may seem difficult to cut corners in many areas of life, but when it comes to these 10 things, you may not even […] » Continue Reading

Spring Cleaning Tips That Will Make Your Budget Sparkle

Spring is in the air, which means it’s time to get to work on some Spring Cleaning. Although cleaning might not be on everyone’s to do list it’s a great way to start the season out fresh while also helping your household save a bit of money. For many though, spring cleaning means spending money on cleaning supplies, filters and maybe even tools to get […] » Continue Reading