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Code: COUPON30
Added: 2018-02-27  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: SHOP100
Added: 2018-02-27  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: SHOP50
Added: 2018-02-27  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: SHOP25
Added: 2018-02-27  Expires: 2018-05-31

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$30 off quilt kit

Code: None
The cosmetic appearance of this Satellite Quilt Kit will make it the perfect style for most children. This kit comes with all the fabric required to build the stunning pattern with ease.
Added: 2018-02-27  Expires: 2018-05-31. 
Code: WELL
Added: 2018-02-23  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: 69SHIP
Added: 2018-02-22  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: No code to use
Get started on your summer decor when you use these Machine Embroidery Designs. These Summer designs are perfect for clothing, towels and blankets and will make your season even more enjoyable.
Added: 2018-02-21  Expires: 2018-05-31.

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$20 off thread

Code: No Code Needed
This Cotton+Steel Thread will help make your next sewing project nothing but fun. The thread comes in a variety of fun colors and comes in a convenient case, so you can keep your space tidy.
Added: 2018-02-20  Expires: 2018-05-31. 
Added: 2018-02-16  Expires: 2018-05-31
Added: 2018-02-14  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: Not Required
This Kimono Cover Up Kit will help you make the perfect fashion accessory. This amazing kit gives you everything you need to make as many kimonos you like, which is sure to make them a staple in your wardrobe.
Added: 2018-02-14  Expires: 2018-05-31. 
Code: No Need
Your class projects will turn out amazing when you have this KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive on hand. This spray will allow you to keep art projects in place without putting toxic fumes into the air.
Added: 2018-02-13  Expires: 2018-05-31. 
Code: VEXN
Added: 2018-02-11  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: Not Required
This Raspberry Tea Counted Cross Stitch Kit is sure to bring you a little tranquility as you work on finishing the design. The kit comes with everything you need to create an elegant work of art.
Added: 2018-02-07  Expires: 2018-05-31.

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Nice price on art bag

Code: No Need
This Xiem Art Bag will help you keep track of all of your necessary supplies. This bag is great for artist that love landscaping or students that need to travel to and from classes.
Added: 2018-02-07  Expires: 2018-05-31. 
Code: Not Required
Your art collection won't be complete without printing one of your favorite pieces on this UV Non-Glare Glass. This glass will help give art a brand new look while the non-glare film allows you to view it all day long.
Added: 2018-02-06  Expires: 2018-05-31. 
Code: diecast5
Added: 2018-02-02  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: construction5
Added: 2018-02-02  Expires: 2018-05-31
Code: WORLD20
Added: 2018-02-02  Expires: 2018-05-31