Ten Quick, Healthy and Frugal Tips To Ditch your Holiday Hangover

The holidays are one of the worst times for coping with a hangover. With so many opportunities to enjoy a nice drink, the body begins to protest a little before it is all said and done. New Years is one of the worst periods of time for dealing with hangovers. Luckily, there’s a lot of very cheap remedies that can help you get through this trying aspect of the holiday season. With any luck, you won’t have to fight off a hang over on the first day of the year thanks to these amazing remedies. Best of all, they’ll all suit your frugal budget. In fact, you might not even have to do any shopping to enjoy the amazing remedies listed here. So, enjoy your nights of celebrations, as your mornings won’t look as grim when you give these quick remedies a try.

1. Drink Water
Without a doubt, one of the best ways to ditch a hangover is to actually start drinking water as soon as you wake up from a night of drinking. In fact, if you start drinking water before you hit the sack you’ll be even better off. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it not only forces you to get rid of the liquid that you intake while drinking, but it also pulls water from the rest of your body. This is what causes you to feel terrible, particularly when it comes to the morning after headaches. So, giving your body a bunch of new fluids will knock out the symptoms quickly. Not to mention it will be helping with the overall health of your body.

2. Coconut Water
Coconut water is definitely one of the most expensive items on the list, but if you have some lying around the house then you’re going to be in for a treat after drinking. Coconut water actually helps the body to absorb water faster, which means you’re going to be rehydrating a lot quicker than you would with just water. This doesn’t mean you should drink coconut water all morning. Instead, have a glass first thing in the morning and then work on rehydrating with simple glasses of water. The water with stay in your system longer, which will help the body recover faster. You may even notice that your headache will start to fade after the glass of coconut water.

3. Herbal Teas
Nothing will help you to feel comforted after a night of drinking quite like a cup of tea. Of course, you might want to skip over your traditional black teas though, as an herbal tea is going to help you recover a bit more. For instance, a nice ginger tea will help to settle an upset stomach, which can make recovering a lot easier. Not only will it allow you to rehydrate faster due to the calm stomach, but it will sooth you too. Peppermint is also a great option for an upset stomach and will help you feel the warmth of the season. Of course, if you’re a caffeine drinker then you might want to enjoy a herbal tea mixed with a black tea, so you don’t have to worry about getting a headache due to lack of caffeine.

4. Oatmeal
A lot of people migrate towards a greasy breakfast after a night of drinking, but this can really make the problem a lot worse. Grease helps the alcohol stay in your system longer and will add to your upset stomach. One of your best breakfast options is to a grab a nice healthy bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal moves through the body slowly and provides lots of natural energy that will help you recover from the night. You can even improve on the taste by adding a touch of honey to sweeten it. Honey also is a great way to ditch a hangover and improve on your immune system. If honey isn’t your thing then dress up your bowl with a banana or even a few dates. These help get rid of the hangover faster as well, so by adding them you’ll have an even more powerful breakfast to combat the issue at hand.

5. Smoothie
Speaking of fruit, a smoothie is one of the best ways to get rid of a hangover. Whether you’re blending one up for breakfast or a snack, you can really pack a punch when it comes to ditching the hangover. As mentioned, bananas and dates are great to add into the smoothie because they will help you get rid of the hangover faster. You might also consider fruits that help hydrate the body. For instance, coconut, watermelon, kiwi and so on are great additions. You might consider apples for their fiber and oranges for their vitamin C content. Another great add in is coconut water, if you have it. Adding grains to the mix will help make the hangover go away faster while giving you a lot more energy to move through the day. Don’t forget, leafy greens are also an amazing option when adding to your smoothies, especially if you’re looking for a healthier blend.

6. Soup
Some say soup warms the soul, which may be true when you’re dealing with a hangover. Soup is one of the best ways to get liquid into your system while also adding much needed salt back into your diet. Two of the best options are the traditional chicken noodle soup, but if you’re feeling like stepping outside of the box then miso is a great option too. Of course, you can enjoy just about any soup you like if you’re feeling sick from your hangover. Just make sure you drink the broth, so you can begin the healing process. Of course, if you want to really improve on the way you feel then you might choose an option with lots of healthy items like vegetables to help the body get lots of nutrients. If you don’t feel that you can handle soup, then plain chicken broth will help do the trick.

7. Pickle Juice
Pickle juice isn’t just a craving for pregnant women. Many people crave pickle juice after drinking for a very good reason. This juice is loaded with sodium, which will help you absorb water a whole lot faster than you typically would. Plus, your body does need a certain amount of sodium to function and the pickle juice will help bring this amount back into the body. Vinegar is another way to help the body feel better and can ease your stomach pain rather quickly. Apart from that, cucumbers are packed with essential vitamins to help the body feel back to normal faster.

8. Coffee
Since coffee is also a diuretic, many people tend to avoid it whenever they are experiencing a hangover. However, if you tend to drink a cup of coffee every single morning then you shouldn’t skip out on it just because you’re experiencing a hangover. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should go right to the coffee pot as soon as you wake up either. Try to drink two or three glasses of water before you drink your cup of coffee. This will help get water back into the body, so you can feel better as you enjoy your cup of coffee. Skipping out on the coffee will only lead to a caffeine headache, which will make you feel even worse. You should continue drinking water after the coffee though to ensure you won’t become dehydrated again.

9. Herbal Supplements
If you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, then you might want to consider taking an herbal supplement to help you get rid of your handover. These tend to be pricier items, but if you already have them in your medicine cabinet then you’re good to go. A good start is to consider taking milk thistle or ginseng. Both of these supplements actually help to remove toxins from the body, which will have you on the road to recovery rather quickly. If you are having problems with your stomach, then taking some ginger can do the trick in a hurry. Another great option for a headache is turmeric. This supplement actually helps with inflammation which is a great way to combat a headache as well as body aches. These supplements combined with water should have you on the mend, so you can head to work or have more fun.

10. Sleep
When it comes down to it, sleep is one of the best things to do for your body when you have a hangover. If you can, wake up and rehydrate and maybe get a little food on your stomach. Then, go straight back to bed and sleep off all of the aches and pains. Sleep will naturally heal your body, which will allow you to feel rejuvenated in no time at all. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of sleeping on a work day. If you can, try to combat your aches and pains with water or other natural remedies and then get in a nap whenever you have a lunch break, or you get off of work. This should help your body bounce back, so you can start the New Year right.

Dealing with a hangover is never much fun, especially when it comes to the holidays. Luckily, these simple ideas should help you get your life back on track, so you can feel great in the New Year. With these tips, you’ll never feel like you need to go to the bottle of medicine as soon as you wake, which will lead you to a healthier lifestyle in no time at all.

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