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Cheap Ways to Make Work Fun Again Just in Time For National Fun At Work Day

Fun and work aren’t words that are commonly associated with each other, unless you work for a company that goes out of their way to ensure your time at work isn’t a chore. However, with National Fun At Work Day coming up, you might be wondering how you can add a healthy level of fun to your work day. Luckily, there are quite a few ways to make this happen without forcing you to spend a fortune on items to help out. These ten ideas will help your workplace feel more than just the daily grind, which will make you enjoy spending your time there all the more. So, get ready to boost your mood when you start utilizing a few of these tips.

1. Walk Around
One of the main problems with working in an office is you actually don’t get up and move around a whole lot. This can really make you feel tired and bored a lot faster. Not to mention, it has a lot of adverse effects on your health. One of the best ways to change the way you feel is to get up and walk around every few hours. This will get the blood flowing again and might even help out with your attention span. Walking around can help you get to know your office better too. This will allow you to have more fun and might even help you to meet new people you can casually chat with. If there are stairs in the office then try to walk up and down them too, if time allows. The more you keep your body activity, the happier you will feel and the more fun you will have.

2. Bake Treats
Another great way to find some fun in the work place is to offer some treats to your colleagues. If you enjoy baking, then you can easily make some of your favorites to share with those you work with. Putting some love into your treats will help others feel closer to you, which will help you make better connections with your co-workers. Having delicious treats around will also help boost your own mood, which is certain to make the lull of the day feel a lot better. Try to enjoy your treats while mingling with others though, as it will help give you a boost of joy while allowing others to feel the same way. You might even find that others act on your example and bring their own treats to share.

3. Decorate Your Workspace
One of the easiest ways to have some fun with work is to decorate your space. Looking at stark walls or a boring cubicle can really bring down morale. So, try to incorporate things that you really enjoy in life. For instance, pictures of loved ones, especially those that show you having a good time, will help keep you feeling happier as you work. You might consider placing motivational posters or other forms of art, which will give you a space that is entirely unique to you. Plants are another great item to have, which will create a cozy environment that even helps offer fresher air. This alone can rejuvenate you, while boosting your mood. Apart from that, you might also bring some fun elements like figurines, slinkies or anything you can play with when you’re feeling like work is too much. Before you know it, your space will seem a lot more efficient.

4. Create a Club
A club might not seem like something that should be handled in the office, but many work locations have thriving clubs. This doesn’t mean you should conduct meetings during work hours though. Instead, consider meeting during your lunch hour once a week. You can come up with all sorts of clubs too. For instance, you might find likeminded people who love to read. You can all get together to discuss a book every now and then and come up with ideas for the next thing to read. If you’re interested in a sport, then have some colleagues join a team with you. There are many leagues you can join that work specifically with teams created in the workplace. Creating a club like this will help bring comradery into the office, which will make your day to day tasks feel less grueling.

5. Set Goals
One aspect of having fun at work has a lot to do with the goals you set. If you come into work feeling as if you are going to be repeating the same day over and over again, then you’re not going to have any fun. You may even find that your life feels a lot more meaningless. Your goals can be both long and short term goals to help you get through the hours in the day or the months in the year. You should always reward yourself for the goals you accomplish too. For smaller goals, you can offer yourself the opportunity to play a level on one of your mobile games or a simple piece of candy. Larger goals might be rewarded with weekend trips or a new pair of shoes that you’ve had your eye on. Before you know it, you’ll be working more efficiently and having fun doing it.

6. Be Friendly
When it comes down it, one of the best ways you can find more fun in the work place is to be kind to everyone you meet there. Being friendly will help you make friends and will even get you out of some tough situations you might not want to deal with. If you feel like your coworkers are also your friends, then work will become an environment that brings you less pressure. This is great for your health and will make your day to seem a lot more fun. Having friends in office will encourage joking around as well as laughter. As you know, laughter is one of the great natural cures, so you should be able feel amazing just by altering your behaviors. If you’re not sure how to be friendly with some of your colleagues, then start off with a smile and a simple greeting whenever you see them.

7. Be Open with Bosses
Another major problem with the office dynamic is so many people are afraid of their bosses. The distance between boss and employee can cause a lot of stress and discomfort in the office. You can take the relationship in a healthy direction by being open with your bosses. For instance, if you think it might boost morale in the office by implementing a Casual Friday every once in a while, then you might want to open dialogue to see if this is a possibility. You will be surprised as to how attentive some bosses will be with matters like this, especially if they feel like it could help out with production. Due to company policies, you will probably never be friends with your boss, but having a friendly outlook toward one another can really help make life easier and happier for you. You may even be able to get a few more office parties out of the deal to make life more fun.

8. Mix Things Up
Repetition can be one of the main problems when it comes to working. Doing the same menial task day in and day out can leave you feeling like you’re in a slump. If you want to remedy this problem, then you have to mix things up. Doing things in a different order can help to solve this problem. For starters, you might do one task last instead of first, just to change things up. You can even alter your lunch by bringing food that you wouldn’t normally have. Of course, the best way to deal with this problem is to come up with a fun routine that will keep you on your toes. This is certain to bring some fun to your daily tasks, which will make you feel like you’re having fun with a new game.

9. Utilize Stress Relief
Another problem that really brings people down in the work place is their stress levels. In order to make life a bit more fun in the office, you might want to consider a few things to help you manage your stress. For instance, a stress ball or fidget spinner can really help you get rid of some excess energy while ditching your stress. These items can bring a little fun to your day too, which is an added bonus. A newer technique you might want to consider is tapping. This method actually uses the body to help calm itself down. There are a few places you can tap that are discreet and will help you ditch stress for good while you work. Of course, laughter will also get rid of stress in a hurry, so make sure to try to find some funny elements to cheer you up while you work.

10. Find Distractions
A lot of people don’t think that distractions at work are a good idea, but they couldn’t be any more in the wrong. Distractions can actually help you become more productive at the work place. This doesn’t mean that you should avoid your work. Instead, find ways to distract you that only take a few seconds to a couple of minutes. For instance, you might want to stop and play yourself a song if you find yourself slowing down at work or getting too stressed out about something. You might even consider watching a video or doing some breathing exercises that put you in a good mood. No matter the distraction, make sure you find the time to enjoy something you like once or twice a day, at the least, so you don’t feel as if your entire day was wasted doing something you actually dislike.

Finding fun at work is actually a very important way to maintain your own mental health. These tips should allow you to have some fun while keeping true to your work. So, this National Fun at Work Day try to find a little more enjoyment, so you can start the year out finding even more love for your job.

10 Tips to Make Beer Can Celebration Day Lucrative for Your Family

With Super Bowl season upon us, you may find that you have a lot more beer and soda cans to dispose of. Sometimes, they may even seem like they’re taking over the place, which can cause a lot of stress for you during your after party clean up sessions. There’s a lot of great things you can do with your cans to ensure they get upcycled instead of just letting them go to waste. So, on Beer Can Celebration Day, you may want try out some of these fun ideas. Each idea will hardly cost you a thing and some may even bring even more money back into your bank account. With an abundance of can upcycling ideas, you may want to hold onto your cans in the future to bring a fun way to upcycle to your family.

1. Recycle
One of the best things you can do with all of your excess cans is send them to a recycling center. This might be a hard option for some states or rural areas, but there are many ways you can get your cans to a recycling area without bringing too much inconvenience onto yourself. Recycling centers are great places because they prevent your cans from ending up in a landfill, as they bring danger to wildlife and aren’t exactly biodegradable. In many states, there are actual special centers available to take your cans for you. When you return your cans, you receive money back for the special tax you had to pay for them. This is a great incentive method that can help you buy more beverages or simply allow you to start a savings fund. Make sure you know your state’s rules, so you can get the most profit for your cans.

2. Make Coasters
If you’re looking for a great way to get more out of your empty cans, then you might want to consider turning them into something functional like a coaster. Not only will this help prevent you from throwing out items that can be used, but it will also help you protect your furniture. The best thing is, the coasters will be perfect for when you host a party that has people drinking even more beverages. Since you will mostly be using logos from beer and soda, you will have a cool look for your bar as well. Transforming cans into coasters doesn’t take professionals skills either. There’s actually many ways to accomplish this, so you might want to check out tutorials online to see which idea you like the most.

3. Cookie Cutters
If you love to bake, then you might want to consider transforming your cans into something spectacular, like cookie cutters. This will take your baking to a whole new level while allowing you to save on the items you’ve recycled. You might want to start simple by creating items that are easier like simple circles or even a heart. Once you get the hang of these shapes, you might want to try doing shapes with actual detailing. All you will need to create these items is a pair of metal scissors and a soldering iron or a special glue. You may want to take your time to experiment with the way you work with these materials too. This craft isn’t a great idea to do with younger children, but they will absolutely love the designs you end up making. You may even be able to sell some of your cookie creations at bake sales to help earn you even more money.

4. Jewelry
Another fun way to enjoy upcycling cans is to use them to make jewelry. You can make so many different types of jewelry with cans that it will make your head spin. Of course, you will need to learn how to cut the metal in order to pull this off. There are many tutorials on how to do this online though, so it shouldn’t take long to figure out. If you’re interested in making multidimensional items, like earrings and rings then you may want to do a little extra work in order to practice for the supplies. Once you get the hang of it, you will be able to draw in a crowd with your amazing designs. You can also keep things simple my using weaving methods or other techniques to make items like bracelets. No matter what you choose to do, you’re sure to enjoy the creations you make. You might even be able to sell them online or at craft fairs.

5. Storage Items
You might be surprised, but you can really improve on your home’s storage when it comes to upcycling cans. These items are very simple to work with too, so you can create as many storage items as you like in next to no time. All you have to do is cut off the top of the container and then add a layer to the sharp edge to help prevent injuries. From there, you already have a functional container that will allow you to place items like pencils and other small utensils. Of course, you can go the extra mile by painting your new storage container. You might even paint it to make it easy for children to understand what is in it. Chalk board paint really comes in handy for such things. This idea is especially great for items like snacks that you might place in the new container.

6. Plant Holders
If you plan on having a garden, then beer and soda cans might be your next best friend. One of the best things you can do for your plants is to use the can to help protect them from worms while they’re in the ground. Smaller plants are great for this, as their roots won’t span out too far. All you have to do is cut off the top of the can and place your seed in the can with some soil. You can even use the cans as a way to start your seeds out. Of course, you can also use the cans as decorative planters too. All you have to do is take off the top of the can and paint it to suit your needs. Then, add string or wire to the top to hang up your planter. You can even paint it to help it suit your decor.

7. Outdoor decor
Many people love to use old cans as a way to make outdoor decor. One of the most popular items is a wind chime because of the way the metal sounds when it clangs together with other metals. You can cut your cans into all sorts of shapes and sizes too, which adds to the fun of the look. You can even create lawn ornaments, like pin wheels or lanterns to make your yard stand out. Best of all, you don’t have to paint these to make them look cool as the logos on the can should stand out. Wreaths are another fun option to add to the yard, which will make all of your neighbors envious of your crafting skills.

8. Artwork
You can even transform your old cans into a wide variety of artwork. One of the most popular options is to create a mosaic out of the pieces of the can. These are simple to do as all you need to do is cut up a wide variety of colors. Many people like to think outside of the box and use the cans to create amazing sculptures. Some people do this by stacking the cans, while others actually mold the metal together. If you’d like to try this out, a cube is one of the easiest ways to begin the hobby and will give you a modernistic sculpture to show off. Of course, one of the most popular things to make with cans right now is stylish metallic roses. These can be made fairly simply painted to resemble the real thing. Best of all, you can keep them on display all year to impress your guests.

9. Camping Gear
If you like to go camping, then all of your extra cans can come in handy. This might be even more useful considering you often use cans while camping anyway. One of the coolest things you can use a can for is to make your own little stove. There’s a ton of great tutorials on this, which should transform the way you camp for the better. This little stove will allow you to cook a wider variety of food without forcing you to bring a ton of extra gear with you. It can also come in handy if you’re every stranded and need to make your own food. Beer cans can be transformed into cups rather quickly too, so you can enjoy coffee, fresh water or anything else you bring along. Of course, they’re also great for other things like ash trays or keeping track of smaller pieces of trash.

10. Collect
Many people actually love to collect certain cans that hit the market. Cans that offer pop culture pictures and other similar items can often be worth a bit of money in the long run. If you think these items are cool, then keep the cans or even keep the whole beverage in a safe place. After a couple of years have passed or if you notice there is high demand and a slow supply, then you might want to check on an auction site to see if you can earn some money from your early shopping. You might be surprised as to how much people will pay for a can, so collecting could end up adding a lot to your bank account.

Dealing with leftovers cans can be quite a bit of a hassle if you don’t know what to do with them. These ten ideas will help you find the perfect way to handle your surplus of cans, so you won’t have to toss them in the garbage. This will not only help you save and possibly even earn some money, but it will help out the environment too.

Frugal No Hassle Ideas to Enjoy the Super Bowl

February is coming faster than we think, which means its time to start planning for the Super Bowl. If you don’t have cable, then you might already be wondering how you’re going to experience this year’s game. Of course, there are also a lot of other aspects to the big game that might leave you wanting to spend a whole lot of money. Although it’s too early to pick a side, you might want to check out these ten ideas, so you can save money on the big event. With a little help, your Super Bowl experience won’t cut into your budget at all, which should make you feel great, whether your team loses or wins.

1. Rent a TV
A lot of people try to make sure they have the best possible view for the big game. Although you might have budgeted to get a new TV during this time, there are many other ways you can save big in this area. Although the sales should be irresistible during this time, if you really don’t have the money for such a splurge then you might consider renting a TV instead. This will allow you to enjoy the higher quality and bigger screen during the game, but won’t give you a financial commitment that will make you tight on money for the next few months. Best of all, this will give you the opportunity to try out the TV before you decide if you should buy it or not.

2. Consider a Restaurant
If you don’t want to throw a party or pay for a service to watch the game, then a restaurant might be a great idea for you. This is especially great, if you’re going to be watching the game on your own. Many bars and restaurants will be offering specials during this time, so you might be able to score a great deal on food or drinks. As long as you have something to eat or drink at the venue, then you should be set to watch the entire game. It will also give you a chance to cheer on your team with other fans, which will give you the pleasure of a party without the cost. You might even feel like you got your money’s worth since you won’t have to cook or deal with expensive snacks from the store. If you plan on doing this, then keep an eye on your local venues as many won’t announce deals until a few days prior to the big event. However, you can always go ahead and make plans based on other Sunday specials that intrigue you.

3. Use Your Antenna
Antennas are the best way to get more out of your TV without spending a monthly fee. In most areas, antennas can pick up a few basic channels, including ABC and Fox networks. With these channels, you should be able to catch the big game without forcing you to spend a lot of money. Of course, you should monitor the channel before the game begins to make sure that your antenna is located in an efficient area. This will help avoid interruptions that might occur due to lack of signal. You can purchase an antenna for fairly cheap and the channels you receive on it won’t cost you a cent.

4. Potluck Style
Many people really get a kick out of having people over during the big game. It is part of experience, so not throwing a party simply isn’t an option. If you choose to do this then one of the best things you can do is host a potluck style party. This will take a huge burden off of you and will ensure there are plenty of snacks for everyone to enjoy. You can keep your potluck simple by asking people to bring basic snacks, like chips and sodas, or you can have a more intricate party with people bringing dishes for an actual meal. No matter how you choose to work your party, make sure to give your guests notice well in advance so they have time to plan on the items they need to bring.

5. Go to Someone’s Party
If you like the party atmosphere, but don’t want to sink a lot of money into your own party then go to someone else’s. You don’t have to host the party to have a good time, in fact, it might be nice to take a load off and just enjoy yourself. So, try to find a friend that’s hosting a party or branch out to the community. Some churches, clubs and community centers will actually host their own party, which should allow you to have some fun without worrying about the price tag. This is probably one of the best ways to enjoy the game and will give you the comradery that you crave.

6. Online Streaming
The internet brings a lot of power to you when it comes to watching things like the Super Bowl. If you have devices like a Fire Stick or Roku, then you’re already set to find a multitude of options that will allow you to check out the Super Bowl on your own terms. Even if you don’t have one of these devices in the home, you should still find options that will suit your needs. For instance, if you have a laptop or phone then you should be able to stream the Super Bowl from channels that would typically play the game. Usually, these channels don’t charge, but even if they do it is only a few dollars or a free trial should be available. With the internet on your side, you should be able to enjoy the Super Bowl without worry. You can even make it larger than life if you have a projector and a blank wall.

7. Eat What You Have
A lot of people think they need to grab specific items when it comes to the Super Bowl. Retailers bank on this concept and often offer Super Bowl sections to ensure people spend more money on the event. During the Super Bowl itself, you will see a wide variety of commercials designed to get you to want to get up and go shopping or at least hit the drive thru window. One of the best things you can do is stick to what you already have in your cabinet. Snacks can be just about anything you want to eat, including leftovers, so don’t go out of your way to make this happen. This will save you a lot of money, especially when it comes to saving money on restaurants. It also might make the event a lot healthier for you, as most Super Bowl snacks aren’t exactly great for you.

8. Don’t Throw a Party
It might be tough, but if you don’t have the budget to throw a party then don’t do it. You can skip out on the party for a year without disappointing too many people. If you’re feeling a little exhausted then this might be the perfect weekend to spend on you, instead of worrying about snacks and other items. There is nothing wrong with watching the game on your own as you can do so in your pajamas if you please. Not throwing a party will really cut back on your spending. It might also offer a lot of other options to you. For instance, you might spend time at a new friend or colleague’s home instead. You may also just find the time is right to spend quality time with the children without anyone else interfering.

9. Keep Everyone Moving
If you do choose to host a party, then one of the best ways to keep people busy without forcing you to spend lots of money is to keep them moving. Exercise will prevent everyone from wanting to snack throughout the game, which will cut back on the amount of snacks and beverages that you need to grab. For instance, during the commercials, you might have people do jumping jacks, run in place or other exercises in order to keep them busy. You can base the exercise on how poorly their team did. People will love the punishment and reward concept so much that it might even become a part of your new game day experience. During the half time show, consider bringing out a game of charades or have everyone toss the ball around outside. Everyone will be too busy to think about snacking, which is sure to make your life a lot easier and more frugal.

10. Use Coupons
It doesn’t matter if you’re hosting a party or not, one of the best ways to save during this time is to actually use coupons. You can use coupons in the grocery store or even in a restaurant or bar that you choose to go to. Luckily, during this time many stores will actually put out more coupons that are based around items that you would typically buy for the Super Bowl. Of course, if you don’t use these coupons for the party then you may simply want to use them to stock up the house without spending a bundle. These coupons are especially good for buying items in bulk, so don’t shy away from them if you want to save some money.

The Super Bowl is a great time to hang out with family and friends. However, it can also cost you a bit of money if you want to really go all out for the experience. These tips will help you save quite a bit of money on your Super Bowl experience, so you can enjoy the game how you please without throwing money away in the process.

Ten Ideas to Create a Safer Bath During National Bath Safety Month

January is National Bath Safety Month, which can be an important time for any family. Although you might think that bath safety is common sense, it may surprise you just how many injuries and deaths occur in the bath every day. Creating a safe environment for the whole family can be a crucial area when it comes to your household’s hygiene and ability to relax. You don’t have to spend a small fortune to ensure your bathroom is safe though. Instead, there’s a few simple and cheap tips you can follow to ensure bath time isn’t a cause for distress.

1. Add a Slip Mat
One of the key components to keeping everyone safe during bath times is to add a non-slip mat in the tub. This device comes in many shapes and sizes, so you can customize it to suit your overall needs. One of the most common types of mats offers suction cups that secure to the bottom of the tub, while the top adds extra traction, so children and adults can safely move in and out of the tub. There are many other options though, including smaller pieces that suction cup to the tub to create fun designs that keep you safe. Some of these pieces can even tell you if the water is too hot, which makes them a great option for children. Of course, any items that use suction cups should be pulled up after each use, so they can dry properly. Otherwise, you may be dealing with a mold issue that can cause problems with the health of children and the elderly. If you don’t like this option, there are appliques that can be placed on the bottom of the bathtub to add a bit more traction; however, these aren’t as effective and can diminish over time.

2. Invest in a Thermometer
Scalding is a very common injury in the bathroom, which can lead to permanent physical and psychological damage. You might not think about the temperature of the water often, because for most adults it easy just to feel the water and determine if it is too hot for their body. With children and the elderly, this may not be the case. So, it might be wise to purchase a thermometer designed for the bathtub. This will help you ensure that the water won’t leave your loved one in pain. Of course, you can also help combat this problem by turning your water down to 120 degrees or less. This will cut back on the opportunity your loved one has to be scolded. You should also wait to measure the temperature of the water until the tub is to capacity, as the water temperature can get warmer while the bath is still running.

3. Install Grab Bars
You might not think you need them, but grab bars are one of the best ways to protect yourself when it comes to having a bath. These items allow you to secure yourself, so you won’t have to worry about slipping on the wet surface of the tub. These bars are typically only used for the elderly, but they can really come in handy if you’re feeling sick or if you like to take baths that are excessively hot. Of course, if you do have an elderly loved on in the house then these can be crucial for their care. They can even help out with bathing children as it will give your child something to grab onto when getting out of the tub. These bars are usually inexpensive and easy to install in most showers and bathtubs.

4. Place Non-Skid Mats on the Floor
Of course, one of the most dangerous area in the bathroom isn’t actually the bathtub at all. It is the bathroom floor. The floor is what causes so many problems each year, but there is a simple remedy for it. That is, non-skid mats. So many people place everyday rugs in the bathroom, which do offer some protection, but they can do more harm than they do good. These rugs can slip on a tile floor, which will cause an even harder fall. Your best option is to choose a mat that has a special rubber on the bottom. This will offer a more secure connection to the floor, so you can get in out and of the bathtub with ease. You should consider placing these mats in other areas of the bathroom too, such as under the toilet and in front of the sink. The extra support will make things a little less stressful for those who might have trouble getting up and down or keeping their balance.

5. Clean Bath Toys
Another area you might not consider as needing a little extra concern is your child’s bath toys. Since they go in the bath with your child, many people already believe them to be sanitary especially if they have been left out to dry. However, mold can still grow in these popular toys which can cause a lot of different ailments. You may not even know what is happening with your child until they are so sick they have to be hospitalized. So, it is important to take proper precautions in order to keep these toys clean. One way to do this is to boil the toys every so often. This should kill any mold that is growing. You can also bleach them or follow a more natural method of cleaning. You should always leave them out to dry before putting them back in the tub with your child.

6. Use Faucet Covers
Although the bathtub itself poses one of the biggest dangers, you might also want to be aware that the faucet can also bring injury or death if someone hits their head on it. This is more common in children that tend to play near the faucet. The faucet tends to be more of a danger for minor injuries like head bumps with children, which can cause pain or even a need for stitches. There is a quick solution to this problem though as many companies have developed rubber faucet covers. Often, these come in cute designs that will please your child while making bath time more fun. If you don’t want to spend your money, there are some DIY options that can help you out too.

7. Utilize Bright Lights
Another huge problem with the bathroom is with lighting. Often, bathrooms have dim lights which can cause a problem when it comes to falling asleep in the bathtub. This can lead to drowning, especially when it comes to the elderly. By replacing your lightbulbs to brighter bulbs, you can easily change the dynamic of the bathroom. This allows people to be more alert, so falling asleep is less likely to happen. You can even find energy efficient bulbs that are brighter, which will allow you to save even more money while helping out with the environment.

8. Keep Electronics Away from the Bath
It might seem like common sense, but electrocution has become a larger issue recently. Although many people are aware that they shouldn’t have electronics in the bathtub, many people don’t consider their phone to be such a problem. However, there have been an increase in deaths amongst young adults and teenagers that were charging their phones while using them in the bath. The best way to remedy this problem is to ban electronics in the home. You might have to block plugs to keep some members of the household from using them, but it will help keep the house safer. Luckily, in most houses the plugs are so far away from the tub that electronics can’t reach it; however, you should keep a look out for items that have longer cords.

9. Properly Use Bath Accessories
Another major problem when it comes to the bath is bath accessories. Many people think they can wing it when it comes to these items, which could lead to health problems later on. Essential oils, for starters, can cause skin irritation when you use too much of them. Babies and small children shouldn’t be exposed to some oils too, so make sure you know what you’re using before you commit to putting it in your bath. You should also make sure you’re not allergic to an oil before you place it in a bath too. Other items, like Epsom salts, should be used based on the recommendations on the packaging. These items can dry out the skin or cause rashes if not properly used. In children, bubble baths can lead to rashes or even UTIs if you aren’t careful. You may even want to be careful with bath bombs as some have made it onto a recall list in recent months. So, make sure to follow all of the instructions when you have these items and look for signs of irritation.

10. Always Supervise
One of the most dangerous aspects of the bath is leaving a child or elderly adult unsupervised. This causes so many deaths each year and has left others with permanent disabilities. You might think that shallow water is safe for leaving a child or an elderly loved one with limited mobility, but drownings can even happen in this water. So, it is always best to handle everything you need to before giving someone a bath. This will allow you to keep an eye on the situation so that the unthinkable won’t happen.

National Bath Month is a great time to help learn more about bath safety, so you can ensure your household is under control. These tips will help you know the changes you need to make in order to keep your bathroom a safe space for your loved ones. These ideas should help you save money when it comes to adding safety features to the room too.

Frugal Things to Do While Following Your Resolution to Avoid Social Media

With technology taking over a huge chunk of our lives, there’s no surprise that ditching social media is one of the top resolutions for this year. Luckily, taking social media out of your reach is cheap and might even help you save some money in the long run. However, many people often replace one bad habit with another, which is when you can really run into some expenditures. These ten ideas will give you simple and cheap things to do that will help you channel some of the aspects of social media, so you won’t give in on your goals or throw money at your problem. With these helpful tips, you’ll be more than ready to cleanse yourself from your news feed in 2018.

1. Read a Book
One of the best things to do when working on ditching social media is to brush up on some good books. A book is a great way to take away some of the tendencies of social media. First of all, with social media you are always reading. Books can satisfy this urge while giving you more compelling words to read. You may even feel as if your thought process has improved after reading for a few days. You can read just about anything to take your mind off of your favorite websites and apps too. You may even find a few options that will teach you new things. Apart from that, reading keeps your hands busy, so you’re not as tempted to reach for the phone. You can take a book with you just about anywhere too. They even make pocket sized books to help you fit in a book whenever you have the time to spare.

2. Work on Your Photography Skills
A major part of social media is posting photos for all to see. However, a lot of the time we simply get lost in a sea of selfies. While you’re off social media, you might want to take time out to work on photography that you might cherish later on down the line. You can even learn how to get more out of the camera on your phone if you don’t have a professional camera. Since you won’t have an audience to impress, you may find yourself looking for subjects that will please you. This should help you take your mind off of social media and will give you a skillset you can feel proud of. You might even consider taking lessons on how to edit your photos to improve the quality all the more.

3. Pick Up Writing
With social media, we tend to be able to express our thoughts whenever we feel like it. So, when you take a break from this, there is a bit of a hole missing in your life. Writing is one way to fill this gap that will actually do you a lot more good than expressing yourself on social media. Writing allows the body to relax while clearing the head of things that might be bringing us down. Since there is no audience you can feel free to say whatever it is you need to say. You might also consider writing stories, keeping a journal of ideas or simply making lists of what you did on any given day. The method of writing will make life clearer and will make you wonder why you even expressed private thoughts on social media in the first place.

4. Hang out with Loved Ones
Sometimes, social media takes the place of the time we would spend with loved ones. In a matter of seconds, we can look at pictures of family, see what everyone is up to and even comment on something happening in their life. So, the need to get together doesn’t feel as important. After getting off social media, you will find that you long to have those connections again. Spending time with loved ones can help your health improve immensely too. Not to mention, it is great for the elderly in your family as quality time can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s as well as an early death. Family that live close will certainly help you get rid of your need for social media, but you might want to plan a well-deserved vacation to see those that live far away too.

5. Go Outside
The great outdoors can really curb the need to get on social media. When you’re outside enjoying life, you tend not to need to post about what is going on as you are enjoying the fun as it happens. This is a great way to totally cleanse your mind of the apps and websites you spend so much time on. So, play a cycling trip, go hiking or join a sports team. The activity will help you lead a healthier life while ensuring you won’t think about social media. If you still feel the need to get on your phone while you’re out, try to plan trips that have low data areas while you’re still trying to suppress the urge to share your life to everyone on your friend’s list.

6. Join a Club
One of the best qualities of social media is you can join just about any kind of club you want. So, by cleansing yourself from social media you may also be getting rid of the clubs you’ve become a part of. Luckily, most communities have a wide variety of clubs to choose from so you can develop relationships face to face while also learning more about your specific interests. You can find clubs you like in a wide assortment of areas. You might start with your community center, or ask around music, game, tech and other niche shops, depending on your interest. Joining a local club will help take care of the free time you spend on your phone, while giving you more joy in a healthier manner.

7. Consider a Power Out Period
If you can’t keep your paws off your phone, then you might go one step further and have a power out period. This will keep you off your phone entirely as you won’t have the internet to connect to. Best of all, it will mean you will have to participate in an activity that doesn’t involve electricity. This might be the perfect time to start a new work out or pick up a fun hobby. After cleansing entirely from technology, your body and mind might feel a lot less stressed. Social media and some forms of technology can really weigh heavy on the mind, which can cause your mental health to decrease. So, shutting down for a while may help you heal and grow. Apart from that, you may end up saving money on your power bill. In fact, some electrical companies will give financial incentive to those who are willing to shut down at a specific time during the week.

8. Explore News Sources
Unfortunately, social media has become one of the main ways that people get their news. This is a major problem because anyone can post anything on social media. It is a lot of work just trying to figure out what news source is reliable now. Without social media throwing information at you continuously, you might want to take the time to actually research and explore news options. You can check out everything from radio to newspapers. When you find something you like, stick with it. This will help you get in the habit of getting your news from elsewhere, even if you do go back to social media. You might even find that your view of the world has slightly changed, especially if you check out news sources from more than one country.

9. Embrace Board Games
Back in the day, people used to sit down and play games together in order to socialize and have some fun. Most games involve some form of skillset to ensure that games are challenging and fun. However, with the dawn of social media, people can play games whenever they want on their phone, many of which do not offer any benefits. Even games like cards can be solitary. So, you might want to dial your meter back a bit and plan on playing some of the games you did as a kid. For instance, you might try social games like Dungeons and Dragons if you are a fan of fantasy. This can be a family friendly game too that will have everyone spending time together. Apart from role playing games, there are many games like Monopoly, Life and even Candyland that can bring people together. You might consider planning your parties around these games. The goal is to have fun and socialize without having a screen in front of your face.

10. Keep Your Hands Busy
When getting over any addiction, many people complain that not having their hands busy is the main problem that they face. This can be a problem when ditching social media too since your hands are always busy scrolling, typing and clicking on posts. The best way to remedy this problem is to find a hobby that keeps your hands busy. For instance, learning to knit can be a huge help when kicking a habit like social media. You might also want to try activities like drawing or playing an instrument. The longer your hands are busy, the less likely you will be to pick up your phone and start typing away.

Getting rid of social media, or even just doing a cleanse, might sound much easier than it is. With these helpful tips, you should find this task to be a touch easier than it might be if you don’t have activities to engage in to keep you busy. These tips will also be easy on your budget, so you can get more out of following your resolution.

Ten Ways to Keep Your Kids Warm During the Winter Blast

Chances are, your household is experiencing some pretty cold weather. Although this is common for many areas in the winter months, some areas are getting a lot colder than they normally would. If you have kids, then this weather can really make life hard, especially during transport times to school and activities. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help keep your kids a little warmer while the weather is unbearable. You won’t have to spend a pretty penny in order to do this either, which will help make your winter budget stretch a lot further. So, get ready to make bundling up and heading to and from school, as well as weekend play times, a little easier to deal with thanks to these simple tips.

1. Warm Breakfast
One of the key elements to keeping children warmer is to provide them with a warm breakfast before they have to go out in the cold. One of your best options here is to whip up some simple oatmeal. This amazing food can be spiced up with peanut butter, fruits or anything else that strikes your fancy. Plus, the warmth from the cereal with resonate with your child for some time. Best of all, oatmeal provides lots of energy, so your child will feel like moving around to stay even warmer. Of course, if you feel like it you might consider making other warm dishes like bacon, eggs, pancakes and more. Giving your child a warm beverage can help with the cold they will have to endure too. If they have to wait outside for the bus then consider putting warm milk, low sugar hot cocoa or a caffeine free tea in a flask to help them stay warmer during their wait.

2. Workout In Place
Another simple way to get the kids warm is to teach them a few workouts that they can do in place. One simple thing is to have them jog in place. This can be great to do just before they have to head out into the cold, but you should also help them continue with these movements while they wait on the bus. Jumping jacks are another great option, but you may want to keep this as an indoor activity if the ground is slippery. When the kids get home from school, you may have them do a few sit ups to warm their bodies faster from the walk home. These activities will not just warm your child up, but will help create good habits that can carry on into adulthood.

3. Tea Party
One great way to handle afternoon snack time while bringing even more warmth to the kids is to host a tea party after school. Before the kids come home, you can easily warm up the home by making scones and cookies, which shouldn’t add a lot to your food budget. When the kids get home from school then put on the kettle or boil some water to make them tea. The party will add a fun touch to the day, while the warm snacks and drinks will help the kids forget about the cold for a little while. This is also a great way to enjoy family bonding time and will help your children learn how to share the details of their day with you.

4. Reading Tent
You might want to consider giving the kids a cozy place to cuddle up before and after school. A reading tent is a great option and may even encourage kids to spend more time reading opposed to watching TV. A reading tent is simple to make. If you’re not sure where to begin, there are lots of tutorials and ideas online that will help you make a tent that will suit your children’s needs. When the tent is finished, fill it with pillows and blankets. Kids can hop in the tent before and after school to warm up and work on homework or read a book. The enclosed area will help lock in the warmth that the kids naturally produce, while the pillows and blankets add even more comfort and warmth to the area.

5. Hot Hands
If you’ve ever met anyone that spends a lot of time outdoors in the winter, then you have probably heard about hot hands. These pouches help to bring warmth to the hands while spending time outdoors. Some people will even place them in their shoes to help keep the body even warmer. You can buy these packs in most stores, but there are also a few ways to make them at home. The DIY hot hands will not only save you money, but will present your children with safer ingredients. These pockets should be used by older kids only, as younger children may still be tempted to place them in their mouth. To add more fun to the cold weather, you might have your children help you make the pockets, which will teach them a bit about science. If you’re concerned about ingredients, then you can always heat up rice in a sock for a similar effect that won’t leave you worrying about your child consuming the item.

6. Reheat Clothing
Getting out of bed in the morning when it’s cold can be tough, especially when you know you have to go out into the freezing weather. One way to remedy this problem is to offer your children clothes fresh out of the dryer. You might start by heating up their base layers so they can start their morning out with warm clothing. Then, before it is time to leave for school toss sweaters, jackets, hats and socks into the dryer. This will help give them an extra jolt of heat, so they won’t feel like they’re too cold before they arrive at school. If you don’t want to heat up everything, then you might just stick to warming up the children’s sweaters. These items usually hold heat longer and will warm up your child’s core which will make the whole body feel warmer.

7. Keep Kids Moving
Of course, outdoor play can be a huge problem when it comes to the cold weather. It might be harder to get children to want to go out play due to this. There are some ways you can help children keep warm so they will be inspired to get out and exercise. The best way to do this is to keep kids moving as much as possible. You should organize relay races, scavenger hunts that involve running or jogging and any other game you can think of that will keep kids on their toes while they’re outside. Playing tag is always a great option during these periods of cold, as are sports and games that your child already loves.

8. Have Fun With Layers
When an unexpected cold snap arrives, one of the best things you can do is dress in layers to remedy the discomfort. This can be a pain for kids that hate getting dressed anyway, so you might want to make it a bit fun. For instance, you can have a competition to see who can get all of their layers on the fastest. Another option is to do a fashion show to see who can up with the most creative layers. No matter how you inspire your children to layer up, it will help keep them warm when the weather isn’t cooperative.

9. Spend Time in the Kitchen
The winter months are the perfect time to bring your children into the kitchen with you. As you cook dinner or bake, have them work on their homework, play board games, draw or work on other crafts. The heat from the room will warm them up, especially when they walk in the door from school. You can also have your children begin to help you in the kitchen. They can mix up items, knead dough or work on other simple kitchen chores. This will help teach the kids an important skill while allowing them to absorb the heat from the kitchen. It will also give you extra time to bond, so you can get even more joy out of the winter months.

10. Bring Outdoor Toys In
Often, children begin to miss their outdoor toys when it is too cold to spend very long outdoors. You might want to consider bringing in some of the toys to make the cold snap even more bearable. Items like toddler climb toys, playhouses and more can be brought inside and placed in most rooms. It might be cramped for a little while, but the kids will enjoy having fun on their favorite toys. Of course, you might also want to check out the toys before you place them in the home, just in case they have become the home of bugs that you might not want inside with you. You can also have a day for skating in the house. Make sure everyone wears their safety equipment though as there are more hazards inside than out.

Keeping kids warm and happy when the weather is extremely cold can be a real challenge, especially when school hasn’t been cancelled. These simple tips should help you keep your kids from feeling too much discomfort while waiting for the bus or trying to stay busy after school. You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money on any of these tips, which will help keep your budget from going over the edge.

Ten Ways to Enjoy National Soup Day Without Blowing Your Budget

In case you didn’t know, January is National Soup Month, which makes it the perfect time to save some money on your grocery shopping. Soup can be a very filling meal during the winter months and will allow you to warm up your body as well. Of course, if you don’t know how to keep your soup menu frugal, you might end up going overboard on grocery shopping. These ten tips will help you make delicious soup at a fraction of the price, so you can get a head start in the New Year. You will also find the meals to be easier than ever to cook, which might inspire you to embrace the soup diet even longer. So, get ready to warm up by embracing National Soup Month.

1. Homemade Soup
There’s no doubt about it, canned soup is one of the easiest things to make when you’re feeling hungry and want something warm and comforting to eat. The only problem is, canned soups already put a dent in your budget if you plan on eating them all of the time. They are also loaded with salt and other ingredients that might make it a little harder for you to lose weight. Instead of jumping for the nearest cans in the grocery store, you should consider making your soup from scratch. This is actually a lot easier than it sounds and it will allow you a little freedom with your meals. Soups often follow a simple base and the rest of the preparation is simply adding in ingredients. You will find your soups more satisfying, healthier and a lot easier on your budget.

2. Seasonal Ingredients
Another great rule of thumb when it comes to soup, is to stick to seasonal ingredients. This is going to allow you to choose foods that are fresher and cheaper, which will help your budget out quite a bit. The best thing about eating seasonally is it will also help with your immune system. Shopping in bulk for these items shouldn’t be a problem either. Since you’re already saving money, you can freeze your excess items to be used when they aren’t in season. Seasonal ingredients doesn’t just mean produce either. You should shop seasonally for meats too. This might mean a lot of lean turkey soups during the autumn months, but you’ll learn to love the change in diet as the seasons change.

3. Utilize Your Garden
If you have a garden, then you’ve already done yourself a huge favor when it comes to making your soups. You can always plan you soups around the produce that is growing in your garden. During the winter months, try to pull from your frozen ingredients to help clear the freezer for the next blossoming season in your garden. Utilizing your garden will make your soup taste fresher and more delicious. Not to mention, it will be a lot healthier for you. You won’t have to worry about shopping organic or where and how your produce was grown. Best of all, these ingredients won’t cost you a cent, which will help make National Soup Month even more frugal!

4. Choose Filling Items
One of the main problems people run into is not feeling full when they eat soup. If you’re choosing soups just made from vegetables, then this can be one of the problems. You need to add a few filling ingredients to make the dish even more enjoyable. One of the best items to use, especially if you want to stick with a vegetable base, is beans. These amazing ingredients add a lot of dynamic to the meal while helping you to fill up faster. Meats and other proteins, like tofu, are another fine option for the meal. However, you may want to keep to leaner items if you are working on losing pounds this New Year. Finally, dumplings are another amazing way to add to a soup. You can use a wide variety of dumplings, including matzo balls or simply biscuits to help make your soup stick to the ribs. These ingredients shouldn’t hike up the price too much, especially if you’re working with beans or dumplings.

5. Keep it Simple
A lot of people think they need to go all out to impress when they make their own soups. However, soup can be a very impressive meal to eat even if it is very simplistic. Simple soups not only save you time while cooking, but will also help you to save money as you won’t have to buy too many ingredients. For instance, a nice tomato bisque will keep everyone feeling like they’ve just had a hearty meal even though it only calls for about 3 ingredients, depending on the recipe you choose to follow. Chicken soup is another great option, especially when you’re battling a sickness in the home. If you keep the recipe light, even weak stomachs will be able to handle the meal which could lead to faster healing. So, don’t look for the hardest soup in your recipe book to make, especially if you’re keeping to a budget.

6. Bulk Ingredients
When it comes to soup, there are actually many ingredients that work wonders in a wide variety of the soups that you may want to make. So, it is wise to buy in bulk when you plan on cooking soups fairly often. Some of the best items to purchase this way are onion, celery and carrots, which are actually base ingredients for many soups. Soups that don’t require these items as a base often have them as ingredients. Of course, these items can be frozen for use later if you don’t manage to get through the bulk items. Another great option to buy in bulk is broths. These items come in handy if you don’t have time to make your own and can be used for other recipes too if you don’t end up making a lot of soup. Bulk shopping will cut back on the price you pay for items while ensuring you have more than enough ingredients to make multiple meals.

7. Learn Alternate Ingredients
Let’s face it, sometimes we just can’t avoid making a soup that has some pricier ingredients in it. If you’re a fan of cream soups, then you know how much this one ingredient can add to the cost of a recipe. Of course, if you’re lactose intolerant or simply want to cut out some of the calories then your cream soup craving might be problematic too. Luckily, there’s lots of alternative ingredients to help you out in a pinch. In this case, you can use cauliflower for the creamy texture with fewer calories. Of course, you may run into a lot of periods in which you think you have all of the ingredients, but end up missing something important. Knowing alternative cooking solutions can come in handy and save you some money and that unwanted trip to the store. If you’re not sure where to start, simply look up the item you need to replace. It might take some experimenting, but you should find a great alternative for future reference.

8. DIY Broth
Buying broth can add to the cost of your soup and will give you a few added ingredients that you may not want in your all-natural soup. Luckily, you can always make your own broth from ingredients found in the home. For instance, if you have leftover chicken on the bone then set it to boil and before long you’ll have your own delicious broth. Tougher meats can also be cooked slowly in water and then the broth can be drained later on. Even cut up vegetable scraps can be used to slow cook into a delicious vegetable broth that will help make your vegetarian soup taste fresh and amazing. If you want to make larger batches of broth, then you might consider making your own bouillon cubes instead and freezing them to use later on. No matter what you choose, this will ensure you have tasty soup on a tight budget.

9. Freeze Leftovers
If you make a soup and have too many leftovers, then you don’t have to eat soup for days. This can really detour the family from wanting to eat soup, which might make your month of soups a bust. Instead, simply place the soup in bags or plastic containers. You can do this is a large group size or even individual sizes. Place these items in the freezer and you’ll be set for a worry-free lunch or dinner later on down the line. This won’t just save you money and prevent you from wasting food, but it will make your life a lot easier later on when you may not have the time to make dinner or lunch. These prepacked meals are also great to take for a lunch at work or school.

10. Utilize the Crockpot
Your crockpot can be your best friend when it comes to making delicious soups for the household. For starters, the crockpot will make cooking pretty much stress free. All you do is turn it on and add your ingredients and you’re all set. You can even have the crockpot going while you’re at work, so you can come home to a nice and tasty meal. Another great thing about the crockpot is it will keep your food warm all day when set to do so. So, you make your soup for lunch and people can eat it whenever they get hungry throughout the day. Not to mention, the crockpot will cut back on the energy or gas that you use to cook, which will save you money.

National Soup Month is a great way to explore a new variety of soups. This month will allow you to enjoy warm and hearty meals that are good for you and will help cut back on the calories you want to avoid. With these handy tips, you’ll also be able to save money while enjoying the delicious food you try. You may love soup month so much that some of the recipes may even become a staple all year long.

Toy Storage That Will Organize Any Mess For Less

With the holidays over, you might be wondering what you’re going to do with all of the new things your children accumulated. If you can’t get rid of a lot of things to make room for the new, then you may find your child’s room is a total disaster zone. This can be a bit of a hazard, especially with younger children. Luckily, there’s a lot of cheap or free options that can help you keep your child’s room looking amazing. So, if you’re ready to get organized then you may want to check out these ten ideas that will be fun to try out with the whole family.

1. Reuse Shoe Organizer
When it comes to organizing toys, one of the best allies you have is actually a shoe organizer. These organizers come in all shapes and sizes, so try to utilize a variety if you can. If you already have one in the home, then you’re one step ahead when it comes to saving money. One of the best organizers to use is the type that fits under a mattress. These are perfect for your child’s favorite stuffed animals, bedtime stories and even a flashlight or other items of comfort. Best thing is, the organizer can be covered when your child makes the bed, so you won’t have to worry about it looking unsightly. Shoe organizers that fit over the door are perfect for dolls, action figures and even small stuffed animals. You might even consider placing toy cars in these. Other shoe organizers can be used to hold toy bins or even as a place to organize books or larger stuffed animals.

2. DIY Bags
One major problem when it comes to storing items is finding something to store them in. Sure, you might have bins and boxes, but these can take up a lot of room and often don’t organize the items you’re looking to organize. Instead, you might want to consider making your own bags. These are very simple to make without having a high sewing skill. They also can be made with cheap fabric or even old clothing that you have lying around the house. If you want to get intricate, you can add a name strip over even a peek hole, so children can see what’s in the bag. These bags can be hung up on hooks at your child’s level, placed in a closet, drawer or toy box, or even stuffed under the bed. It’ll also help encourage your child to keep the room looking nice and organized.

3. Magnetic Strip
Another simple way to stay organized is to consider adding metal strips to your child’s wall. These strips can be placed in decorative patterns or in rows to make them look decorative. Magnetic strips can come in handy with a wide variety of items. For instance, metal cars can simply be placed on the strips for easy storage. The clean up for this toy will be so easy kids will have fun doing it. You can also attach magnets to certain toys, so you can hang them up too. Art supplies, books and other simple toys are perfect for this, and will add a fun touch to the room.

4. Recyclables
Your recycling bin can actually come in handy when it comes to storing some toys. One of the best items to use is actually a cereal box. You can cut a hole in the box to allow it to store larger puzzle bases, coloring books, folders, or even items like racecar or train tracks. If you buy coffee in large containers, rather than bags, then these truly come in handy for small items. For instance, you can separate your child’s LEGO sets, store doll accessories or even keep track of puzzle pieces in these handy containers. Oatmeal containers are great for putting away dolls, like Barbies, or smaller action figures. This can help keep the room looking tidier while protecting the items from plants. Finally, if you have lots of toilet paper or paper towel rolls then you can cut them and stack them to make a great storage space for toy cars.

5. Clearance Bins
Of course, if you don’t want to spend a whole lot of time making your own items, or you need specific items, then buying bins will come in handy. However, it is usually best to hold out until the items are on clearance. You can usually find a great deal on these items after the spring when cleaning season is over. If you don’t mind colored items, then you can always shop after a holiday for larger bins that are great for toy boxes. Make sure you know exactly what you’re looking for though, so you can grab the item whenever you see if hit the clearance aisle. This should help with organizing all sorts of toys. If you want to add a fun element to the bins, then paint them or decorate them with tape and stickers. This will help kids remember what is supposed to be stored in the specific bin.

6. Hanging Baskets
If you don’t want to place shelves in your child’s room, or you simply don’t have the money to spend on them, then hanging baskets are a brilliant alternative. You can find baskets for a dollar or less at most discount stores. All you have to do is place a nail or other hanging alternative and place the basket on it. Then, all sorts of toys can be placed in the baskets. Of course, you should experiment to see how much weight the baskets can hold, so you know how to organize the items you place in them. If your child has a lot of stuffed animals, then you might also want to consider hanging a larger basket from the ceiling. This can be done with strong string or rope and will add an element of décor to the room.

7. DIY Toy Box
Toy boxes can actually be one of the most expensive methods of storage in the home. So, many people tend to choose to go without them in order to save money. Luckily, there’s a lot of great DIY toy boxes that can help organize your child’s room. For starters, you can use a simple cardboard box to store items. It won’t last as long as a regular toy box, but you can always replace it later on. If you’re feeling ambitious, then you can always build a toy box on your own. All you need is to purchase cheap wood, some nails and wood glue to make it happen. If you want to customize the box even more you can add special pockets inside to fit smaller items. You can also paint the box to suit your child’s interests.

8. Refurbish Furniture
Believe it or not, one of your best options when it comes to toy storage is utilizing some of the old furniture you have collecting dust. For instance, old shelves can be lined with bins to keep your child’s toys out of sight and easy to find. You can also transform an old desk into a storage device. The top is great for larger toys like dolls houses or action sets while drawers can be used for smaller items. You can also place a larger bucket or other storage device for stuffed animals or other large toys. If you don’t have items around the house to use then you may want to check out thrift stores. You can always work with whatever you find to give your child a unique storage area.

9. Play Table
When it comes to younger children, play tables are one of the best ways to keep things organized and a little less messy. The tables allow children to play on the table, so toys won’t wind up in the floor. This will help prevent injury and frustration, which ensuring toys won’t get broken. You can easily make your own play table too, so you won’t have to spend a small fortune on a themed table. One of the easiest ways to build one of these tables is to use items like egg crates for the legs. Place these items with the opening of the crate facing outward. Then, you can nail or glue a piece of plywood, an old door or other table top options on top of the crates. Once everything is sanded down, you can then paint it and present it to your child. You can even round out the corners for even more safety. The egg crates work well as storage areas too, which will give you even more reason to build one of these tables. Of course, there’s many other ways you can build a play table so look around for some plans that suit your needs.

10. Animal Storage
Stuffed animals can be one of the biggest pains when it comes to storage. More often than not, they end up on the bed, which means they get thrown on the floor every time bedtime rolls around. There’s a few great options for your child’s stuffed animal collection though. One such example is the animal zoo, which has become very popular on hobby websites. These animal zoos are made out of simple items like wood, plastic pipes, elastic and so on. The storage item is build so that children can pull out the toy they desire from the gaps in the item. Plus, it creates a cute look that children will adore. If you don’t want to put a lot of effort into your stuffed animal options, then you might consider hanging up a small hammock. Toys can be placed on this to keep them off the floor and bed.

Storing your child’s toys may seem like an endless battle, but with these ten tips you’re sure to find a little hope. These tips will allow you to save a lot of money on your toy storage, which is certain to make you happy. After you work on these ideas, you may find your child’s room stays cleaner for a while longer, which will give you a little more time relax and enjoy the post-holiday vacation.

Frugal Ways to Start the New Year on a Fresh and Healthy Note

Every year, people come up with a New Year’s resolution to help improve on their life. In most cases, these resolutions revolve around creating a healthier lifestyle. However, more often than not, the resolution is abandoned before the end of the first month of the year. Sometimes, sticking with a resolution takes up more time than people have to offer. Luckily, there’s a few resolutions that you can partake in throughout the year that are simple and won’t require you to give up too much time. These resolutions will help you lead a healthier lifestyle too and will ensure you feel confident about starting fresh in the New Year. So, get ready to have some fun as you don’t have to wait to try out these ten ideas.

1. De-Clutter
We live in a society that really promotes materialism, which causes our lives to be filled with clutter. It has been scientifically proven that clutter actually makes you feel worse than you should, which is a good reason to find some time to declutter. This is especially true after the holidays as we accumulate so much stuff that it’s hard to make space for it, at times. This doesn’t mean you have to go through your entire home and get rid of everything. Instead, take a look around a single room each day and choose an item that doesn’t bring you joy. If it’s something that is useless to your life, then donate it or recycle it to make something that will improve on your life. You may find that some of the things you’ve thought were important really aren’t. After time passes, you will feel like your home has less clutter, which will help relive some anxiety. If you aren’t comfortable with getting rid of some items, then box them up. You can always revisit them in 6 months to rotate them with some of the items you do have out. This will help ease you into the transition.

2. Plant Seedling
Gardening is one of the most relaxing things you can do in your life. However, in the winter it is nearly impossible to garden in most areas. So, you might want to start planting and caring for seedlings. You can do this in many ways. You can buy supplies to plant the seedlings in specific planters, or you can use items from around the house, like KCups to plant your seeds. These seeds can be placed on the windowsill during the day, so they get plenty of light without being exposed to the cold. When spring comes, they will be ready to be replanted outside. These plants will also grow into healthy fruits and vegetables, which will help you accomplish your healthy eating goals.

3. Explore Workouts
Getting in shape can be a huge challenge. However, the way many people go about workouts can really work against their progress. More often than not, people will buy a workout machine or dedicate their efforts to running and other simple exercises. After some time, doing this can get pretty boring, which is often what detours people from carrying on with it. By exploring workouts, you won’t just be able to freshen up your exercise routine, but you will also learn what your body enjoys doing. This will also give you a wider range of things you can do to suit a variety of workout needs. For instance, you can find something that is great for strength training, cardio and peace of mind. You also might find something that truly brings you joy. The more you try, the better off you will be.

4. Clean
When the Chinese New Year arrives, it is traditionally considered to be lucky to begin the New Year with a clean home. You might want to adapt this principle into your own New Year celebration. Cleaning the home is a good way enjoy a fresh new start to the year. Although surface cleaning is a great place to start, you might want to think about some of the areas that might not get cleaned as often. For instance, you may want to see what the back of your refrigerator looks like. Cleaning this area won’t just help with your power consumption and the functionality of your appliance, but will prevent fires too. Another great thing to do is swap out the air filters for the New Year. This simple and quick change will give you fresher air that will make you feel healthier and more comfortable.

5. Change Your Style
Sometimes, the best way to make your New Year feel fresh is to begin with a new look. You can accomplish this in many ways, but one of the cheapest is to color your hair or try out a new cut. You can accomplish this at home or a salon, depending on how much money you have to play around with. If your hair isn’t on your agenda, then you might begin by weeding out some of the old clothes in your wardrobe. You can start out by buying one article of clothing a month to help boost your wardrobe back up. The new styles will make you feel like a new person and will help make better impressions over the year. –

6. Practice Mindfulness
You’ve probably heard that practicing mindfulness is one of the best things you can do in order to improve our world’s poverty crisis as well as to improve the environment. However, it isn’t always clear how you can practice mindfulness in your every day life. There are actually numerous ways you can do this though, which can make a huge difference with very little effort on your part. For starters, when you go to buy a brand, all you have to do is make a quick internet search to learn more about it. Many brands use child labor, pay poor wages or practice animal cruelty. You might also want to look up brands that are doing their part to help combat global problems. For instance, Cheerios is working to help save the bees. After looking up some brands, you might actually feel the need to consume less, which will certainly save you money. Of course, you can practice mindfulness by creating less waste too. Use recyclables for crafts, storage and more. Try not to take plastic bags from grocery stores. Shop at stores that allow you to purchase items without packaging. It doesn’t take much to make a huge difference in the world.

7. Unplug
One major problem with today’s world is we are always connected. This might be a great year to take some time for you by unplugging from technology for an hour or so. You can do this once a day or week to help work on yourself. When you power down, you should use the time to focus on your health. Try reading a book or writing in a journal to help boost mental function without being in front of a screen. You might also use this time to work out, enjoy a hobby or play a board game with the family. No matter what you do, make sure there is no technology on around you. It might be tough at first, but after doing this a few times you may feel more relaxed and at peace with yourself.

8. Start a Savings Jar
For more people, saving money is a resolution that isn’t just a want but a need. However, as time passes, it gets increasingly hard to save money. From spontaneous meals out with friends to the new pair of shoes you have to have, it might begin to seem impossible to make the savings you resolved to. There is one way that you will at least put back a little during the year. That is, to create a savings jar. You may want to begin pulling out cash each week to pay for your lunches, drinks and more. Whenever you have change from these transactions, simply place it in the jar. You will be surprised as to how fast it fills up. If doing this isn’t an option, then you might want to make it an incentive jar. For instance, if you would like to stop swearing then place an amount in for each swear word you say. Soon, your bad habit will be in check and you’ll have money saved up.

9. Ditch a Bad Habit
Getting rid of bad habits is one of the top resolutions around. For instance, smoking, eating out and getting coffee from a café each day, can really harm your health and your budget. That is why it is one of the best ways that you can start the New Year out on a fresh note. Generally, bad habits are what hold many people back in life, so by working to get rid of one of yours you will be broadening your horizons while opening up new options. For instance, quitting smoking will give you a lot of extra money to play with and it will improve your quality of life. Soon, you won’t have to think twice about going for a run or even enjoying a movie without having a nicotine craving. Eating out can be curbed too, which will give you more money for healthy meals while helping you lose weight and feel healthier. There’s a few tricks to help you curb the habits, so check out a little research to see what works best for you.

10. Dedicate Time to Education
It doesn’t matter how old you are, one of the best ways to start your year out well is to dedicate time to furthering your education. This doesn’t mean you have to dive into a calculus class if you don’t want to. Instead, find something you’re interested in and look for a course to satisfy this need. You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to classes too. For instance, you can take a cheap course at your local college. If you can’t afford to do this then look online to see if you can find a free course to work with. There are so many ways to satisfy your needs even if you don’t want to take a course. For instance, you can check out a text book at your local library or look up tutorial videos on how to do certain tasks. By choosing a learning method that suits your needs, you’re sure to grow immensely during the New Year.

Making a fresh start for yourself doesn’t have to be an expensive or time consuming endeavor. With these ten tips, you should be able to find the perfect way to help you make the changes you’ve hoped for without making you feel hopeless. Soon, 2018 will be your most successful year yet, thanks to your dedication to change.