Frugal Activities That Will Make Your Child’s Birthday Party the Talk of the Playground

Birthday parties can be a great way for your child to feel special with their peers. However, birthday parties can also cost a small fortune when it comes down to making it an occasion that will impress everyone. Luckily, keeping kids entertained can actually be an easy task. There are lots of games available that will cost you next to nothing. So, instead of spending a fortune to keep kids busy, you might want to try out some of these tips. You can alter the games to suit all ages, which is bound to make your life a lot easier. So, prepare to have the best birthday party around, because you’re planning skills are certain to make things exciting and fun for all of your child’s guests.

1. Relay Races
When it comes to keeping kids in order, one of the best ways to do so is to create a relay race. These races can suit a large number of children, so everyone has the opportunity to play together. Best of all, relay races require children to be active, so they’ll be able to burn off the sugar rush before the children become too chaotic. The best thing about relay races is you can design them to suit different age groups, interests and more. For instance, if you have older children then you might want to come up with a relay race that doesn’t just play on physical fun but requires them to stay mentally active too. You can also come up with races that slow things down, such as racing with an egg on a spoon. There are tons of relay race ideas online, so if you want to a few different options then browse around to suit your needs.

2. Pin the Tail on the Donkey
This is a classic party game that seems to never go out of style. The best thing about pin the tail on the donkey is you can alter the game to suit your party’s theme as well as the age group you’re working with. Instead of having a donkey, for instance, you can spice up the game with a character represented in the party. For instance, if you’re working with Sesame Street then draw a Cookie Monster on a poster board. Then, make some cookies to act as the tail in the scenario. Kids can be blindfolded and asked to place the cookies in the monster’s mouth. Of course, your imagination is the limit here, so have some fun with the game.

3. Dress Up
For many children, imagination is the key element to having some fun. So, instead of going all out for pricey party entertainment, you might simply set out some items for kids to play dress up in. You might be surprised by how long this can keep many children busy. However, if you want to make dress up a larger portion of the party, then you can always add some crafts to further the progression of this activity. For instance, you can set out recyclables, craft supplies and even print outs. Children can transform these items into costumes that they will love to sport as they play. Without a doubt, this can keep younger children occupied for hours on end, so you might not have to add any other forms of entertainment.

4. Musical Chairs
Children have been playing musical chairs since preschool, which makes it a great game to add to the party. Since everyone knows the rules, you can jump straight into playing the game, so you won’t waste time or cause boredom with explanations. The best thing about musical chairs is you can alter the game to keep up with your needs. For instance, if you don’t have enough chairs to suit all of your guests, then you can easily use a prop for the game. Those who grab a prop in time are still in the game, while those that don’t are out. You can also stream music to suit the theme of your party for free, which will allow you to get even more out of the game. Best of all, this game can suit a large group of people at once, so you won’t have to worry about children being left out of the fun.

5. Treasure Hunt
Party favors seem to be inevitable when it comes to children’s birthday celebrations. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to simply hand out the goodies. Instead, turn the goodies into a treasure hunt to keep kids busy. You can hand out maps for kids to follow in order to find their individual treat. You might also have the kids work together in order to help them bond early on in the party. Treasure hunts can be altered to suit any theme too. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to make the hunt fun. Of course, you should also work to make the hunt accessible for all ages. Younger children might have a hunt that is a bit easier and their treasure might be located in an area that is simple to reach. You also don’t have to hide the treasure itself, especially if you’re trying to be discreet. Instead, hide numbers that lead to the treat.

6. Make Your Own Food
Another great way to keep kids busy is to have them whip up their own food. Kids will love customizing their food options, so you won’t have to worry about entertainment for a little while. Best of all, allowing children to customize their food will ensure that there is something available for everyone to eat. One of the easiest options for this activity is to allow kids to make mini pizzas. You can premake dough to make things easier or simply purchase kits. Kids will love adding sauce, cheese and toppings to suit their personal tastes. Kids can even use toppings to spell their initials. Another simple option is to use cupcakes. Kids can use their icing of choice and then decorate with sprinkles, fruit, candies and so on. Allowing kids to sit down and cook together can help everyone get along too, which will make the party atmosphere incredibly inviting.

7. Balloon Games
Balloons tend to be a part of most parties, so why not put them to good use? You can enjoy a lot of games when it comes to balloons, so don’t let them sit around and collect dust. One great way is to transform balloons into a sports ball. You can grab a wooden spoon to use as a bat and you’ll have a fun game of baseball for the kids to enjoy. You can also use balloons for soccer, volleyball and more. Of course, sports aren’t the only answer here. Balloons can also be incorporated into relay races with ease. You can have kids sit on the balloons until the pop, place them between their legs while racing and so much more. You can also have kids collect the balloons of certain colors and place them in one area of the home. The first team to collect all of their color wins. You can find so many more ideas online too, so have fun with it. Best of all, balloons are pretty cheap, so you won’t have to invest a lot of money into these games.

8. Dance Show
Many kids love to dance, so you might take this and run with it. Dance shows are incredibly easy to put on and can help kids show off their personality a bit. All you really need for a dance show is music, but you can really spice up the activity by making a DIY dance floor. This can easily be made with cardboard and can be highlighted with some colored lights. Simply stream some music and let the kids run with it. You can have kids take turns dancing or have everyone dance at the same time. Another great way to add some fun to the occasion is to introduce a dance video game. Kids can take turns learning new moves, which will certainly create a lively environment.

9. Craft Station
Another great way to keep kids busy is to set up a craft station. You can keep things simple with printed coloring sheets or you can come up with a craft to do during the party. Craft booths can be a great way for kids to channel their creativity too, so it might be fun to sit back and see what happens. If you have older kids, then making bracelets is a great way to occupy the time. These are perfect to share with friends as well, which will make the party even more heartwarming. Apart from these simple options, kids can make musical instruments, costumes and more. You can even keep things green by adding in recyclables for kids to work with.

10. Photobooth
If you love making memories, then a photobooth can be one of the best ways to so. You can purchase backdrops for incredibly cheap, so have fun with the concept. You might even be able to make your own background if you love to paint or sew. You can make your own props as well or have kids craft their own. This is certain to keep everyone busy and will allow all of the kids to take home some special memories. Photobooths don’t require a photographer either. Other parents can help with this activity by using their mobile phones. You can even create a private group so everyone can share the photos they took during the party.

Celebrating your child’s birthday is supposed to be a joyous occasion, so don’t let the price of entertainment get in the way. Kids can have a blast without all of the frills, so don’t worry about purchasing the top entertainer in town. Instead, let kids be kids by allowing them to play and enjoy themselves. These activities should make your life easier as they will help the party flow smoother than any entertainer might.

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