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Stuff Your Stocking with These Hot Holiday Toys on a Budget

The holiday season is in full swing! If you didn’t knock out your holiday shopping during the month of November, then there are still plenty of ways to save. If you’re looking to purchase toys this holiday season, then there are many great ways to save on some of the top gifts of the season. These ten toy brands are offering great deals on the toys your child loves, so you can gift with joy without feeling overwhelmed by the price tag.

1. Mini Magic Mixies
Magic Mixies are one of the hottest gifts for the second year in a row. However, you might feel overwhelmed by the price tag of the larger Magic Mixi. This toy comes with a cauldron, supplies to bring it to life, and one toy which is a little on the small side. If you don’t want to spend $60-$80 on this toy, then there is another option that will fulfill your child’s dream. Mini Magic Mixies are new this year and are priced under $20. You can find sets of 2-5, so your child will have more than one Magic Mixi to play with. Each pack comes with a small cauldron as well, as some even have a mystery toy. These are great stocking stuffers but can also be placed under the tree.

2. LOL Dolls
LOL has been one of the top brands for kids for a few years now and the brand doesn’t seem to be running out of steam. If this brand is on your list, then don’t feel intimidated by the price tag of the larger dolls. These tend to be a little higher priced, and you don’t really need to purchase them to completely satisfy your child’s love for them. Instead, you might go for the mystery balls. These are around $6-$15 and they tend to come with one doll and an assortment of accessories. There are even playsets for these smaller dolls that are more than affordable. These toys also fit perfectly in the stocking, which will make it easier for you to fill the stocking for less.

3. Playdough
Playdough has been one of the most popular gifts for young children for generations, so you’re bound to find some great deals on these products. Typically, you’ll find lower prices on Playdough sets that stores put together for their Black Friday or holiday deals. These sets will continue to drop in price throughout the season, so if you’re patient you should find some excellent deals. There will also be an assortment of deals on other sets too. You’ll have to watch sales though as many stores will offer percentage discounts or buy one, get one sale on these products. If you set up alerts for these products, then you’ll be good to go.

4. Barbies
Barbie dolls are another brand that is going to be more than affordable this holiday season. Many stores are offering Barbie dolls for as low as $5, which will allow you to stock up on an abundance of deals for the children in your life. If you’re looking for a bit more than just a doll, then you can find sets for as low as $15, which can add an incredible amount of fun to gift-giving. You may even be able to gift an entire community of Barbies for the little ones in your life to fulfill their imaginative play.

5. Board Games
Another great option to consider is a board game. These not only bring hours of fun for the whole family but can help everyone bond together. This year, there will be a lot of price reductions on board games, which will allow you to shop without guilt. Some of the classic games will have prices as low as $6-$15, which can help you stock up your game cabinet. Of course, you can also purchase kid versions of games, as well as themed editions that can help you enjoy the time you spend with your family even more. Of course, you should check up on age restrictions on games before you shop for kids, as it may be disappointing for a child to receive a game they are too young to comprehend.

6. Learning Kits
If you’re tired of just buying toys, then a learning kit might be the way to go. Learning kits come in a wide variety of different shapes and sizes, which will allow you to easily find something special for the child in your life. One of the most popular options is art kits. There are so many crafts to choose from that you can find items custom to characters your child likes or handicrafts that are fun to learn like sewing and knitting. There are also many science kits on the market that will help children grow and learn while having a lot of fun. These kits are available for most ages too. There are even subscription kits that will allow you to give monthly, so kids will always have something to look forward to.

7. Advent Calendars
Currently, advent calendars are a normal price, or may even be marked up a bit. As December rolls in, you’ll find that the calendars will start to take a price reduction. The closer to the holiday we get, the more you’ll save on the calendar. Although you may not be able to give the calendar in the way it was intended, you’ll still be able to give 24 little toys that children will go crazy over. They will probably be even happier if they don’t have to wait to open up all of the little boxes to find their mystery surprise. You can even purchase calendars with socks, makeup, jewelry, and so much more for teenagers.

8. Fidget Toys
Fidget toys are really popular with kids, which is lucky because so many of the brands are low-cost to begin with. This season, you’ll see lots of price reductions on these toys. There are even dolls and action figures that are fidget toys now. Before you purchase, you might want to research some of the best fidget toys on the market, so you get items that will speak to your unique child. Of course, you will want to shop around for these items as not every store will offer the same deals. You should be able to find lots of great deals though, which will help you stock your child’s stockings with ease.

9. Hot Wheels
Hot Wheels are another fantastic brand to get behind if you have children that love cars. Hot Wheels tends to be some of the cheapest toys throughout the year, so you can easily grab individually packaged cars for less. These are perfect for stocking stuffers and creating hours of enjoyment. This year, Hot Wheels will also have deals on their tracks. You can find large and medium tracks at a price that is definitely affordable.

10. Little People
If you have toddlers at home, then Little People is going to make the holiday season phenomenal. This year, Little People is offering plenty of deals to choose from. There are numerous playhouses to choose from this season that is more than affordable. Many of the houses also come with figures to make the toys even more fun. Apart from that, you’ll find a lot of characters to choose from this season, which will suit your child’s favorite characters as well as public figures, imaginary characters, and more.

There are a lot of great toys to choose from this holiday season and many will suit your budget. These toys are easy to spot in more stores or websites, which will allow you to shop without added stress. They will also help to bring holiday joy to all the children that receive them.