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Black Friday Shopping Tips to Help You Plan Out Your Game Plan

If you love to shop then you’re going to be pretty excited when Black Friday rolls around in just a few short weeks. This year, there are a ton of deals that you might not want to pass up. However, planning for the big day can be almost impossible if you don’t know where to look for the best deals. These ten stores are some of the top players in the Black Friday game and have a lot to offer this year. Our quick overview of each stores’ ads will allow you to figure out which deals you want to go for, so you can maximize your savings with ease. Plus, it will help you find out which stores are offering early deals, so you can score big before Thanksgiving even arrives.

1. Walmart
Walmart is one of the top competitors when it comes to Black Friday deals and holiday shopping in general. You won’t find Walmart hosting a wide array of deals on Black Friday though because the retailer traditionally begins their sales during the evening hours of Thanksgiving Day. Thus, you can knock out any big spending deals before you even have to worry about the deals on Black Friday. Apart from that, Walmart has already started many of its online deals, so hop online daily to see what you can find. However, the really good deals will all appear online the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, so you can shop while prepping your turkey. This year, Walmart is heavily advertising toys, which is no surprise since Toys R Us is no longer around to compete with. You will also find some major deals on gaming bundles. As always, Walmart will also have some great deals on TVs in-store, too. So, don’t miss out.

2. Amazon
Amazon is known for having exciting deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. As years have progressed, the deals seem to stretch out even longer though. For instance, this year, you can find exceptional deals all month long. This can really help you get a jump start on some major savings, so you don’t have to feel rushed as the holidays arrive. Already, you can find mind-blowing deals on things like DNA tests, which make amazing gifts. Certainly, Amazon will save most of the fireworks for the big days, but you never know what you may find. Generally, they do offer random sales, which largely concentrate on technology, books, clothes, and toys. However, they are known for their TV sales, which tend to go very quickly. You will also find some great deals on Amazon products, so this is the perfect time to shop around for security devices, Kindles, Echoes and more.

3. Target
Target is another major competitor, which is why you should definitely check out their deals on Black Friday. You will find that this store is offering a lot of the same items as their competitor, Walmart. This is largely because both stores are pushing toys. However, you might find that both stores have different toys to choose from, so you might need to shop both destinations to get what you need. Target, on the other hand, is offering more Nintendo deals in their gaming sales, which is perfect for fans hoping to dive into some of the newest games on the market. You will also find more various deals on gadgets like earbuds and other sound equipment. The store is bulking up on books too, especially kids’ books, so this is the perfect time to invest in holiday stories to make the season magical even more amazing.

4. Sam’s Club
Although a partner of Walmart, you’ll find that Sam’s Club is offering a lot of deals that differ from Walmart. For starters, you’ll find a lot of great deals on necessities. Food, in particular, will have some awesome deals, so you can stock up on easy meal ideas or simply get ready for the next holiday feast. You will also find items like toilet paper, paper plates and so on that will help you entertain future guests. If you’re looking for the big savings though, then you might want to check out the household section. There, you will find extraordinary deals on furniture and appliances. Of course, it wouldn’t be Black Friday at Sam’s Club without TV deals that can save you up to $500 off the original purchase. Watch for deals that might earn you a gift card, too!

5. Costco
Costco is another wholesale store that makes a big deal around the holiday time. Like its competitor Sam’s Club, you’re going to find a lot of great deals on household necessities. Bulk foods, toilet paper, paper towels, laundry detergent and more will be on sale during this big event. So, treat yourself to some savings on the items you actually do need for the holidays. Apart from the necessities, you’ll also find great deals on appliances both big and small. The store will have fabulous deals on TVs and laptops too, which can save you hundreds. You might even luck out and find a deal on an exciting new smartphone.

6. Kohl’s
Kohl’s is definitely making a name for itself when it comes to Black Friday deals. Although the store isn’t as popular as some of the other retailers on the list, it is offering some exciting prices on items. Since Kohl’s and Amazon have a strong working relationship, you will find some incredible deals on items like Kindles for kids. The store is also offering items like toys and gaming consoles at a competitive price, so you might stop by the store to see what you can find. Apart from that, you’ll find a huge selection of advent calendars and other holiday gifts to check out. Of course, you will also discover a lot of deals on clothing since this is what Kohl’s is primarily known for. Best of all, every time you shop with Kohl’s, you’ll get Kohl’s cash, which can be used on all of those last-minute holiday items.

7. Best Buy
It wouldn’t be Black Friday without the long lines waiting to get into Best Buy. This year will be no different with huge sales that will make you want to shop until you drop. Largely, you’re going to find competitive deals on TVs, laptops, sound equipment and more. You might also find some deals on gaming consoles and games. However, some of the best deals might actually be on appliances, so if you’re looking to upgrade your home then make sure you stop by to see if you can get a good deal.

8. JC Penney
JC Penney is still a big player on Black Friday too, even though many of the stores have closed this year. You can still find many of the deals online if you find that your store is no longer available. JC Penney is very popular for deals on clothing, which is where you’re going to find most of your major deals for Black Friday. However, the store also has deals with major brands like Sephora, so you will find makeup, perfume and more on sale. There are always smaller items like slippers and blankets that are wrapped up for the holiday season soon. This will certainly make gift giving easy and with the deals, it will be cheaper than you ever expected.

9. Home Depot
If you’re shopping for dad or anyone that loves home improvement tasks, then you can easily find some great deals on tools that will make any DIY fan thrilled. Apart from tools, you can choose from so many other items, too. For instance, Home Depot is known for having huge deals on appliances, which might help you upgrade your home just in time for the holidays. There are even toys for sale on the website. Of course, one of the highlights of the store is going to be holiday d├ęcor. You will find everything from trees to lawn ornaments on sale for Black Friday, so shop with your home in mind when you’re hitting this major sale.

10. Old Navy
You can pretty much count on Old Navy to bring on the deals when it comes to clothing on Black Friday. You’re going to find deals up to 50% off on most of your favorite items, including the brand’s iconic jeans. There are also going to be low prices on stocking stuffers like fuzzy socks, mittens, beanies and more. The store is taking one step further this year by offering 40% off your purchase during the week prior to Thanksgiving. Then, when Black Friday arrives, everything jumps to 50% off for five days after the holiday ends. You’ll continue to see deals throughout the holiday season too!

It’s practically time to get excited about Black Friday and all of the amazing things that you will find on this huge day of shopping. These ten stores will just get you started on the fun, so make sure you look around for all of the possible deals before you make out your game plan. Of course, make sure you are safe and aware throughout your shopping experience.