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Why Am I Short of $1000 Every Month

Researchers indicated that most middle class families are short by $1000 to $1500 each month, no matter what month it is, and no matter how many kids they have. Even if you or your husband just got a raise of $1000 every month, you will still want another $1000 more every month after first few months. Here are the tips to avoid that.

Minus Your Salary By $1000
When you are doing your finance plan for the month, pretend your salary is $1000 less. You should transfer $1000 to your saving account when you deposit your check. And when you are making the plan, don’t count that $1000.

Money Saving Tips For The Summer
Read here to save the money from your electricity meter ( The article bassically tells you one thing: turn off appliances, big or small, whenever you can. If you can’t turn off the air conditioner, set the temperature by one degree high. But more important thing is: are you overpay your power company? Ask your friend how much they are paying for every killo watts. Or do some online research to find the lowest rate. Starting from this April, I saved over $100 every month from my electricity bill by switching to another power company!

Save $100 from Grocery Shopping
Stop buying bulk from Sam’s Club or Costco. You may have save a little on each item, but I bet your waste is way over what you have saved. You should consider by what you really needed once a week. Take the coupons with you. If you don’t have Sunday newspapers, find grocery coupons online from

Save $100 by Shopping Online
Why buy toys from Toys R Us? If you search online, the toys from online stores are usually half of the prices of your local toy stores. Why buy books from Barnes & Noble? The books from online bookstores are usually two thrid of that at Barnes & Noble or Borders. Why buy shoes from DSW? The online shoe stores are always offering 20% off discount coupons.

Save $100 on Insurance
You should switch your auto insurance and health insurance company every year, if not every six month! Every time you switch, you should get a discount and a lowest rate.

No More Buying New Gift Card
A gift card for a new born baby? A gift card for a wedding couple? Every month I need spend at least $100 on different GC, while at the same time all kinds of GC from friends or relatives. Now I can trade in all my cards with as little as 5% fees, and receive new cards that I need.