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Celebrate your favorite band and being ecofriendly when you have this Double Wall Thermal Bottle. This bottle shows off Dave Matthew's Band logo while offering a simple way to keep refreshed without using plastic.
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Enjoy a blast from the past when you put on this Cats Under The Stars LP from Jerry Garcia. You will love the soothing sounds of the vocals after a hard day on the job.
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Having grown up during the technological boom, I feel I have a slight edge on someone 15 years older than me. Of course, I don't mean that I'm wiser. But, when it comes to the Internet or computers, I'm definitely smarter in most cases. With that said, the climate changes daily online. The way people market their businesses, for example, can make or break their sales. Sometimes web appeal dominance can become more important than the quality of your product or services. It's like the news. You can make others believe what you want depending on the way you present it to them. I'm not sure I love this way of doing business, but I don't have a choice. So, my best option is to embrace it. I represent a collection of artists. Artists in many fields, music, theater, and modern art. My site showcases their best works and we advertise when they're having showings or concerts. We also provide products like CDs, CD covers, t-shirts, posters, etc. I try to bring in income without having to advertise other sites on my website. Anyway, a colleague recommended MusicToday.com as a source for helping me update my site. I was really impressed with the services they have to offer. The warehousing and fulfillment section was something that appealed to me for sure. I'm just not sure I do enough volume to warrant their service. They seem really "big time." However, they look like a company that could help make me more successful.

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