They Are NOT The Worst Fast Food Meals for Kids

While I was reading the news The Five Worst Healthy Fast Food Meals for Kids from Yahoo this morning, I felt I have to defense for those fast food restaurants. First of all, I have to declare that I do not work for any of the fast food restaurants, and I have no intention to mislead you to any so-called “Healthy” food.

This article listed following 5 worst fast food meals for kids. The conclusion was drawn because of the high fat, calories, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. But it was so biased that I have to stand out and say something.

  • 1. Chick-Fil-A: The Grilled Nuggets Kids’ Meal
  • 2. McDonald’s Cheeseburger Happy Meal
  • 3. Sonic’s Kids’ Jr. Burger Meal
  • 4. Burger King’s Hamburger Kids Meal
  • 5. Denny’s Build Your Own Jr. Grand Slam

    No food is bad
    All food are created equal. If one food is good for part of your body, it must be bad for some other part of your body, and vice versa. Your body need fat, calories, sodium, sugar, and cholesterol. You can’t say they are bad or good – you need all kinds of food for a healthier body.

    No food is good if you are obssessed with it
    Any food could be bad when you had too much it, even if they are claimed “Healthy” food by nutritional professionals. Is fat bad? No – you body need it, and yes if you ate too much of it. Is vegetable good? Yes – if you eat it with meat, no – if all you eat is vegetable.

    There is no good or bad food, but good or bad parents
    All food are good for your health, and all food are bad if you had too much, so is the fast food. And fast food is not created for the good of your body, but for the need of filling your stomach fast. But what the kids are eating is what their parents are choosing. If you choose fast food once in a while, if has no harm to your health, as long as you also eat enough of other food. So it is the parents to blame for, not the fast food!

    Eat According Food Pyramid
    To eat healthy, you should follow the food pyramid, see picture below. You can find lots of information online about the pyramid. You can also buy a food pyramid poster and hang it in your kitchen.

    More exercise
    Follow the food pyramid is step one to your health. Step two is to have enough excercise. Kids having more fast food should have done more exercise to burn the excess fat.


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