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How to raise financially responsible kids

You taught your kids how to walk, how to talk and how to read when they were very young. And when kids are growing up, you teach them math, literature, history and art. And you teach them to have a good manner, be responsible, and be confident. And eventually you want them to be a good person and financially responsible. They don’t have to be millionaire, but I would encourage them to have a dream of being a millionaire. These are the tips you should teach kids to be financially responsible when they are 10 to 18 years old.

Spend Money Later
If you want to teach your kids one thing, that should be: Wait to spend money. This is not only the advice to kids, but also the advice to everyone who want to save money. Researchers from Stanford Univerisity have done a famous marshmallow test: kids of 4-5 years old can have the choice to eat one marshmallow now, or wait until the adult returned and eat two. Researchers discovered that those who had waited for the second marshmallow were more successful in just about every way!

Think Again Before Open The Wallet
When your kids have the self control to spend money later, ask them to think again before they make the purchase. Is it what I needed? Is there any alternatives that are cheaper? Can I use second-hand items? Can I find coupons for it? Is there a sale promotion in the near future?

Practice The Money-Saving Tips In Your Daily Life
Money is part of your daily life, and you should also teach the money saving tips in your daily life. You could ask your kids to wait for next week to buy something, by offering an incentive. You could give them a few bucks every week or every month, and let them take the control of money. You could ask them to compare prices online and find the lowest prices.

Start Teaching Finance In A Easy Language
When kids are still young, you can explain to them how to make money from a job. Or it could started with games such as Monopoly. When they are getting older, you should explain banking, interest rate, stock market, insurance etc. to your kids. Let them know this is world about money.

You Are The Best Teacher
Kids will learn every thing from you. If you spend money in rush, how could you expect your kids to wait to spend money? If you don’t use coupons ever, no kids will. So before teaching them how to save money and be financially responsible, teach yourself first!