Shopper Resources: Internet Scam Prevention

The Internet has become an important part of our daily life. Businesses, students and browsers have all embraced the immediacy that the Internet provides for gathering information, communicating, research and shopping. 

However, with the convenience of the Internet, problems have also been discovered. Because of the popularity new online problems of identity theft, e-mail scams, credit card fraud and other scams have begun to appear. These problems have affected millions of Internet users and Internet frauds and scams have become one of the biggest problems facing consumers today. These illegal activities have cost consumers billions of dollars every year.

To learn more about some of the problems currently facing online users and consumers, and to provide preventive measures, we have put together a collection of resources for your use. Learn more about Internet scams and find out how to prevent being a victim.

Online Scams

  • Email Scams – information and tips on not being a victim of common email scams.
  • Top Online Scams – informative article from the FTC on some of the top current online scams.
  • Online Scams – presentation covering a variety of topics on online scams.
  • Avoiding Scams – helpful information and suggestions on how to avoid being a victim of online scams.
  • Dynamic of Online Scams – interesting article covering the workings of online scams and hosting networks.

Identity Theft

Online Viruses

Credit Card Fraud

Check Scams


  • Phishing – informative resource on what phishing is and how to protect yourself.
  • Phishing Scam – information on how phishing scams work.
  • Report Phishing – web site on how to report phishing attempts.
  • Phishing – useful information from the NCUA on what phishing is and how to prevent it.
  • Report on Phishing – informative article on the effect that phishing has on the public.