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Being frugal is more than learning how to save money, it's when a person learns how to live a simpler life and be less wasteful without over exceeding personal finances. The old definition of frugal meant to go without, but in today's economy, being frugal has much more meaning. Being frugal has many benefits including saving money, simplifying money spending, reducing stress, and the ability to pass on what you have learned to the next generation. Practicing how to be frugal is fun and helps a person learn how to compromise. With today's economy, being frugal will help you save more and learn to spend less.

Frugal Tips

Tips for Frugal Living and Borrowing Less – Learn different ways to become frugal and how to live on a budget.

Ways to be Frugal- Information on different ways to be frugal in investing, around the house, and with shopping.

Solar Clothes Dryer Links- Information and tips on how to live cheaply and efficiently.

Links and Reviews for Thrifty Living – A resource of links about thrifty living and how to achieve it.

Off Campus Housing Budgeting Tips- Tips on how to be frugal with grocery shopping, energy conservation, and water saving.

Frugal Recipes

Frugal Recipes- Information on hundreds of frugal recipes including a range of menus, ideas, and guidelines to help save on food costs.

Living a Better Life- Information on budgeting and how to live a better life by spending less when cooking for a family.

Mommy Savers -Moms Living Well for Less- Learn how to be creative when you are cooking on a budget. Information on inexpensive recipes and help to save money on food.

Frugal Cooking – A variety of frugal recipes for people who want to cook on a budget.

All Things Frugal- Information on frugal recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Saving Money

Saving Money When Buying Food Learn information on how to save money on your grocery bill.

Recycling-Waste Reduction and Saving Money Information on how to save money in the workplace.

Butler Professor Offers Tips on Saving Money with New Tax Credits and Deductions – Information on ways to help save money on taxes by learning the new deductions and tax credits.

Saving Money - A resource page of links dedicated to saving money.

Saving: Saving Money Lean 66 ways to save money in transportation, insurance, housing, banking, utilities, and more.


10 Ways to Stay Fit on a Skinny Budget – Learn ways to manage on a low-budget.

10 Ways to Find the Fat in Your Budget Information on how to budget starting with clothing, groceries, insurance, and utilities.

Create a Budget Learn tricks on how to create a budget and save money.

Creating a Budget- A guide to help take charge of finances and learn how to budget.

Top Ten Ways to Track Spending – Information on how to create a spending plan and learn how to track all spending.

Debt Reduction

Getting out of Debt – Information on three simple ways to get out of debt.

Debt Management – Information for college students on how to help manage funds to cut future debt.

Money Tips of the Day - Tips on ways to cut debt and save money.

Managing in Tough Times – Learn how to reduce stress by getting your debt managed and tips to avoid getting further into debt.

Managing Your Debt: Deciding Which Bills to Pay First - Information on how to manage your debt and learn which bills are most important to pay first.

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