A Teen's Guide to Economics and Saving Money

Being a teen in the modern world can be difficult. With all of the electronics and communication advancements comes a cost – money! To enjoy all the latest and greatest items, unless Mom and Dad come up with the money, a teen will need to earn the money themselves.

There are several factors for teens to be able to save money and be smart savers. Teens can get the money for these purchases by getting a job, budgeting money and other ways. But, in addition, learning about money and budgeting is a life skill that a teen can use for the rest of their life. Here are some resources to help your teen learn about saving money:

Teen Employment

  • Job and Career Resources – selection of resources aimed at teens to help identify jobs and potential career opportunities.
  • Youth Rules – website from the Department of Labor outlining the rules and regulations governing jobs for minors.
  • Safety and Health – information on workplace safety guidelines and resources for teen workers.
  • Should Teens Work? – helpful article on deciding whether teens should work.
  • Kid Job Earnings Management – PDF discussing ways to manage money that kids make from their first job.

Saving For College

Teen Budgeting Tips

Bank Accounts and Savings

  • Kids Bank – information on how banks work and how savings accounts work.
  • Money Instructor – helpful article about teaching children about money management.
  • Children and Money – resource for parents to help teach children about money.
  • Teen Checking Accounts – article centering on how a teen checking account can help teens become financially independent.
  • Money Matters – information on banking accounts for teenagers and how they will help in the overall financial future.

Financial Resources

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