Ten Budget Friendly Tips to Make Sure You’re Ready For Wedding Season

Wedding season is practically here. Starting in February, you’re more than likely going to begin receiving wedding invitations in the mail for couples aspiring to have a romantic special day. This season can be trying for anyone on a tight budget, especially if the weddings are events that you can’t pass up. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to help save some money during this busy period of the year. Before you know it, you’ll be prepared to take on Valentine’s day events, spring themed occasions and beach destination weddings without blinking an eye. So, enjoy the wedding season a lot more this year, because you won’t have to stress your budget as much with these tips.

1. Prepare Your Wardrobe
One of the best things you can do to prep for the season is make sure you have a wardrobe that will suit weddings. You don’t have to go overboard and choose multiple outfits for different weddings. In fact, all you really need is one versatile outfit. For example, choose a dress that has short sleeves, but will also pair well with panty hose and a cardigan. This will allow you to wear the item no matter the season. With a few well-planned accessories, your look will stay fresh and exciting no matter how many weddings you wear it to. You can even make your own outfit if you love to sew and design. This will help save quite a bit of money in the long run. Another key to making your wardrobe work is finding materials that won’t wrinkle while packed away.

2. Shop Sales
Sales are going to be your best friend during this season, so don’t hesitate to shop ahead of time. Usually, in January, white sales will ensure you find great deals on towels, sheets and other household items that most newlyweds will appreciate. You might also find some great deals on smaller home appliances, which come in handy during this season. If you shop ahead in bulk, then you’ll always have a great gift to share with the couples that you celebrate with. You may even be able to find some great deals on clothes that will help make you look amazing during the season.

3. Bulk Cards
A lot of people love to give cards when it comes to weddings. This can be a great way to share your love, address your absence or simply a lovely way to hold your gift card. Cards can be pretty pricey though, so you may end up spending a lot during the season even if you don’t plan on attending every wedding you’re invited to. One way to combat this cost is to purchase cards in bulk. This is bound to help you save money while also ensuring you have a little something for every newlywed in your life. You can actually purchase wedding inspired cards in bulk if you look hard enough. However, a simple card that isn’t themed might help you out more and won’t clash with the personality or theme of the various weddings.

4. Make it a Vacation
Traveling to a wedding can be pretty tough, especially if you have to take time off work to do so. Sometimes, this can even eat into your own vacation time. So, instead of traveling just for the wedding, pretend your travels are actually for your own vacation. Sure, you won’t get to choose the destination, but thinking about the event as a vacation will help you justify the expenditure while also getting some down time in for yourself. Since weddings will only take up a small portion of your time away, try to look around for other things to do. Even remote areas should have some form of tourist activity that will keep you on your toes. You can even make a vacation out of layovers and more. No matter what you plan to do, just make sure to enjoy yourself even if it means just having fun on the dance floor during the reception.

5. Stay with Loved Ones
Hotel costs can eat up your budget incredibly fast. This can be a huge problem if you don’t have a lot of money to juggle with. Instead of working about booking a room, ask loved ones if you can stay with them. Sometimes, this will mean couch surfacing in a home while other times it might mean crashing the floor of a hotel room. If you know other people attending the wedding, then you might also consider splitting the cost of the room to help save some money. This is bound to make your money stretch even further and might even improve the experience you have over the wedding period.

6. Pack Food
Purchasing food during your travel time can also cut your budget pretty tight. Instead of eating at restaurants for every meal, you might want to pack some food to help get you by. This will give you more money for other expenditures. Plus, it will help you keep your budget steady if you didn’t have a lot of money to play around with. You should always pack easy to eat foods though. For instance, items like packaged nuts, fruits and even sandwiches can help keep you full without forcing you to spend a fortune. You should also consider shopping at a grocery store when you arrive at your destination. This will help cut back on spending while also making traveling a bit more convenient. Luckily, one meal should be provided during the wedding, so you can stress less about eating while traveling.

7. DIY Gift
Most couples will receive a lot of household goods that they probably won’t need or want during their wedding event. So, you might set yourself apart by creating a DIY gift that is catered to suit their personalities. This will actually help you save quite a bit of money too, which is bound to make things less stressful. There are so many things that you can make for the newly weds too, so you can have fun with the project. One idea is to make a special name plate for the couple to show off. You might also consider personalized mugs for those that love coffee and tea. Another option is to knit, quilt or embroider a craft. Truly, you can find something that suits your talents and the couple’s personality. You might even consider a gift basket if you aren’t sure what else to create.

8. Offer Your Services
If a wedding gift isn’t in your budget, or you’re not sure what to purchase, then you might offer your services instead. Weddings are pricey, so finding help in unexpected places is usually a great way to help ease the burden of a couple. Some of the more efficient talents are a makeup artist or hair stylist that can work on the bridal party with ease. A seamstress might also be necessary in a pinch and will ensure everyone in the wedding looks magnificent. If you’re a musician or a bar tender, then your services might be needed during the reception. Of course, you know what you can offer, so don’t hold back if you have the time and ability.

9. Don’t Skip the Reception
When you head to a wedding, you should always try to stay for the reception as well. This is the perfect time to unwind from your travels, which also might help you cut back on the stress you feel about your budget. You will also be able to enjoy a nice meal and possibly even an open bar, which will prevent you from having to spend money on food later in the day. The reception is also the best time to hang out with newlyweds, especially if you are close with them. Overall, the reception will help you offset costs to ensure you enjoy the occasion even more.

10. Prepare Yourself
A lot of people feel like they have to go the extra mile when preparing for a wedding. Opposed to spending a fortune at a beauty salon, you can easily do many of the things yourself. For instance, there are lots of tutorials online to help you create some awesome hairstyles. You might even be able to follow a tutorial to find an unforgettable makeup style. Of course, if you have trouble doing things yourself then you might ask a friend or multiple people to help out. You can even have a pre-wedding party to ensure everyone’s hair, makeup and nails look amazing.

Wedding season doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. With these tips, you should be able to enjoy all of the weddings you’re invited to while still cutting back on the money you would spend on them. So, don’t pass up on the fun this wedding season, because it doesn’t have to be an expenditure that will leave you hurting when it is all said and done.

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