Frugal Tips to Get on Track During World Health Day

On April 7, the whole world will be able to celebrate World Health Day. However, for some, it is hard to decide what to do in order to improve on one’s health. Many people actually begin to pour money into gym memberships, supplements and other items to help improve on health. You absolutely don’t have to do this though. There are so many things you can do that won’t cost you money when it comes to getting healthy. As a matter of fact, some of the items on this list might actually help you save money. So, get ready to buckle down and work on your health when World Health Day arrives.

1. Morning Walk
Walking might not seem like a lot, but it is a great way to get a head start on your health. In fact, walking at least thirty minutes a day can help you stay fitter than you would expect. Doing this in the morning is incredibly efficient too. In fact, it can kick start your metabolism, which will set you up for success throughout the day. Apart from that, going for a walk can help you clear your mind. This will reduce the amount of stress you have in your life and will help you to focus on tasks throughout the day with ease. Your morning walk will provide you with even more energy too, so you can feel like you have more stamina during your long day. Your morning walk may turn into a morning jog in no time at all, or might expand to an evening walk too. This will help you exercise more and feel confident about yourself.

2. Don’t Drink Your Calories
One huge problem that many people have with their diet is the fact that they drink so many of their calories. Juice, soda and even milk add to the calories you can’t eat during the day. These drinks tend not to fill you up either and occasionally will make you hungrier. So, it is important to try to stick with water as often as you possibly can. Water won’t count against your daily calorie intake and it might even help to suppress your appetite. So, whenever you’re feeling thirsty or hungry, grab a glass of water and see if it satisfies you. Doing this will also cut back on the amount of sugar and soda that you take in, which will help with your health immensely.

3. Try One New Recipe a Week
Many of us find ourselves in a food rut that causes us to eat an unhealthy diet. This can be a big problem if you’re trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. One way to break out of the mold is to find one new recipe a week and give it a try. Try to choose healthy recipes that are new and fresh, or recipes that use healthier alternatives for your favorite meal. If you hate the meal, then you don’t have to stress about it too much as you will return to your typical meal options for the rest of the week. If you love it, then you might add it to your monthly food rotation. The more meals you try like this, the more excited you will feel about eating healthier. Before you know it, you might have healthy recipes for most of the week. Your health will soon skyrocket, which will make your life a lot better.

4. Download Apps
Most people spend a lot of time on their smart phones, so why not use this time to improve your health. You can find an app for just about anything these days, so you have a lot of options when it comes to healthy apps. Some of the most popular apps are for fitness. These apps will help you record your activity for the day while providing workout videos as well as diet and exercise pointers. There are simple apps for recording your diet too, which will let you know how well you’re doing regarding your food to exercise ratio. Your physical body isn’t the only thing you should concentrate on when it comes to apps. You can also download apps designed to reduce your stress. There are apps designed to help with cognitive functions and memory too. With a great combination of apps on your side, you’re sure to move into a healthy state of living in no time.

5. Buy a Water Bottle
Most people aren’t drinking enough water each day. This can cause many healthy problems, which can cost you a lot of money and cause a lot of inconvenience. Using a glass to ensure you get enough water can be a huge pain too. That is why purchasing a reusable bottle is a great option. These bottles hold more than one serving, so you can go without a refill for longer. Plus, many will tell you exactly how much water you’re drinking, so you can keep track with ease. Best of all, these bottles are ecofriendly. You won’t have to worry about purchasing water while you’re out or even having water bottles on hand. This is certain to make life a lot easier. Not to mention, with all the water you’re drinking, you’ll cut back on other drinks that drain your calorie intake and add toxins to your body. It will also save you money since these drinks will more than likely be left off of your shopping list.

6. Cook Less
Another major problem we face is overcooking. Cooking at home is always a good thing, but so many people plan on meals that would fit a lot more people than they should. The excess food encourages us to waste or to overeat, both of which are a major problem. The best way to combat this problem is to cook based on recommended serving sizes. These sizes are scientifically set, so if you cook this amount you will have enough food to meet your body’s needs. For a while, you may feel hungry after meals, but your stomach will slowly shrink to the size it should be. Of course, you can also serve a salad with meals to help fill you up, as well as a dessert. You may find that you feel great having cooked the appropriate amount and your grocery bill will look a lot better too.

7. Take Time to Breath
For many people, life is always go, go, go. This not only causes exhaustion but allows stress to build up too. Rather than getting caught up in life, make sure you take time out to breathe. Taking in slow and deep breaths and then slowly exhaling them is great for your physical health. It allows the oxygen to flow gently throughout your body. These deep breaths are also great for your mental health too. By breathing like this, your body is sent signals that it can relax. This will help relieve tension and stress, which will improve your overall health.

8. Go Outside
Believe it or not, but actually spending some time outside can make you feel amazing. Of course, you should always wear sunscreen outside, even if the UV index isn’t high or you’re not planning on staying out very long. The sun and fresh air are great for the body though. Sun gives the body a burst of vitamin D, while the fresh air helps to fill the lungs with fresher and cleaner oxygen that requires them to work a little less. In fact, going outside has even been proven to reduce anxiety. You’re more than likely to exercise if you’re outside too, which will help your body burn fat and build muscle.

9. Consider Fasting
Believe it or not but fasting is also a great way to improve on your health. This doesn’t mean you should fast every day but doing something once a week or every few weeks might help you out. This also doesn’t mean you should fast all day and night. Instead, choose a twelve-hour time period to not eat or drink anything with calories. Sorry, while you’re sleeping doesn’t count! Your body will begin to function in a new way during your first fast. Your liver will improve its functions while your metabolism begins to burn fat. If you fast often, you will wind up slowing down your metabolism, so pay attention to your body. These are only a few benefits of fasting. Scientists have named many that might inspire you to ditch lunch once a week.

10. Clean House
Cleaning house is a pretty typical thing, so you might be wondering how it helps you with your health. Well, house cleaning is actually a very good form of exercise. Your body is constantly moving, yet you don’t feel the need to stop and take a breather. Cleaning the whole house can give you a workout that might even rival the gyms. Of course, there are other benefits too. For starters, cleaning gets rid of germs, bacteria, toxins and allergens from the home. With the air fresher and your surfaces safe to touch, you will already feel a lot better than you did before. Clearing up clutter can help reduce anxiety too. Plus, opening the windows and letting the house air out will help get rid of potential ailments while making you feel naturally happier.

World Health Day is the perfect time to actually begin to work on a healthier you. With these tips, you will be able to find frugal ways that not only suit your budget but work with your body’s needs. The best thing is, many of these tips aren’t difficult to follow. So, you should be on your way to better health in just a few simple days.

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