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This Spirited Florals Embroidered Shirt is perfect for a day of gardening or brunch with the girls. The shirt shows off stunning embroidery that offers a burst of color to your style which makes the top easy to pair with anything.
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This Leaf Wool Hat is the perfect way to help you feel connect to Mother Nature this autumn. With a simple leaf design and a neutral color knit, you will love sporting this hat whenever it gets too chilly.
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Bring a nautical touch to your garden when you have this Half Barrel Planters Set. The set comes with two barrel inspired designs that will help you grown all of your favorite flowers.
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About SageFinds: offers an assortment of products to make one-stop shopping even more cost effective and fun.

Pros: If you don't like to purchase from a wide variety of stores, then is bound to help you get all of your shopping accomplished quickly and efficiently. Although women's clothing is the big focus on this website, you will be shocked to find some amazing decorative items as well as those that are functional for your health. The clothing on offer is designed to give you a chic style that will suit a wide variety of personalities. Most of the clothing options will also suit a wide assortment of sizes too, so women won't have to worry about their figure when considering clothing options. There is also a VIP program that will allow you to receive a discount and free shipping on the website as well as an assortment of other vendors.

Cons: Although the variety on the website is great, you will probably find that most of the items featured will have homes on other websites too. You will probably even find them at a lower price. In fact, this website is very similar to so many online stores that you probably wouldn't be able to differentiate between them if the names of the sites were not present. The selection on the website is also quite strange. For instance, you can purchase a whole line of women's fashion, but men's and children's looks are incredibly slim and located in odd places on the navigation bar. The website also offers dog products, but nothing for cats. Shipping outside of the United States will cost a small fortune, even if you're shipping to nearby countries. The website also does not connect to social media. After a little investigation, customers will find alarming reviews about refunds and products.

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