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This Balloon Chair in Blush Pink Velvet is bound to be the talk of your sitting room. The chair offers a vintage style with a unique design that makes lounging fun.
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This Victorian Guns Pillow will add the tough style you hope to bring to your rustic décor. The burlap inspired pillow offers a simple design, while making a bold statement.
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This Cody Desk with Palm Beach Lucite Legs is certain to make your office feel spacious and luxurious. The desk offers a classic wooden design with legs that speak to your love for modern decor.
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About Modshop:

I come from a modest-sized family. No one has eight children or three wives, that kind of thing. My mom and dad both have two siblings each. They each had two kids. We are a pretty tight-knit bunch, for the most part. Everyone lives in different parts of the country, so visiting doesn't happen too often. But, we all write and Skype. My cousins are on Facebook and other social media, so we keep up with each other's lives. Before my grandparents passed, I think the family saw more of each other. Their place in Washington had a lot of property and it was a fun meeting place. For my aunt and her family in Connecticut, it wasn't an easy flight, but they managed. Grandpa died a couple of years ago, leaving grandma alone on the ranch. She did pretty well on her own until she had a stroke. It was really sad. After that, everything went downhill. When she passed a couple months ago, she left the property to me, my brother, and my cousins. We decided to keep it and use it as a rental property. We heard that Modshop1.com does decorating make-overs for regular homes and also vacation rentals. I liked their site, but their style wasn't for our place. I guess "modern" and "outdoorsy" don't blend too well. Their accessories, like throw pillows and rugs could totally work indoors for us. The furniture and their collections, however, didn't suit our taste, especially the lighting, which I found gaudy.

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