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Find joy in bedtime with these Bonne Nuit Pajamas. The pajamas are made of fabric that resembles a tee, so you won't have to deal with stiff fabrics or unflattering styles as you relax.
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These Charlie Henley pants will provide you with a powerful look when you're not in the mood for a suit. The pants offer a wide leg that helps to create a slimmer and more professional look that can pair with almost anything.
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About La Ligne: offers fashionable clothing for women to show their bold personality.

Pros: This website was born under the idea of empowering women. So, the designers decided to design a line around a stripe to help women feel strong and confident in their appearance. The line of course offers an assortment of other clothing as well including strong floral dresses that demand attention. You will find everything from casual clothes to those that are more glamorous so you will have everything you need to feel amazing. The website offers free returns if you're unhappy with your items as long as you turn it in within 2 weeks. You can also shop in store if you're in New York. From collections to bold stories, this website loves style and will even help you add more fashion to your favorite striped item.

Cons: The website isn't exactly clear on how the stripe is set to empower women, which might make you feel like it is just a ploy to get you to shop. The items in the collection offer a simple nautical stripe on tops that aren't exactly original items. You will also find that there many other options on the website that aren't particularly original either. This can be a huge problem if you want to get your money's worth out of the clothing. Another major issue is the clothing sizes aren't exactly inclusive, which doesn't do a whole lot to help empower women either. The website also opted out of reviews on Facebook, so you never know what customer service will be like or if the quality of the products are worth the price tag.

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