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Give yourself a little extra protection when you have this ULTRA Merino 210 Zip-Off Bottom. This bottom is designed for layering, so you can pair it with your favorite snow pants or work jeans.
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Getting out in the summer won't cause you to lose your skills due to the heat thanks to this Peloton 130 LS Crew-T. This T offers a camo design that will regulate your temperature, so you can move with ease.
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Below freezing temperatures won't give you the chills when you have these Kenai Pants. These pants are designed to go under snow pants to ensure you get the extra warmth needed to survive.
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About Kuiu:

Our family is pretty adventurous. I mean, compared to most families who camp nearby with a tent, or maybe take their RV 100 miles away. I suppose we seem radical. It's funny because we have never done anything that's over-the-top of seemingly dangerous. Well, except for zip-lining 1,000 feet over the canopy in Costa Rica. Or, river rafting down the Rio Negro in Brazil. Hmmm. I guess I probably should re-evaluate dangerous. I suppose I should also re-establish the term I'm looking for as "super-adventurous". My new boyfriend is a hunter. That's something I've never done and probably never will. I don't eat meat and I don't need a pelt, so I would have no reason to kill an innocent animal. I try to stay open minded. Just like our family adventured together, so did his-but they went on hunting trips. He still goes twice a year. There's a trip coming up that he's begged me to go on with him and his buddies. I have no interest except for being in the outdoors. But I've made up mind and I'm not going. I want to buy him a gift so he won't be so mad. I looked online at Kuiu.com, which is a cool site, if you're into hunting. I can't believe how expensive the tents are. But I suppose it's specialized gear. It has to be lightweight enough to keep in your pack. The best I could afford was a camo shirt-but it's really nice.

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