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Treat your face with love when you use the Luna 2. This special massager works to cleanse the face while tightening muscles, so you'll look wonderful while fighting signs of aging.
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Your children will be inspired to brush multiple times a day thanks to this ISSA mikro. This brush offers gentle vibrations and uses silicone to help improve hygiene while also massaging the gums.
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Treat your gums to something fantastic when you have this ISSA 2. This electric toothbrush offers a stylish design that works well with your teeth to create a clean feeling your dentist will approve of.
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20% off the LUNA 2 and LUNA Mini 2
25% off LUNA Mini 2 & 30% off LUNA 2 and UFO

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About FOREO:

When I was a young girl, I never did anything to protect my skin. I barely washed my face with soap. My mom used Ivory soap, which to me, was super strong. It had a potent smell, tended to burn your eyes if you washed with it, and it tasted awfully nasty when you used bad language and it got put in your mouth. That was the way they disciplined back then. I was fortunate enough not to have acne as a teenager. In my early twenties, I had some blemishes, but they weren't very noticeable-I also never had very oily skin. As I've aged, of course, I care more. Skin discoloration is more apparent, as are tiny lines around my eyes and my lips. I am always receptive to new products. I have friends who sell skin care creams, lotions, etc. I have a co-worker who swears by FOREO products. So I went online to FOREO.com to check it out. Her skin looks good, so I figured I might as well explore. I have to say that I was confused. I feel like the site offered a bunch of plastic products. I know it explains that they are silicone, and this and that, but honestly, I couldn't get excited by a cleansing brush that cost well over $100. I wanted to like it. I don't care about colors. I just want something that makes me look young. If they offered a trial use, perhaps I'd be swayed.

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