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You might actually feel excited to work from home when you have this Aspire C 24 Series All-in-One Desktop Computer. The computer offers a chic appearance that won't clutter your desk.
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Entertain yourself for hours when you have this Oculus Rift S PC-Powered VR Gaming Headset. The headset is perfect for taking yourself to new worlds while still getting your body up and moving.
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This HP Color LaserJet Pro M479FDN Multifunction Printer is the perfect addition to your work and school from home adventures. The printer will print, copy, scan, and more so you'll easily be able to handle any task.
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About B&H Photo Video:

When I met my husband, he worked as a graphic designer for an advertising agency. His job was basically working on the computer all day either creating "art" for their print ads and commercial, or using his Photoshop skills to enhance stills or video. It can be a creative job, but it's also grueling on other levels. You are sitting indoors all day in one chair. Generally the room is dark so that everyone in the department can best see the their computer screens and there's not a lot of socialization. After basically 20 years, he got antsy and a little burned out. When he told me he wanted to change his career to the actual shooting and "outdoor" part of the advertising process, I was scared. I knew he was talented, but I as worried about stability, of course. Anyway, he made the transition, bought a ton of equipment, and began shooting weddings, sporting events, commercials, whatever he would get hired to do. He's much happier, I've noticed. And a benefit for me is that now I always know what to buy him for holidays and birthdays! I can get accessories for his cameras at I can always find something he doesn't have and could absolutely use. Their prices are competitive and the quality is outstanding. The site describes exactly what the product does and what it can be used for; that's a big help when I'm shopping. I wish they had a reward program since we spend so much there.

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