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Explore the world of microorganisms when you have this 40X-2000X Siedentopf Trinocular Compound Microscope. The microscope comes with a camera and will help students further their knowledge of the unknown.
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Your kids will love learning science thanks to this Student Beginner Microscope Kit. The wonderful kit will help kids learn how to use a microscope so they can build skills as their lessons progress.
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Help your kids take a closer look at the world even when they're trapped indoors thanks to this Magic Pencil USB Microscope. The microscope connects to software that allows kids to explore the world while learning about what is hiding in plain sight.
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Back in my college days we were able to go to used book stores to get our supplies. I recall perusing shelf after shelf searching for the classics for the literature and philosophy classes. The older the better, because that meant it was cheaper. Some of the copies had other students' notes written in them. I didn't mind that at all. In fact, sometimes another person's perspective helped me when it came time to studying. Nowadays, I suppose you buy your used books online. It certainly makes shopping easier. My son, however, is a biology major. His textbooks are massive. Several of his professors require the purchase of new books because they are the most updated. In other classes, he needs to actually buy equipment. I definitely don't mind helping him invest in his education. However, I do ask him to do research online to see where he can get certain items for a good price. He was able to get a lot of tools for his lab class online "used." Either the student graduated or dropped out of the science program. But for the microscope, he found a site called They had a large selection at very reasonable prices. The high-powered microscope was perfect for his intro-to-veterinary class. I think it was well under $200. There's also the option of building your own microscope. You can also choose your camera pixel level. As he gets more into his program, we'll check back into this site. The free shipping is awesome.

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