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These Ankle Skinny with Destroy and Scallop Hem Jeans will offer you the best look for your body shape. The jeans form to your curves while offering a modern and edgy style.
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Your wardrobe will feel complete with this Cropped Boyfriend Jacket. The jacket comes in a classic black denim style with a baroque design that is made up of sparkling stones to add even more beauty to your look.
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Walk the beach in style when you wear this Sweater Pullover in Natural this autumn. This lovely pullover is great for days with cool breezes and it offers a stylish crocheted design with wide sleeves.
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About 7 For All Mankind:

I thought I was a clotheshorse. I once dated a guy who had over 100 pairs of jeans. I'm not kidding. They were all hanging in his closet neatly placed on hangers, which took up the entire row of the wall-to-wall closet. I was dumfounded. First of all, I keep my jeans folded in a cabinet. I may have three pair that I love and that fit well. Then I'll have maybe another two pair that are a bit out of style but I keep for rainy days or camping. Then, of course, there are the other two pair that no longer fit and I just can't seem to give them up. I'm sure I'm secretly hoping they will fit me again someday-a pipe dream.

Believe me, I understand clothes fetishes. I must have over 50 pairs of socks. I like anklets for some occasions, sports socks for working out, ones to the knees for wearing with high boots, and wooly ones for indoor comfort. But this guy had an obsession for something that to me, no one will notice the difference after the tenth pair. I don't even know how he could choose in the morning. Nonetheless, I looked at some of the tags. I went to 7ForAllMankind.com to check out their wares. I was just as baffled as when I looked in Tim's closet. Hundreds of pairs of what all look to be the same, many looking worn out already. The prices were so outrageous, I laughed aloud.

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