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I can’t believe it is one of the Top 10 Summer Fashion Don’ts

I cam across this article “Call the Fashion Police: Top 10 Summer Fashion Don’ts” at Yahoo fashion channel, by Michelle Horton. I doubted if she came from the stone age? She listed 10 summer don’ts which make you look ridiculous. Some of them I would definitely agree, some of them are ok – which means I don’t like to dress in that way, but some people may love it, and you don’t the the right to judge it. And some of then I won’t agree at all. Here is her top 10 list:
1.Socks with Sandals
– Agree. But sometimes there is reason to do that, eg: to cover the unmanicured feet.
2.A Crisscross Strap Swimwear Sold by Neiman Marcus
– Agree. It not only because the price is too high (was $890, now $310), but also because of the strange tan lines on you the next day.
3.Exposed Bra Straps
– Don’t Agree! I don’t see anything wrong with it, do you?

4.Baby String Bikinis
– OK. Some parents just love it, and there is nothing wrong to wear that either.
5.UGG Shoes with Skirts
– OK. Well, when a celebrity wore a pair of UGG shoes with short skirt, you probably won’t say that.
6.Super Short Shorts
– Don’t agree. Is that actualy short enough? You should have seen mine.
7.The Wrong Type/Color Underwear
– Agree. If you are not sure, not wearing a pany is safer.
8.Too Much Skin, All At Once
– Don’t agree. That’s why I wonder if the author is from the stone age. I bet if you have a sexy body like that, you will probably expose more.
9.Short-Sleeve Button-Down Shirt
– Don’t agree. Can’t tell what’s wrong is the shirt.
10.Unmanicured Feet
– Agree. Yes, you should take care of it, especially in summer.

The one I don’t agree most is the exposed bra straps. If you ask any woman about it, the answer is either who cares or it depends (If you any man, he will probably say I love to see it. LOL!). Let me some of the celebrities wearing tanks with exposed bra or bra straps.