Ten Things To Avoid Shopping For in the Month of December

There’s only a few more shopping weeks left until Christmas, which means December is the time to really buckle down when it comes to deals. You’re going to see a lot of awesome items at a great price this month, but that doesn’t mean you should shop for everything on your gift list. Toys, perfumes, holiday foods and other must-have items are certainly a great buy during this month, but you will want to avoid these ten items if you possibly can. So, make a list and check it twice because you won’t want to pay more for less this December.

1. Televisions
If you missed out on some of the television deals for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, then you might be out of luck for a little while. Sure, December will still hosts some deals because they want to continue on with their sales during the shopping rush. However, you won’t find a deal that will actually save you huge on the price tag of your TV. If you absolutely have to have a television for the holiday season, then shop around wisely. Otherwise, you may want to hold out and see what January brings to the table. Typically, you will find some of the best deals of the year right around the Super Bowl as many people want the best possible picture to watch the game, especially if their team is playing. This means you will only have a few weeks to hold out. Sometimes, newer models hit the markets too, so you might be able to get your hands on the 4K TV that you want.

2. Gym Memberships
Many people begin to think about their New Year’s resolution in December, which often means wanting to order a gym membership to help you reach your goals. During this time, most gyms won’t be running sales because business can be really slow with everyone busy with holiday events with the family. If you want to get the best possible deal, then head to the gym as soon as January rolls around. The gyms will bank on people flocking in to buy a full year’s membership in order to meet their resolution. So, you will be able to find some major savings. You should also wait on gym equipment too, as the same rule applies for these products as well.

3. Jewelry
It’s pretty much hard to escape the commercials for all of the special jewelry that is released during the holiday season. Each jeweler tends to have their own trend that people just can’t get enough of. These items tend to not be on sale throughout the month of December though, so buying one for the holiday season will set you back more than you should pay for it. Most of these items will be discounted in price right after the holidays, so if you can’t live without one of the trends then just wait until they are discounted later on. Other forms of jewelry also maintain their price during the holiday, especially when it comes to diamonds. These are classic gifts, plus many people tend to propose during the holiday season. You should find sales on these items later on in the new year.

4. Calendars
It seems pretty logical to go out and buy a calendar, so you can plan out your upcoming year. However, if you want to save money then the logical way to go about it is to actually wait until January begins. Sure, it might put you a little behind when it comes to planning the early days in January, but you can always use the excess days that are added to the end of every calendar anyway. As soon as the first of the year begins, you will see prices on calendars dropping substantially. So, this is the perfect time to stock up on calendars and planners of all shapes and sizes.

5. Winter Gear
If you’re lacking in winter gear or apparel, then now is still not the time to jump in on this item. Technically, winter doesn’t even begin until late in the month, so finding sales on the items for it will be touch and go. Some stores will try to push some jackets and fashion items, but you probably won’t get to see a huge discount on the price tag. Winter gear like skis, goggles, sleds and more also won’t find huge price cuts either. Your best look for these items will be in March when winter slowly fades out. You might have to wait a little longer for ski and snowboard gear though, as these items are usually discounted when the slopes begin to close down for the year. So be patient and you will be able to grab the top fashion items at a low price. If you’re looking for good clothing deals, then you might want to consider shopping the fall selection, which should be hitting the clearance rack this month.

6. Furniture
The holiday season tends not to be one of the hottest times for furniture sales, so most stores don’t offer the best deals on these items. If you’re in the market for some new furniture, it might be wise to hold out until January if you possibly can. During January a lot of stores will begin to clearance some of their items in order to make room for the new stuff that will be coming in soon. Some salesmen will even cut you an even bigger deal to help get their sales off to a good start, so they can meet their quotas a little faster. Many stores will also have sales particularly for the beginning of the year as many people want a fresh start and find that furnishing rooms can give them this much needed feeling.

7. Linens
If you want to grab some new sheets or towels for your home, then now is not the time to do it either. In January, many stores actually take part in a huge sale called the White Sale, which encompasses all sorts of linens. You will be able to stock up on luxurious sheets, towels, duvets and more for a price that will have your head spinning. Best of all, you can even stock up for next winter with flannel sheet sets and huge knit blankets. Of course, if you love themed items then all of the holiday items will be on sale during this time too. It usually hits the sales rack right after Christmas, but as the month of January creeps in you’ll find these items decreasing in price even more.

8. Hot Toys
December is one of the best months to buy toys, there’s no doubt about it. However, if you’re looking for the hottest toys on the market then you may be looking at an entirely different story. These toys generally fly off the shelves, which makes retailers question whether or not they should offer them at a lower price. In most cases, stores will only offer cents lower just to maintain their competitive nature. Some of these toys are so impossible to get that people will begin to sell them at a ridiculously high prices. So, it might be best just to step away from these items. Instead, shop for items you know your child is going to play with for a considerable amount of time. If the child still has a desire for this item, then shop for it after Christmas when they hit the sales rack at a regular or discounted price.

9. Cars
If you’re thinking about getting someone a new car for the holidays, then you might want to rethink this high-priced item. During the month of December, sales on cars are pretty low because most people are shopping for other items. You won’t have to wait long to get a new deal though as New Year’s sales are some of the best in the year. You will find some of the newer models on sale as well as used cars that are still in good working order. A lot of salesmen want to start off the new year on a good foot too, as they must meet quarterly and yearly goals. So, you might be able to talk your way into a good deal if you can hold out for just a month longer.

10. Holiday Decor
You might be tempted to shop until you drop on holiday decor throughout the month of December. It doesn’t matter what holiday you’re shopping for, as the decor items will hit the sales aisle as soon as the holiday is over. However, if you can hold out until January then all of the items you hoped to grab will be in the clearance section. The longer you wait for the item, then the better the chance that you will get it at a remarkably low price. You might even search online to see if your favorite decorative shops have any sales that you can’t pass up too. This will leave you stocked up for next year, so you’ll have all new items to admire.

December is a great month for shopping, so make sure to take advantage of the savings. However, these ten items might leave you feeling buyer’s remorse if you go ahead and shop for them this month. Overall, you will be able to save big by waiting, so make sure to take advantage of the items that are actually on sale.

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