Ten Fun Things to Do October That Won’t Cost a Bundle

With the weather cooling down, and work and school in full swing, you might be looking for fun ideas to help keep everyone in the family entertained during this wonderful month. Although the weather might not cooperate, there are a ton of things you can enjoy during the month of October to kick off the holiday season. So, get ready to have some fun, because you’re certain to be busy with these amazing ideas to get you through the month. You might even discover new hobbies, which will definitely make things even more entertaining for the whole family.

1. Visit a Pumpkin Patch
Nothing says October quite like a visit to a pumpkin patch. Whether you’re a fan of the great pumpkin or you just want to pick up some locally grown pumpkins, this activity will have everyone in the family having fun. Pumpkin patches are a great place to take family photos, but the patch generally has activities to help everyone enjoy themselves. For instance, you might find food booths, games and activities to help bring even more fun to picking out the perfect pumpkin. Once you pick out your favorite gourds, you can go home and enjoy the pumpkin patch visit even more. There’s cooking the pumpkins you picked out or using them as decor for the season. No matter how you choose to use your pumpkins, the memory of the event will stick with your family for some time.

2. DIY a Halloween Costume
Although the month is just starting, you might find that Halloween will be here before you can blink your eyes. So, you might want to start thinking about your Halloween costume. You can always spend money on costumes, but it does take away from some of the holiday fun. If you’re dedicated to making costumes, then the earlier you start the better. You might want to start by surfing the net to see what your skill level is. From there, choose a costume you know you can pull off. You might even have the whole family join in on the fun. You might be surprised by how many amazing things you can make with just a few items that you can find around the house.

3. Work On Your Fall Fashion
October means, in most places, that you might actually be able to work your new fall fashion into your wardrobe. However, this can be a bit of work. Before you add new items to your wardrobe, you might want to take some time out to put away the old. Try going through your clothes and storing the items that you tend to use for summertime only. If you want them for next year, then box them up and put them into storage. If you don’t then donate them. You might do the same for all of your old fall and winter gear. This will allow you to have plenty of room for all of the new goodies you have. Starting early will also give you time to make all of the cool DIY projects that you need to make your fall fashion stand out all the more.

4. Bake
Nothing says autumn quite like baking some delicious treats for everyone to enjoy. This hobby can be great for the whole family too, as you never know who is going to really enjoy the hobby when they try it out. Baking is perfect for days when the weather is a bit too blustery for hanging out outside, too. In autumn, there are so many things you can bake. Since apples are in season, you might try some pies, tarts and other tasty options. Of course, you can also freeze these items to use for Thanksgiving, which will save you quite a bit of time. Another great ingredient to use is pumpkin. You’ll be able to find it anywhere, especially if you bring pumpkins home for the festive season. Of course, there are also lots of cool ideas for Halloween to enjoy. No matter how you choose to go about baking, you’re certain to enjoy the experience. You might also consider selling off some of your surplus items to bring in extra income.

5. Catch Up On Shows
Fall shows are back on now, but if you haven’t had the time to watch them then you might want to plan on a few binge sessions. The same can be said if you enjoy podcasts. The items are a great way to keep yourself entertained on a rainy or blustery day and can help you get some much-needed relaxation. You might also consider making a routine to watch certain shows with your kids, this will allow bonding time. Of course, Halloween will also be right around the corner, so if you want to draw it out you might consider doing a Halloween marathon. You don’t have to do the marathon all at once, instead space out the movies to make the fun last throughout the entire month.

6. Plant Bulbs
If you have a garden or would like to in the near future, then you might consider using October to plant bulbs. Generally, it is best to plant bulbs for spring during this time. The ground isn’t yet frozen, which will allow the bulbs to take before things get bad. Plus, the weather is cool enough for you to get outside and work without feeling sick to your stomach. When spring arrives, all of your bulbs will look like a million bucks and you’ll have to do next to nothing to get your garden going in the spring. This will make the task even more exciting and will help you learn more about gardening with ease.

7. Plan for Holiday Travel
October is one of the best times to put a nail in the holiday plans. This time of the year brings lots of deals for airlines, hotels and even rental cars. However, one of the best things about booking in October is you’re not going to run into blackouts. This should allow you to get to your destination and back again without having to stress out over your plans. Booking in October will allow you to put in lots of notice with work as well, so you won’t have any reason not to enjoy your getaway.

8. Nature Hike
In most places, October is absolutely stunning. Even if the foliage hasn’t changed from green to reds and yellows, you’ll find the atmosphere feels better and the weather is so much cooler. Thus, it is one of the best times to jump in and enjoy a nature hike. You can find a free path in your community or even travel to a new destination to check it out. The more you explore, the more you will be able to appreciate how amazing the world looks during the month of October. Of course, the exercise will help you out, especially as you’re going to end up spending more time indoors and less time exercising as the weather begins to chill.

9. Enjoy a Fair/Festival
October is the perfect month for fun. You’ll find carnivals, fairs and festivals just about everywhere. Harvest festivals are some of the most common forms of entertainment. You will find everything from the classic rides to autumn inspired games like haunted houses and bobbing for apples. You should be able to find some kind of carnival or fair in your area, but even if you don’t there should be one in a nearby area. Of course, one of the most popular festivals during October is Oktoberfest. This German festival is becoming more common in the United States as many people love to celebrate German culture. You’ll find beer, pretzels, sausage and more, as well as plenty of music and the chicken dance.

10. Embrace Seasonal Foods
You don’t have to bake to enjoy all of the seasonal foods. During your down time, you might try to whip up some new recipes using some of the foods in season. This will be cheaper since the produce will be pretty cheap. There are lots of hearty options too, especially if you love soup and stew. These dishes can even be made in a crock pot or instant pot if you don’t have a lot of time to handle dinner. Of course, you might also try a few new vegetables and fruits that you may have never tried before. Since they’ll be cheaper to purchase, you won’t feel like you’ve wasted money on an exotic item.

There are so many fun and amazing things to accomplish in October. These are only just a few ideas to help you keep occupied all October long. You may even find a few new hobbies or family traditions in the process, which will make Octobers in the future even more rewarding.

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