Spring Break Ideas for Those Hoping to Keep to Themselves

For many students, Spring Break is about to begin. However, there are many factors that might cause you to have changed your plans during this Spring Break vacation. From budgeting problems to fear over the coronavirus, there are a few things you can still do to enjoy Spring Break while combatting these problems. These ten ideas will allow you to have a frugal Spring Break while still finding the time to enjoy yourself and relax before returning to your everyday routine.

1. Shop For Summer Vacation
Since Spring Break might be a bust for you and your family, you might consider taking the time that you have off to plan and shop around for your summer vacation. Now is actually a great time to start booking flights for the summer, especially since so many people are cancelling their flights. Prices have gone down substantially, which will allow you to save a whole lot of money. You might even be able to book a hotel at a much cheaper rate than you might think. You should, however, get cancellation insurance on your flight and make sure you can cancel your hotel without a cost, just in case you can’t follow through on your plans. This will also give you a chance to have fun imagining all of the cool things you will do as the summer months give you time to unwind from all of the chaos.

2. Book Vacation
One of the best ways to be alone is to find yourself a few good books to keep you occupied while you’re on Spring Break. You might consider picking up a series of books or finding a few that you’ve just been meaning to get to. Your choices can help take you on adventures, or at least give you some escapism while you’re stuck inside and away from others. One of the best ways to get your books is to go through an online vendor or simply download them though. This will help keep you away from possible contagions. All in all, you might find your book vacation offered you more relaxation time than you would have otherwise thought possible.

3. Home Project
Spring Break is usually a great time to get outside and enjoying a project or two. You might even have a large project indoors that you’ve been meaning to get to. No matter what is going on, you might choose to spend your break working on this instead of dealing with other people while on vacation. If you have an activity that isn’t going to cost you a small fortune then you might add it to the list of things to do. For instance, you can clean up the yard and get it ready for all of the spring plantings that you hope to do. You might also give the house or a room inside a new coat of paint to add value to it. Of course, there is always the classic treehouse project or other things that might keep your hands busy while giving you a break from your average day.

4. Camp Out Back
You can still get some time with Mother Nature without risking the change of getting sick at a campsite or dealing with camping prices. If you want to camp, then simply set everything up in your backyard. You won’t even need to have an expensive tent if this is the case since you will be in your own private space. You can sleep on the trampoline if you have one instead of going all out, too, which is usually fun for the kids. You’ll also be able to have better ways to cook outdoors, like your grill or smoker. This will help make the vacation a little easier while allowing you to embrace the great outdoors and avoid people. You might even consider doing a cellphone ban while camping.

5. Virtual Tour
Exploring the world might not be an option right now. At least, you probably shouldn’t do this in person. Thanks to modern technology, you actually can tour the world without stepping foot on a plane. There are so many virtual tours online to check out, that you can probably keep yourself occupied for hours each day. You might start by choosing one destination. Then, look at all of the attractions it has to offer via a virtual tour. You can even walk the streets of some areas with Google Maps, which can open up a whole new world for you. With this ability, you can truly check out a new destination every day and learn a bit more about the places that might be quarantined or too far away right now.

6. Learn Something Fun
Just because you’re on Spring Break doesn’t mean you have to put your mind to rest. There are a lot of fun things that you can learn before you have to head back to work or school. If you have kids, then the same thing is true. The internet is rich with tutorials, which can help you find something fun to learn. You can easily find lessons for crafts, instruments, languages, and so on. There are also free online classes that can be enjoyed, so grab a lecture that appeals to you and keep your mind going strong. You will quickly find that there are lots of amazing things online, so it might be hard to choose exactly what you want to study.

7. Get Outside
Sometimes, getting outside while school is in session is kind of hard. This is especially true since winter might have kept you in a lot more than you like. However, it might be a challenge to get outside while still avoiding people. One option is to go fishing at a nearby lake, as most people prefer to keep to themselves anyway. Another fun option is to go hiking on a trail. This should help keep you active while also allowing you to avoid others. You might love a nice trip to the beach, especially if you can find a solitary spot to soak up sun, swim, or enjoy the sand. The fresh air and sunshine will do you a world of good, which will certainly help lift your spirits before you step foot back in your real life.

8. Reconnect with Family
If your staying home due to your budget, then it is a great time to reconnect with your family. You might start out with the family that you live with as it can often be very easy to lose touch with everyone having busy schedules. You can also get together to catch up with parents, siblings, grandparents, and so on. If you’re feeling really ambitious, then you might throw together a quick reunion to help everyone reconnect. Of course, if you are worried about illness, then you can easily reconnect using technology. This is a great way to connect with everyone without putting anyone at risk for catching something that could be hazardous for the elderly or those in ill health.

9. Learn to Cook Healthy Foods
While you’re home, you might want to stop and think about your immune system. One of the best ways to do this is to learn more about the healthy foods that you should be eating. Thus, your little vacation is the perfect time to try out some new recipes that will help your immune system power through many of the problems you might face. If you look online, you can find just about anything about healthy foods and meal ideas, so look around to see what appeals to you. You might also want to look up ingredients, so you can figure out which fruits, vegetables, and proteins will help make your body feel incredible while also addressing individual health concerns.

10. Be Lazy
Without a doubt, one of the best things you can do for yourself is lazy. You don’t have to do a whole bunch of different things just to keep yourself busy during your break. After all, it’s a break for a reason. Try starting your days off with sleeping in. Then, move on to binging some TV and movies that you’ve had your eyes on. You can even just surf the net. Whatever makes you happy should be on your agenda for the break. This will help you finally rest so you can feel refreshed before returning to the daily grind.

Spring Break is a great time for so many. If you’re dealing with budget problems or you don’t want to have to be around people due to illnesses, then there are still options to make the experience wonderful. These tips will certainly help you find the perfect way to get more out of your break-even when there is less for you to do.

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