Quick Ways to Prep For Spring That Will Save You Money

Although the groundhog has called for 6 more weeks of winter, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get in a little prep work before spring finally does arrive. Prepping for spring can really help you get a head start on things, which might even save you some money in the long run. Plus, doing a little spring prep work can help you get out of your winter funk, which should lift your spirits and make you feel excited about the next season’s arrival. These ten ideas will give you a few simple things to do around the house that will certainly prepare you for the demands that spring brings to the table.

1. Start your Seedlings
Working in the garden can be one of the highlights of spring. However, getting things started always takes a lot of time and patience. One way to get a jump on your garden is to plant seedlings that can be cared for indoors until spring arrives. Many gardeners use this technique because it allows them to enjoy beautiful flowers and delicious produce much faster than planting in early spring. Working with seedlings can also lead to the success of your plants as they will be past the danger zone when you finally place them outdoors. You can use many things to plant your seedlings too, which will help save you money. For instance, your old K-Cups can be recycled to store your little seedlings. You can also go the biodegradable route by using things like lemon peels or toilet paper rolls to get your seedlings going. With a little water and some sunlight, your seeds should be ready to plant as soon as the nightly freezes end.

2. Stock Up On Cleaning Supplies
Spring cleaning is something that most people are on board with. However, during the season some stores actually hike up the prices of supplies because they know people will pay the price. Not to mention, it is already flu season so many people are constantly buying disinfectants to keep their family safe. This can lead to a lack of supplies, which might make you put off your cleaning tasks. This can even lead you to forget them later on down the line, which could cause you some pricey problems. If you shop early, you may be able to find your supplies on sale or even use coupons to cut down on the price. Plus, you’ll be ready to tackle any clean up job that comes your way.

3. Prep Your Yard
As soon as the snow stops, it is time to get your lawn ready for spring time. One of the first things you should do is pick up all of the litter, leaves, sticks and other debris that may have accumulated in the yard while the weather was too cold for yard work. Once you have this complete, you might start by trimming your trees and shrubs to give them a fresh start in the new season. If weeds have already begun to pop up, then you may want to begin to pull them. Another important thing to do is rake the grass. This helps wake up the soil as well as the grass that is already there. All of these tasks will set you up for success when you begin working on landscaping.

4. Examine the Roof
During the winter, the roof can take a lot of damage. If snow doesn’t flow down properly, it can even cause your roof to cave in. So, when the weather is suitable, you might want to safely get on the roof and see if there is any damage that needs to be taken care of. If there is, getting it taken care of right away is your best option. Since spring tends to be a rainy season, it is important to get busy before the weather brings leaks into the house. While you’re analyzing the state of the roof, you might also want to take time to give the gutters a look over. Many will need to be cleaned out before the rains arrive to help prevent further damage to the home.

5. Book Spring Break Plans
If you love to get out of town for Spring Break, then now is the time to get a jump start on your plans. If you wait too long to book your plans, then you’re going to run into high prices and hotels that simply don’t have vacancies leftover. Planning out your Spring Break options might also help you feel like vacation is a bit closer. This can be important after being trapped indoors for so long as it is nice to be able to think of the fresh and warm air. Plus, knowing exactly what you want to do on your trip will help you find better deals on your activities and might even allow you to find restaurants that suit your budget. With your Spring Break all planned out, you should be able to enjoy your spring adventure and won’t feel as stressed in the early season.

6. Prep for Allergies
Without a doubt, Spring is one of the worst times to deal with allergies. Pollen and mold counts are both up, which causes many people to feel absolutely miserable. The first step in dealing with spring allergies is to see your doctor. Some will give you allergy tests to help you pinpoint exactly what you’re allergic too, which will help you avoid the triggers. You may even be given a prescription to help cut back on the symptoms of the allergies. Another great move to make is to purchase cleaning supplies that will help you get rid of the allergens in the home. You should also change out your air filters and consider buying an air purifier to help out. With the proper steps taken, your spring won’t be filled with sneezing.

7. Make Room For Clothing Storage
As the weather begins to warm up slightly, you might start moving some of your heavier clothes into storage. This is also a great time to separate what you will be using next year, what needs to be stored for hand-me-downs and what items should be donated. This step alone will help you save money in the upcoming years and will even allow you to know what you’re in the market to buy when winter clearance begins. Properly storing your clothes is also important. You might want to invest in plastic bins to help keep moths and other bugs out of your clothing. You can even condense the amount of space they take up by placing them in a bag and sucking the air out. With your winter wear out of the way, cleaning your closet space will be much easier.

8. Purchase New Shoes
Spring is a great time to toss out your old shoes and buy new ones. Keeping new shoes in the home can be important for your feet’s overall health as old shoes often don’t offer the shock resistance we need. They may also be growing fungus from constant use. In the spring, you can find lots of great sales on shoes, which will help you save money too. Having a decent pair of shoes will encourage you to go out and walk, run and get more exercise overall. This will make spring time healthier than ever for you. You should look for footwear with plenty of ventilation though, as this will ensure your feet will be ready for summer and autumn too.

9. Stock Up on Winter Produce
All of your favorite winter treats are about to look a lot less appealing and a lot more expensive. So, you might want to consider stocking up on winter produce while you can. Many winter items can be transformed into delicious jams, which will help satisfy your family throughout the year. Other items can be cut and frozen to use in smoothies or other recipes. Vegetables are also great items to stock up on. You can pickle a lot of winter vegetables, to ensure you have delicious snacks all year. Of course, cutting and freezing the items are also a popular choice. This will help improve the nutrients your family gets throughout the year and will help you make some of your favorite comfort foods without spending a fortune.

10. Tidy Outdoor Furniture
Spring means spending more time with family and friends outside. So, it might be time to tend to the furniture you have. First of all, you should hose down the furniture to get rid of dust and dirt that may have occurred while in storage or during the last season of use. Once you have this taken care of, you might want to add sealant to the furniture to get you through the rainy periods. If the furniture looks worn, then you may also add a new coat of paint before doing the sealant. Fabrics can be washed and refurbished if need be. There is also a fabric sealant that can help keep your fabrics waterproof and ready to take on any damage that occurs.

These tips should have you excited about spring and ready to take on the day. Without a doubt, you will have fun getting everything ready to make the next season amazing. So, don’t let the extra-long winter get you down, as you can make sure you enjoy spring from the very beginning this year.

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