Quick Tips to Get Your Ducks In A Row Over Labor Day Weekend

If you haven’t already made your Labor Day plans, then now might be the time to do so. For so many, Labor Day weekend is the last chance to enjoy the warm sun before school and work take over everything. If you’re on a tight budget, then there’s no reason to skip out on your Labor Day weekend fun. There are actually quite a few things you can do to have fun that won’t cost you a bundle. You might also consider a few activities that will prepare you for the busy months ahead. So, while you’re making your plans, check out these tips to keep you frugal this upcoming Labor Day weekend.

1. Get Organized
Life can get pretty hectic between Labor Day and tax season, so you might take the extra-long weekend to prep your home for the crazy season. One of the best things you can do is go through your files and get organized. You don’t need anything older than seven years, so you might want to pull out the shredder to help you make space for your upcoming files. You can even clear out the files on your computer to improve on your efficiency over the next few months. Of course, your files aren’t the only thing you should organize. You might want to go through your office supplies to make sure you have everything you need. This is the perfect time to get your students’ supplies packed and ready to go for school too. If you haven’t finished your back to school shopping yet, then get out and take advantage of the deals while you still can. With all of this handled, you’ll be able to breathe a little easier when the hectic season begins.

2. Do a Closet Cleanse
Without a doubt, it is way too easy for closets to over flow with clothes, shoes and other items. So, you might want to take this long weekend to ditch some of the items that you no longer need or want. Clothes are some of the easy items to sift through. If you don’t wear it, like it or it doesn’t fit then donate or sell it. This will allow you to make more room for the new clothes you’ll most likely be getting. Clearing out the closet will also make it much easier to find your favorite autumn sweater when you wake up one morning and the weather is suddenly cold. You may also want to go through your shoes and linens too to help make more space for your new items.

3. Pull Out the Autumn Décor
Although there are still a few weeks before autumn officially begins, many people consider Labor Day to be the transitioning point between summer and autumn. So, you might want to take this time to pull out your autumn décor. This doesn’t mean you have to put it out yet, especially if you’re still holding on to as much summer as you possible can. However, this gives you the perfect time to pull out your décor and dust it off. You can even choose which items you will put out and which will be donated or put back in storage. If items are broken, then you still have plenty of time to repair them before its time to decorate. This will also allow you to plan out how you’re going to decorate and take inventory, so you don’t buy an item that you already have.

4. Yard Work
Labor Day weekend is actually the perfect time to get your yard in order. It is very important to mow your yard down and keep it trimmed before autumn arrives. An unkept yard can lead to mold and other problems as the leaves begin to fall and the weather becomes a lot damper. Prepping can also make maintaining the yard in the autumn much easier, especially when it comes to picking up fallen leaves. You should also pull up dead or dying plants, trim your trees and get those gutters cleared out. Now is the perfect time to do it as well, as it will ensure you don’t have to get outside in the cold weather that should be arriving soon.

5. Work Up a Family Schedule
Since summer tends to be more relaxed, it is often hard to jump into the hectic schedule that autumn brings to the table. So, you might take your long weekend to work out the schedule that is going to keep you busy overr the next few months. It might be hard to make a complete schedule without all of the sports listings available, but you should be able to get a general idea as to what needs to be penciled in. Your schedule should also include chores and fun activities for the family to encourage a peaceful and clean household. If you have younger children, you might want to create a sticker system to help them stay on task. Of course, if your students’ classes have already begun then you might also want to add in testing dates as well as deadlines for projects and research papers, so you can keep track of everything in one place.

6. Retail Therapy
Labor Day is the last big sale you’re going to see before Black Friday arrives, so you might want to take advantage of some of the sales that you come by. There is bound to be a wide assortment of sales going on, so you should be able to fund just about everything on your list. Some of the things you should keep an eye on are items needed for school. This includes supplies, computers, printers and even clothes. Of course, there will be plenty of appliances and other goodies on sale too. Keep a look out on local flyers or check out your favorite store’s website to see what is going on during Labor Day weekend.

7. Soak Up Some Sun
Let’s face it, you’re not going to get a whole lot of sun when the autumn months arrive. With the change of seasons comes a major change in weather for most places. So, your blue skies are most likely to be replaced with gray clouds and rain. Another downside to the seasonal change is how busy you are. So, you might want to take this weekend to do some of the things you love. For instance, it might be the perfect time for some beach time or a final dip in the pool. You might also want to give your tan a little boost to help you stay golden during the autumn months. Of course, you should do this as safely as possible with sunscreen, hats and sunglasses to protect you from the harsh rays. Another fun idea is a simple picnic with the family or a sports day with all of your friends and neighbors. No matter what you do, try to have fun with it because it might be the last outdoor outing for some time.

8. Make a Savings Plan
The holiday season will be here faster than you realize, so Labor Day weekend might be the perfect time to sit down and make a plan. It might help to know some of the larger items that you intend to buy, so you can make the purchase without worry. There are many great ways to save over the autumn months too. You can cut back on fast food, workout at home or make a savings jar to help break a bad habit. With a plan in action, you should be less tempted to stray from your budget, which will ensure you will save more money than you may have thought possible.

9. Enjoy a Sporting Event
Summer sports are coming to an end and autumn sports are already in their preseason, so it might be wise for you check out a game this season. There are so many sporting events to choose from that you’re certain to find something everyone will enjoy watching. You don’t have to choose a professional game if you don’t want to either. There are lots of minor league games to enjoy or college sports. You might also check out the peewee leagues if you have a friend or family member participating. Sports can be a great way to blow off steam too, so you might consider joining a sporting event if you can. You don’t have to be a top competitor to have fun, so roll with it.

10. Relax
The best thing you can do over the Labor Day weekend is kick back and relax. You might not have a chance to really relax for a few months, so take advantage of the long weekend while you can. There’s lots of great ways to relax too. You can listen to music, go dancing, catch up on movies or even sleep. Of course, you might also want to consider finding an activity that helps you relax, so you can fit it into your schedule. One example is meditation. This can be done for free and will ensure your mind is able to slow down when it needs to. All in all, you should take this time to ensure you are relaxed and can find simple ways to relax during your busy months. The body and mind actually do need time to relax in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Labor Day weekend can be a lot of fun. It can also be valuable time to help you make a smooth transition into the autumn months. These tips should help you enjoy the last long holiday of the season, before everything shifts to busy days, pricey holidays and cold weather.

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