Quick Tips for Surviving Festival Season on a Budget

Festival season is finally peaking, which means there’s a lot of fun to be had no matter your age group. From outdoor concerts and seasonal fairs to comic conventions and medieval fairs, there are many things to enjoy for every personality. Although festival season brings a lot of joy to the world, it can also be rather expensive and in some instances dangerous. Often, people spend a lot of money trying to stay comfortable outdoors while enjoy these summer activities. Luckily, there’s a few frugal ways you can enjoy festival season while saving money and staying safe. So, don’t forget to check out these ten suggestions that will make your experience even more enjoyable.

1. Buy Tickets in Advance
One of the best things you can do when you’re planning on going to a festival is buy the tickets in advance. This is actually one of the smartest things to do if you really don’t want to miss out on the event, as sometimes tickets will sell out. However, there are also a lot of great deals for early bird shoppers if they can buy tickets early enough. A lot of places will offer tickets online and at a box office. Your best option is to purchase at the box office in person if you can. A lot of the time online ticketing agents will charge fees, which will add to the price of your tickets. However, if you live far away from the destination then don’t hold out on your tickets because of this. Even if the risk of selling out isn’t on the table, there’s still a good chance that tickets sold at the door will be much more expensive.

2. Pack for Emergencies
A lot of the time, people pack their bags for events with their basic needs like hunger, thirst and entertainment in mind. However, you should also consider thinking about potential emergencies. For instance, a lot of the time you might end up falling or receiving a small injury. Thus, carrying around a small first aid kit might come in handy. Consider packing bandages, ointment and items like smelling salts and candy. These should help with any emergency that doesn’t require you to immediately go to the hospital. Apart from that, you should also pack a water bottle that has its own filter. This will allow you to drink water from the tap if water prices are too expensive. A light rain jacket will also help you to get more out of your experience, so you don’t have to pack up at the sight of rain.

3. Stay Hydrated
With so much fun going on at the festival, it is very easy to forget to drink water while you’re out. Many festivals also serve alcohol and many people forget that they need to hydrate more after consuming such products. Dehydration can not only lead to you feeling terrible during the festival but can also force you to have an expensive stay in the hospital. So, you should make sure to drink water as much as you can during the event. You might make a point to drink a bottle of water after every concert, panel or show you attend. Remember, healthy adults need half a gallon of water a day, but this amount increases in the heat. So, carry around a jug that helps you keep track of the amount you need if it helps. You might also see if you can bring your own reusable water bottle to the event, so you don’t have to waste money on bottled water.

4. Locate Shade First
One of the first things you should do when you arrive at the festival is find some shade. You should have a few different shaded areas on your radar before you begin to enjoy the activities going on. After each activity, try to find some time to kick back in the shade for a little while. This will not only allow you to cool down for a few minutes, but it will give your skin a break from harsh UV rays. Your shade time is the perfect time to reapply sunscreen and drink some water. Of course, if you’re worried about the lack of shade that might be at the festival, then you might want to bring an umbrella or a small stand up tent with you. This will allow you to enjoy concerts, shows and more without having to leave the area in you’re in.

5. Don’t Wait to Use Restroom
It is hard to stop enjoying the fun at festivals in order to go to the restroom. This is why many people end up holding it during the event. However, this can cause your body a lot of harm. If you’re willing to hold it during a show or event, then you can pretty much expect other people to do the exact same thing. Thus, when the event lets out you’re going to spend some time waiting for the restroom. Even if you’re a healthy adult, you may find that this can cause many physiological problems and might even cause your stomach to become upset. This can force you to miss even more of the event. So, instead of holding out for a while, try to use the restroom when you need to, so you can get more for your money and avoid further pain or accidents.

6. Go Minimalistic
When it comes to packing for such an event, you might want to go as minimalistic as possible, especially if you’re flying to the event. Keeping your luggage light for flying will help save you a lot of money to begin with, especially when it comes to under the plane luggage. However, if you’re just packing a bag for a night or two at the event then there’s still no reason to lug around a lot of stuff with you. Your items can always wind up stolen or lost too, so the less you pack the greater chance you’ll return home with your items. One of the fastest things to ditch in your bag is your skin regime and makeup. Try to keep things simple by just wearing sunscreen to event. Your pores will thank you for this anything as they won’t become clogged with makeup. If you intend on shopping then wait until the day you plan to go home, so you don’t end up with too many things to carry around during the event.

7. Hide Your Money
Another handy trick to have under your belt for festival season is a few ways to hide your money and other important belongings while you’re having fun. It isn’t always convenient to carry a bag around with you during these events and even this might not safeguard your possessions. So, knowing how to create a safety net for your necessities is important. Placing items in your pocket isn’t always the best option either as they can fall out and sometimes skilled pickpockets can distract you enough to get your money anyway. One easy way to hide items is to sew in secret pockets into your clothes. These pockets can be on the inside of a shirt, a scarf, belt and so much more. You should also split your money up, so you don’t place it all in one area. Keeping your money safe will save you the misfortune of losing out on it and will prevent you from having to leave your event early.

8. Eat One Meal A Day
Eating in the heat can be a real chore and might even make you feel sick. This, combated with the high prices of the concession stands at most festivals, might turn you away from food altogether. It is important to eat at least once meal a day though. You might choose to eat a larger breakfast or a dinner depending how your body digests. Throughout the rest of the day, you should snack on things like fruits, nuts and other foods that will give you energy. Of course, if you’re drinking you should avoid food with sugar and make sure you do eat something every few hours to avoid alcohol poisoning. A pretzel or other bread like or greasy item are usually go-to items but make sure to watch your spending and how you feel throughout the day.

9. Minimal Cosplay
More often than not, cosplay adds a fun twist to many festivals. It doesn’t matter if you’re dressing up as a superhero for a comic convention or you’re in an animal costume for a laugh at a music festival. What does matter is that you take precautions to keep yourself safe in these costumes. You should probably try to choose a costume that isn’t going to make you overheat, especially if you’re spending long periods of time outdoors. If you do choose an exhausting costume, try to limit the time you’re in it and change before the peak heat of the day arrives.

10. Create a Checkpoint
One of the first things you should do when you arrive at a festival is come up with a checkpoint with your friends. This is a meeting place so that if you’re separated for whatever reason, you will know a specific time and place to meet up. This can ensure everyone is safe and sound. Although cellphones often take the place of having such security measures, sometimes cellphone service can be spotty, mobile phones die and so on. Thus, you need a physical place to find your friends. If you want to be even more secure, you can come up with a phrase to text or call with if someone is in need of help. This should help keep everyone secure. However, you should not stray from your group alone. At least keep one person with you at all times.

Festival season is time to kick back and enjoy your life. There is a little something for everyone, so if you plan correctly you should be able to have some fun without worrying about unexpected bills arising. These tips will give you a good foundation when it comes to enjoying your summer festival season during the hottest months of the year.

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