Mischief Night Ideas That Will Have Tricksters and Recipients Laughing

With Halloween quickly approaching, you’ve probably made lots of plans to keep busy and have some fun. However, you might have overlooked the endless possibilities that you have to enjoy Mischief Night. Traditionally, this special night takes place the night prior to Halloween and is designed for pranks and other fun activities. Mischief Night is actually a big deal in some areas, but if you find yourself searching for ideas to enjoy on your own then these ten tips are certain to help you out. The tips are family-friendly and frugal, which will make you want to try them even more.

1. Rearrange Lawn Furniture
If you have family members or close friends that tend to keep their lawn furniture in the same place year after year, then you might already have the perfect prank lined up. While your loved one is asleep or out of the house, take it upon yourself to rearrange the furniture that hasn’t moved in ages. Of course, when you do this you should be incredibly careful because you don’t want to break anything, especially if it is an heirloom or very expensive item. You should also make sure everything is as secure as it was prior to moving the furniture too. This will help make your prank harmless. You might find the prank won’t pay off right away, especially if they are so accustomed to the furniture being in one place. In this case, you might keep note of how long the furniture was changed before it was noticed.

2. Plant Spoons
When it comes to goofy pranks, you might want to consider planting spoons. All you need for this prank is a bag of plastic spoons. Of course, you can easily decorate the spoons if you want to make them more Halloween oriented. Once you have the spoons ready to go, simply sneak into the yard and place them in the ground. The spoons won’t harm the lawn, so you won’t have to worry about any repercussions there. When the owner of the home wakes up, they’ll certainly have an interesting sight. This prank is a great one of pull on younger children too, as they won’t have any clue as to where the spoons came from. If you transform the spoons into little characters, then the prank will seem even more magical for your children.

3. Leave a Jack-O-Lantern
If you’re feeling festive, you might consider making a few extra jack-o-lanterns this season. When Mischief Night arrives, take them to friends and loved one’s home and leave them to be found in the morning. The new jack-o-lantern is certain to raise some eyebrows, especially if they didn’t have one to begin with. You might try to personalize the jack-o-lantern that you leave behind too. This might even help the person that discovers the jack-o-lantern figure out who left it behind. The mystery element can be one of the best aspects of the prank. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on pumpkins, then wait a day or two before the holiday. You should find a lot on clearance which should help cut down on the price of the prank quite a bit.

4. Facial Tattoos
Facial tattoos are pretty much a classic when it comes to pranking friends and loved ones. So, if you plan on having a sleepover or party then you might want to pull out your magic marker. You can do all sorts of designs or messages. When the recipient of the free tattoo awakens, he or she will certainly have a surprise that will make the morning pretty confusing. Of course, when you do this prank, it is very important that you use a washable marker, so you don’t make the prank a permanent disaster for anyone that you decided to draw on.

5. Set Alarms Forward
If you really want to cause a commotion in the middle of the night, then nothing will succeed quite like the alarm clock trick. One of the best things you can do is reset alarm clocks so that everyone will wake up in the middle of the night. If you really want to make a huge impact on everyone, make sure you set the alarm to go off at three in the morning, which is supposed to be a witching hour. Since the prank will be done on Mischief Night, this will ensure everyone wakes up at 3 in the morning on Halloween, which will be even creepier. Of course, just waking everyone up early will definitely be a prank no one will forget. You might run into some cranky loved ones, but they’ll all laugh about it in the future.

6. DIY Ghost Props
Nothing says Halloween vibes quite like a spooky ghost to creep everyone out. If you’re feeling bored on Mischief Night, then you might want to consider making some ghosts to place around the house or even outside. You can easily do this with some tissue paper and a rolled-up ball of aluminum foil or other recyclable that you have around the house. You can also make ghost props out of sheets and items that can be used to shape the ghost body. Of course, if you really want to knock it out of the park then make a ghost out of translucent tape and some LED lights. This might sound complicated, but it can also make a bold statement that no one will forget. Plus, all the supplies are pretty cheap if you can’t already find them in the home, which will make the project even more rewarding.

7. Hide Plastic Spiders
If you really love to go for the scare factor, then hiding plastic spiders in various places is a great way to go. You might start out by brainstorming so of the most common places or things that people interact with on a daily basis. A great place to start is the cereal box, as this is where many people start their morning. However, if you want to start the day out intensely then place one of the creepy-crawly critters on someone’s pillow. You might also consider adding them to the shower, medicine cabinet, backpacks, purses, and sock drawers. You’re bound to get several laughs out of all the jumps and screams you get out of this prank.

8. Fake Webs
Although spiders are always a hit, it is their webs that truly leave people with the heebie-jeebies all day long. So, if you have some extra time on your hands then you might want to consider making some spiderwebs to place around the house. It is actually quite easy to make the webs from items you already have around the house too. Once you whip up the webs, simply place them in a wide variety of places. One of the best options is by the toilet, in the hallway or even by the refrigerator. Of course, there is the ever-famous web right outside of the front door too. You can always go crazy with the webs and fill up a room for a freaky sight that will certainly stick with anyone suffering from arachnophobia.

9. Freaky Jar
Another prank that will definitely make a bold statement is the freaky jar. This jar can be placed anywhere to add a Spooktacular effect to the holiday. One of the best ways to start this craft is to take a picture of yourself. You might consider squishing your face as if you were in a jar. Then find a jar large enough for the image. Once you have it, place it in the jar then add green water. Seal the lid and then place the jar somewhere ominous, like the refrigerator. You don’t have to stick with your face though. You can do hands, feet, animals, insects and anything else that comes to mind. The jar will certainly bring confusion when seen, especially if you’re not around when its spotted.

10. Bloody Water
Finally, a good way to scare everyone is to transform common water sources into the blood. This is a whole lot easier to do than you might think. All you need for the prank is a package of cool-aid or another powdered beverage that turns red. Simply open the packet and pour it into the showerhead or other fixtures. To make things even worse, you might consider making up a story about loud pipes. Whenever someone goes to shower or brush their teeth, they’ll be met by a red surprise that is bound to bring some screams.

Mischief Night can be just as fun as Halloween, as long as you know how to enjoy the special occasion. These ten ideas will help you plan a fun Mischief Night that won’t cause you a fortune to pull off. Best of all, they will allow you to have a safe and fun Mischief Night that is bound to make some memories.

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