Frugal Ways to Keep You Cozy During Sleep Comfort Month

November is sleep comfort month, which might be good news to you if you’re having trouble getting comfortable in bed. Often, people tend to toss out the items they think aren’t working for them in order to purchase new items that they aren’t sure will work for them. This can be a very expensive way to handle your comfort. There are a few things that you can do to help find some extra comfort in your home that doesn’t require you to give up money to ensure your comfort is secured. So, get ready to make this month the month that you feel more at ease while you prepare to sleep.

1. Know Your Mattress Needs
A lot of people are sleeping on the wrong mattress. This can be a problem with regard to comfort and your health. However, there isn’t a lot of education on mattresses when you go to purchase one. So, many people just choose the mattress that they think they should be sleeping on, which in most cases is based on their comfort levels. Luckily, many furniture stores are starting to help people find their sleep comfort zone. You may even have a different comfort zone than your partner, but there are ways to make sure everyone gets what they need. If you choose to purchase a new mattress there are options that cater to both people’s needs. However, you can also find padding designed to help everyone out too.

2. Rediscover Pillows
If you’re trying to keep things simple, then you might reconsider the pillows that you plan on using. If you have the wrong pillow, then you might not be sleeping well at all. In order to figure out which pillow is right for you, you might have to try a few different kinds. You can even mix and match to see if there is a combination that suits your needs too. However, before you start shopping, you should consider doing a little research on your options. This will allow you to make wise decisions instead of just picking what you think looks nice. If you’re fine with the pillow you sleep with then you might think about other options. For instance, pillows for your knees and legs can help with other aches and pains that might take away from your comfort levels.

3. Keep your Room Cold
Another major factor when it comes to sleeping comfortably is having a cold room. In the winter, this shouldn’t be very hard to achieve and it will save you some heating costs. However, in the summer you might have a bit more trouble with this. You don’t have to blast the air conditioner in order to get the cold you need to sleep comfortably. Instead, you might consider some cheaper options. For instance, you can use a cooling pad at your feet to help make your body feel cooler. Another great option is a cooling pillow, which is perfect for people that find themselves sweating often. Other than that, you can use a fan to keep cool. There are even fans that attach to the bed to blow cool air under the sheets as you relax.

4. Sound Machine
If you have trouble waking up with every single noise in the house, then a sound machine might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Most sound machines will offer a variety of options to help you too. For instance, many will offer white noise, wave sounds, and even the sound of rain. You can also find machines that have timers if you don’t want the noise going all night long or you simply want to save on power. A sound machine is a great option for those suffering from anxiety too or if your children are dealing with sleep problems. Best of all, you can purchase one for less than $20 if you are trying to save money. However, if you have a music app that doesn’t have commercials then you can get the same effect for free.

5. Weighted Blanket
If you haven’t tried out a weighted blanket yet, then you’re definitely missing out. Weighted blankets are a great way to soothe the body, especially if you have anxiety or sensory processing issues. Weighted blankets can be on the pricier side of things, but if you shop efficiently you should be able to find a great deal on one that won’t ruin your budget. Weighted blankets come in a wide assortment of weights too. You can even purchase them for children six years of age. A weighted blanket can be covered to suit your décor too, but you can also choose from an assortment of soothing colors depending on where you shop.

6. Black Out Curtains
Our biological clocks can determine when we feel like going to sleep, which can be a major problem if our work schedules or children try to push us against this natural cycle. One way to combat this is to purchase blackout curtains. This will allow you to go to bed before the sun goes down or stay asleep when the sun has come up. Blackout curtains come in all shapes and sizes too, which makes them a great asset for you when it comes to decorating. Luckily, these won’t cost you much more than other types of curtains, so your budget won’t be harmed. Plus, when you pair these curtains with blinds, you’ll get even more protection, which will definitely make life easier.

7. Essential Oils
If you’re a fan of aromas in the home, then you might want to consider using essential oils to help you find your comfort zone. There are many essential oils that actually help you to calm down and relax before you go to bed. One such example is lavender, which also leaves a nice relaxing scent in the air. Of course, you can choose your essential oils based on your individual needs. There are a lot of websites dedicated to talking about essential oils and helping you find the right options for your personal needs. Best of all, all you really need to maximize the use of essential oils is a diffuser. If you have pets, then you do need to take precautions as some oils might be toxic to them.

8. Choose Bedding Wisely
Many people go out and purchase sheets without getting the opportunity to sample the fabric or learn how the sheets are going to hold up to day to day wear and tear. Some simply get bedding as gifts and end up stuck with it because they don’t want to purchase more. The truth is, you shouldn’t put up with bedding that is uncomfortable, itchy, scratchy, and anything in between. Rather, take your time and look at reviews on the products you would like to get. You should also consider finding a store that puts out displays of their products so you can sample what they feel like and more. This will help you find so much comfort and may even change the way you sleep. Another option that many people don’t think about is splitting sides of the bed. Sure, you’ll probably have to share a bottom sheet with your partner, unless you invest in two twin size beds. However, that doesn’t mean you have to have the same top sheet, or comforter, especially if someone hogs the blankets or is always kicking them off at night. This will also help you prevent getting too hot or too cold while maximizing individual comfort.

9. Invest in Pajamas
Another issue that many people face is their pajamas. If you don’t have comfortable pajamas, then you’re going to be uncomfortable every night. Your best option is to take your time and consider the pajamas you are buying. If you can purchase a set first and see if they suit you before buying more. You might also repurpose some of your clothes that you find comfortable to sleep in, so you know you’re getting exactly what you want. Apart from that, you can easily just go nude if that is something that you prefer.

10. Reconsider Your Décor
One major issue that many people don’t consider is their décor. Some people try to keep their bedroom vibrant and fun, which isn’t exactly something you’re going to want in your bedroom when you’re trying to settle down. Vibrant colors help to stimulate the mind, which is going to keep you up, rather than help you relax. When it comes to décor, think of dark colors or soothing colors to help you ease into sleep. You’ll also want to consider decorations that make you feel comfortable and at peace. Another simple way to cut back on stress is to keep things minimalistic, which might mean losing some of your wall art. A simple salt lamp can also set the mood while reducing anxiety.

Creating the perfect setting is one of the best ways for you to enjoy your rest. These ten ideas can help boost your sleep comfort without forcing you to change everything about your bedroom. With any luck, you’ll be able to find a level of comfort that makes you happy to settle in at the end of the night and forget about anything that is stressing you out.

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