Frugal Last Minute Things to Accomplish Before 2019 Arrives

It seems like 2019 is barreling towards us at record speed, which might leave many having anxiety about accomplishing last minute resolutions and more. This holiday panic can cause you to spend some money to knock things off of your bucket list in a hurry. However, you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, especially if it is going to put your budget in peril. Instead, you might want to embrace a few things that might actually help you save on some money when 2019 finally does arrive. So, don’t worry about ending 2018 without meeting all of your goals, because these ten ideas will certainly put you in a good place when 2019 begins.

1. Clean
In many cultures, cleaning is a tradition that can bring the household good luck in the new year. Even if you don’t believe in this ritual personally, you might make it a tradition to give your home a deep clean before the new year arrives. Deep cleans can actually help to improve on your bills and make you feel happier and healthier in your own home. One thing you should focus on while cleaning is your appliances, which often get over looked. Giving the dryer a deep clean can help improve dry times, while removing dust from the back of the refrigerator can shave off some of the electricity usage on your bill. You should also work on cleaning out the home’s filters, which will help improve allergies and overall health as winter transforms to spring. Clearing out extra clutter can cut back on stress and may even allow you to make some extra money. Plus, winter tends to be the worst season for colds and the flu, so keeping things spic and span can help cut back on your family’s chance of catching a bug. Best of all, your home will look great as you come into the new year, which will give you a sense of pride and confidence.

2. Visit Loved Ones
Let’s face it, the holidays are the best period to find the time to visit with our loved ones. So, make sure to take advantage of this time so you can go into the new year with renewed relations. When things go back to normal, it will be hard to keep up with everyone, especially if they live far away. Thus, visiting before new year arrives will help you feel better about your familial ties and friendships. Plus, it will help you get plenty of meaningful socialization, which might make you feel better when you go back in to work. Improving relationships during the holidays might also help you prepare to meet goals that involve spending time with loved ones, as you will feel better about visitations and keeping in touch thanks to the renewed warmth of your relationships.

3. Make Donations
Now is the perfect time to get in a little extra charity work. So, before the year is over, go through all of your things an see what items you’d like to donate. This is a particularly great time to do this anyway, as you will have accumulated new items during the holiday. Thus, you might feel a little cramped in your home or you might even have some upgraded items to replace your older things. It is very easy to hang on to the things you once cherished. However, if you sever the tie quickly then you’ll be in much better shape. On top of that, donating your goods can also earn you a tax deduction, which will help you financially in the new year. It might seem overwhelming to go through everything, so if you can just concentrate on the areas you feel need work and those that can be worked through quickly. You might also want to donate to charities at this time. The winter months can be particularly hard on charities, particularly food banks and homeless shelters. You’ll also receive a tax deduction for donations too, which will help your finances in the future.

4. Ditch the Holidays
The holidays have been a lot of fun, but it might be time to let them go for this year. Instead of leaving your tree and other holiday décor up past New Year, you can always skip the wait and put things up before 2019 arrives. This will allow you to make a fresh start as soon as the new year arrives. Having your décor up can even help you tackle the goals you want to complete in the upcoming year. Putting up décor will be completely off the table, so you can have more free time to get what you need done. On top of that, you won’t feel as if the holidays are holding you back. The food, sights and outings will be in the past, so you can move on forward to the new and improved you.

5. Reflect on 2018
Sometimes, the holidays can have us so busy that we forget to think back on all of the amazing things that we got to see and do in 2018. Before the new year arrives, make sure to sit down and reflect on everything you experienced and learned during the current year. Even if you’re feeling a little blue, reflecting can help you find some hope for the upcoming year. You can also reflect on things you didn’t like, so you can work harder to avoid certain situations or change things about yourself that might lead you to feel such a way. This is bound to improve your new year and will ensure that 2018 won’t be just as blue.

6. Enjoy a Party
New Year’s is a prime time for parties, so don’t let the good times pass you by. Attending a party is a great way to kick back and relax before things go back to the everyday grind. You don’t even have to stick to one party if you don’t want to, as there is bound to be plenty going on when New Year’s Eve arrives. Even if you don’t know anyone hosting a party, you might be able to find a community-based party or one that is open to anyone. Of course, not everyone loves the atmosphere of a party. If that is the case, then you might consider hosting one at your own home. You can serve soothing snacks and play movies until midnight. No matter how you choose to party, you’re certain to enjoy yourself, which will help make the end of the year and the beginning of the next amazing.

7. Community Event
When you’re on a budget, community events can be a world of fun that won’t force you to count pennies to attend. During the holiday season, you’re bound to find a lot of community events to engage in. You can usually find a list of events on social media or your community’s website, so make sure you take a look to see what’s going on. You should be able to at least find a firework show to watch, if you’re having trouble finding an event. Of course, you can also watch a community event online. For instance, New York always broadcasts the ball dropping, as do many other cities.

8. Read
A lot of people go a year or more without reading a book. However, if you really want to make a change in the upcoming year then now is the time to buckle down and read a book. It doesn’t matter if reading was a resolution for this year or the next, you can still get a lot out of sitting down and reading. There is still plenty of time to read a book before the year is over, which should set you on the right path in the new year. If you’ve already read a ton of books this year, then you can always get in one more to tip the scales. Reading is a relaxing activity too, which will help you unwind from all the holiday stress. It might even help you find a way to stay up until midnight, so you can greet 2019.

9. Start a Savings Plan
It might not sound like a whole lot of fun, but the end of the year can be a perfect time to sit down and work out your savings for 2019 and beyond. Since finances are a bit tighter after a holiday, working out a budget might actually be a bit easier as you are already cutting back. You can find lots of great savings tips online too, including items you can easily cut back on and plans to put back money without feeling the burn. Going into the year with a savings plan can help you feel a bit more disciplined too, which might help curb spending in other aspects too.

10. Reflect on You
One of the most important things you can do during the end of the year is to take some time to reflect on yourself. Look back at the changes you’ve made and your growth for the year. This will help build up some confidence that will help you grow even more in the upcoming year. Reflecting will also help you figure out the things that you’d like to change in the upcoming year. This doesn’t just mean personal growth but might include learning something new or traveling. This is the perfect time to dream big and create plans to help make the upcoming year one of the best yet.

With the holidays wrapping up, you might be in a rush to get everything accomplished before 2018 is here. You don’t have to stress the little things though. Instead, take a breather and accomplish a few things that might actually help you start the new year on the right foot. You’ll be surprise by how fulfilled you feel when 2019 comes to call.

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