Frugal and Fun Ideas for the Best Staycation Yet

It’s officially vacation season, which can be one of the most relaxing and exciting periods of the year. However, if you’re on a tight budget or you simply can’t get time off to travel far then a staycation might be the answer to your vacation time. Most workers choose not to take a vacation each year due to lack of funds or time off, which can actually do psychological harm and cause burn out in the work place. A staycation is a great alternative that will help you relax and enjoy some time to recharge without forcing you to spend a bundle on a vacation. These ten ideas will help you transform a staycation into a relaxing experience that you might enjoy more than a classic vacation.

1. Sleep in
Work, family and other responsibilities can get in the way of our sleep routine. This can cause you to feel run down and burned out faster than you normally would. So, during your staycation you should concentrate on getting the sleep you need for your body to heal and recharge. This is actually hard to do on typical vacations because you are mostly trying to fit in as much fun as possible. With a staycation, you can enjoy sleeping from the point in which your body is ready to hit the sack every night to when your body naturally wakes up each morning. You can even work out a routine that allows you to relax and find the natural sleep schedule you need to be healthy all year long.

2. Catch Up On Shows
When we’re busy at work, our own entertainment often gets put on the back burner. TV shows we once love come and go without being watched and movies hit the theaters and leave before we can make time to watch them. Since you’re enjoying a staycation, you might want to take some time to catch up on everything you missed while you were too busy to enjoy yourself. You can find most TV shows streaming online or even On Demand with your cable subscription. You can also catch up on movies by renting them online or at rental kiosks in your area. You may even be able to catch a few of the movies you wanted to see in the theater. Doing this can help you relax your body and mind while bringing you joy, which is a perfect thing to get during your vacation.

3. Eat Out
Cooking day in and day out can be a real chore, especially if your menu tends to be the same foods over and over again. While you’re enjoying a staycation, you might make it a point to take a break from this chore. This will help cut back on the cleaning you will need to do during the staycation as well. Although eating out does cost money, it will allow you to feel more relaxed during your time off. Restaurants also offer more variety, so you can change things up a bit which will allow you to move out of your routine. On top of that, trying out a variety of restaurants is an excellent way to explore your own region. It can even help boost your local economy, which does everyone a world of good. You will find, after eating out that you feel a bit better about not traveling. Of course, you may want to choose healthier options during this time as you don’t want to return to work feeling dreadful due to lack of nutrition.

4. Meditate
It might not sound like a world of fun, but meditating can be one of the best ways for you to calm your mind during a vacation. We tend to end up with a lot of pent up energy while working, which we often don’t even notice until we are too stressed out to function. Meditating during your vacation will help you to get back on track with ease. If you are seasoned in meditation, then this might be part of your regular routine. However, if you’ve never meditated before or you have given it up, then now is the perfect time to develop your habit. It might seem a bit boring at first, but as time passes you will notice how clearer your mind is as well as how relaxed you feel, even in stressful situations. This can truly help with your work life, which will promote happiness.

5. Backyard Camping
Camping doesn’t have to take place in the wilderness. If you’re looking to enjoy the beauty of Mother Nature without going too far then look no further than your backyard. This can actually make an amazing campsite, especially if you have little ones to look after. The backyard offers a more secure setting for children and will allow you to rest easy knowing that wild animals and other dangers won’t pose as much of a threat to you. You can still have just as much fun camping in the backyard. For instance, you can pack snacks and classic camp foods to enjoy. You can also tell ghost stories, sing songs and go on a scavenger hunt. There are so many amazing ways to amplify the experience that you will have fun simply planning out the trip.

6. Local Entertainment
It doesn’t matter if you’re living in a city or a town as there is bound to be some form of local entertainment to keep you busy during your staycation. However, if you’re having trouble with this then you might want to travel to a nearby city in order to take in the sights. One of the more common things to do is check out a museum. These can bed educational, enlightening and might even leave you feeling relaxed. Another option is a water park, which will give you the feel of a theme park for a lot less money. Zoos and aquariums are another popular option that shouldn’t cost you a lot of money. Of course, you should do a little research for your area as sometimes activities aren’t advertised. You never know, you might discover something exciting that you never knew existed.

7. Embrace Your Region
The region you live in also has a lot to offer when it comes to adventure and fun. Instead of doing something you’ve already done, you might try to check out the local lake, river, beach or whatever else you might find in your region. You can also go on a hike, climb a mountain, take in a walk or go for a run. There are more things to enjoy than that though. No matter where you live, you’re bound to find some cool rocks that you can always do a little research on and collect. You might also check to see if there’s any Geocaching in your area as this tends to be a fun activity for many people. Another option is to take the time to check out a museum based on your region, or simply do some research. It might give you a better connection to your community to know more about the place you reside.

8. Practice Self-Care
Self-care can easily be put on the backburner during the day to day routine too. One of the best things you can do for yourself during your staycation is make sure you’re taken care of. One of the more relaxing things to do is visit a spa or have a spa day at home. This can be fairly inexpensive depending on what you choose to have done. You can also keep it simple by taking a long bath or having a friend over to do nails. Of course, you should also look out for your health during this time. Try to get in some workouts and make a workout schedule that will help you keep up with it even when you’re back to work. You might also consider looking over diet plans. Treating yourself to something special can also be a part of self-care, but don’t go too overboard. There’s lots of other things you can do to improve on your health and personal joy.

9. Enjoy a Concert
Music can be one of the best ways to improve on your mood and even your healthy. Luckily, summer is the perfect time to take in a concert as there are many tours and festivals to choose from. So, you might start perusing your community websites to see if anyone you enjoy listening to is going to be performing near you. Another option is to check out something local. Often, you will find a small concert at a local pub, café or even in a park. These concerts tend to cost very little if anything at all, so you might consider checking them out just to have some fun. You might broaden your musical horizons by doing so. Getting out and enjoying local music also might improve your connection with your community and help you to learn more about yourself.

10. Get Outside
The summer heat tends to keep people indoors, especially after they’ve put in a hard day’s work. So, during your staycation you might take the time to hang outdoors as much as you can. Try going to a park to see what you can explore in your own area. You might consider taking morning or evening walks in order to improve on your day. If there is water or a beach nearby then have some fun swimming and playing in this area. You can even gather up friends for a sports day that should keep most people busy. Another great option is to have a barbecue and enjoy the company of your loved ones outside in the fresh air. Just spending time outdoors will help boost your health and your happiness, so you’ll go back to work feeling amazing.

Staycations don’t have to be bland nor boring, especially if it is the only vacation you plan on taking. These ten ideas should help keep you feeling relaxed and entertained while you enjoy a well-deserved break. With these frugal tips on your side, you should be able to put back more money for a vacation at a later date too.

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