Cheap Ways to Have Your Own Summer Solstice Celebration

Although the heat has already begun in many places, it isn’t actually summer until the Summer Solstice on June 21. This amazing event has been celebrated for hundreds of years by many different cultures. There are so many things you can see and do during this time that you might actually have a hard time fitting them all in to your schedule. If you’re on a tight budget you can still have the time of your life during the summer solstice. Here are just ten things you can do that won’t cost you a small fortune as you celebrate the early days of summer. So, pack on the sunscreen and grab a water bottle, because summer will truly be here soon to add on to your fun.

1. Visit a Food Festival
Summer is known for its festivals, but food festivals are becoming more and more popular. You should be able to find a food festival within driving distance of your home, so you won’t have to go too far out of your way to enjoy such an adventure for your taste buds. Many places will actually plan a festival for the summer solstice, so you will know just when to look for such an event. Food festivals offer food from around the world, which will allow you to broaden your horizons. However, many food festivals do try to keep their food seasonal, so you will get to taste all that summer has to offer. This event can really bring fun to the whole family too, as most festivals have activities that suit a wide variety of age groups.

2. Watch the Sun
Summer brings the longest of days, so you might spend some time to celebrate the extra light that you have to enjoy your life outdoors. In order to do this, you might try to rise early and stay up late to watch the sun rise and set. Make sure you look up the time your sun is set to rise on the summer solstice, so you can be outside with a cup of coffee in time to see the magic happen. Staying up to watch the sun set won’t be as much of a challenge, but if you have children you might alter their nap schedule to allow them to stay up a bit later on solstice day. You might plan out plenty of activities to keep the family busy during this time too. You can also take this activity further by admiring pictures of sunrises and sunsets that are posted from around the world.

3. Wood Burning Ritual
Throughout time, many different cultures from all over the world have participated in a wood burning ritual in some form or another. Today, people typically follow in the footsteps of this tradition by having a bonfire to help add to the fun of the occasion. Bonfires can actually be done cheaply, as long as you make sure that your location of choice allows bonfires. You may have to get a permit to host such an event, so make sure you are prepared before the big day. These events are great for families and friends to share. You might even have people bring a variety of foods, instruments and sporting equipment to add to the fun. Of course, you should familiarize yourself with fire safety and go over this with your children too to ensure the occasion is nothing but fun.

4. Yoga
All over the world, people take to the streets, or yoga classes, to participate in this amazing activity on the day of the solstice. Of course, if you don’t already attend a gym, you don’t have to go get a membership to do yoga with others on this day. Many communities will host yoga in the park and other great activities to celebrate summer solstice. You can always do yoga at home if you’re not comfortable in a public setting. There are many sun inspired yoga poses that will allow you to say thank you to the sun while also appreciating your body. Since summer will be in full swing, make sure you keep hydrated as you will sweat more in the hot weather.

5. Cultural Festivals
The summer solstice plays a firm role in so many cultures that it definitely connects the world together as one. During this time, you might want to try to attend a cultural festival in your area. In the United States, you are more than likely going to find Native American Festivals during this time, but if you’re in Hawaii, you might find Polynesian festivals too. In some locations, you might also find Pagan or Celtic celebrations to add to the fun. If you can, try to experience as much as you can during the festival. You will learn a lot about the culture of your region as well as the ancient celebrations of the summer solstice. Often, it is free to attend such events, but you might have to pay for certain activities. However, it is always best to check in to make sure that there isn’t an entry fee.

6. Spent Time Outside
If you can, head outdoors to enjoy everything that summer has to offer. One of the best things you can do on the big day is get outside and play in the water. Try to plan a trip to the pool, beach, lake or whatever else you have in your community or backyard. You might also consider planning a picnic or barbecue with the ones you love. In order to save money, ask everyone to contribute to the meal. One great way to give back to summer is to get outside and do some gardening. You’ll feel great and your plants will look great too. Of course, there’s plenty of things to do outdoors on summer solstice, so plan out your day to ensure you have a whole lot of fun. Make sure to keep sunscreen on and hydrate throughout your celebration though.

7. Sun Crafts
A major part of celebrating the summer solstice is the sun. So, you might want to plan on doing a few sun crafts to make your day even more enjoyable. There are so many amazing sun crafts to work on too that you will have a hard time choosing which you want to enjoy. For younger kids, making a sun out of a paper plate can be a blast You can even add a popsicle stick to the bottom to allow your child to use the artwork as a way to tell stories. Another fun idea is to do face painting. Suns are very simple to create and will make most kids feel overjoyed. There are many great crafts to choose from though, so look around to create a list of ideas you’d like to work on with your family.

8. Farmer’s Market
Another great way to pay respect to the summer is to head to the Farmer’s Market, if it is open. You can easily shop around for summer produce and flowers while supporting your community and economy. Generally, on special occasions like this, the farmer’s market will go the extra mile to entertain. You might find live music, crafts and more to keep the family entertained. There might also be a wide variety of food trucks and prepared foods to try out during your visit. This can really bring a lot of joy to the whole family, so make sure to follow your farmer’s market on social media to see if they have anything planned for the celebration.

9. Change Your Diet
The heat in summer often forces us to want to change our diet to lighter foods. This can be great for our health, but while you are making these changes you might consider planning your diet around seasonal foods. The summer brings so many delicious foods to the table that you are certain to enjoy such a wide variety without forcing yourself to eat the same things over and over again. You can even enjoy an abundance of meats in season, such as a wide variety of fish. There’s lots of great summer recipes that are light and tasty too, which will help you keep your weight down while feeling extraordinary. Of course, there’s also plenty of cold treats that will make your heart skip a beat too.

10. Learn About World Traditions
There is so much history in the culture and traditions of the world, especially when it comes to celebrating the solstices. You might take this time to learn more about the various cultures of the world and how they celebrated the seasonal change. Of course, there are so many different cultures to choose from that you might not be able to get to them all during this particular celebration. You might begin by starting with your own heritage or cultures that particularly speak to you. You can always add onto your knowledge in the coming years, so you can gain a better understanding as to why many of our holidays are celebrated. If you’re having a hard time finding information, then check out your local library or search an online database for information.

Celebrating the summer solstice is a great way to kick off summer vacation and show your appreciation for the planet. These simple tips should help you find a few ways to enjoy the day, so you don’t wind up spending too much money. From now on, you’ll look forward to this ancient holiday as it is certain to bring tons of fun to your life.

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