2020 Black Friday Days to Enjoy Safely at Home

Black Friday is definitely going to be a lot different this year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to feel down about it. This year, you might actually get even more out of the holiday season by staying at home and shopping. This will help you and retail workers to enjoy the holidays with family rather than spending it in a potentially dangerous and immensely stressful situation. Since this year is going to be different, here is a look at ten of the top Black Friday stores around the United States. This guide will hopefully help you plan your shopping in a way that will save you lots of time and money.

1. Target
If you’re hoping to score some deals at Target this year, then you might already get a head start on your shopping. Every week during the holiday season, Target will be offering new deals, which will help you to save some big money. So far, there have already been quite a bit of deal on electronics, so if this is what you’re in the market for you will find headphones, earbuds, and other entertainment options. Target is also going to be one of the major distributors for Amazon products, like the Ring, Dot, and so on. Of course, Target will be leading, or at least tying, when it comes to toys. However, Target does have a deal with the Disney Store, so you might find more options from this brand there. Many of the deals they will offer will involve gift cards, so you can save in this way too.

2. Walmart
Walmart’s deals begin online on November 4, and there will be a few other dates for the release of special deals. Walmart is usually pretty good about offering a wide assortment of things for you to pick from, so you might want to hold out until you see what they have going on. You will find large deals on toys, electronics, appliances, clothes, and more. Many of these deals will be online only, but Walmart will have small deals offered in the store. However, they are allowing you to do curbside for these deals so you can protect yourself and their associates during this time.

3. Amazon
Amazon is used to doing online deals for Black Friday, so they will probably stick with their proven method. However, you might find that there will be more deals earlier this year to compete with the other major stores in the area. As you probably imagined, most of the deals, especially the early deals, are going to be on Amazon’s products and services. You will find things like the Ring, Dot, and Kindle on sale at a pretty good price. In true Amazon fashion, you will have to stay tuned to the website though. They constantly have flash deals and daily deals that will allow you to save more than you would expect. Of course, Black Friday will immediately move into Cyber Monday, as per usual.

4. Best Buy
When it comes to electronics, Best Buy tends to be the best place to go. However, the store will be stepping it up a notch this year to compete with the big names. Although their Black Friday ad isn’t ready yet, you’ll find that the store will be offering more early deals than normal to draw people in. Unfortunately, some of these deals are already in effect and a few have actually sold out, so you might have to act fast. If you’re in the market for a TV, smartwatch, games, or console, then you might hold out and see what Best Buy has to offer before you purchase elsewhere.

5. JC Penney
Although JC Penney might not feel like your typical Black Friday store, you will find that many people love to shop for the deals because they offer tons of good options for clothes. JC Penney offers some of the top brands in the industry and are feature options for the entire family. Apart from clothes, you’ll find a lot of accessories, shoes, and even fun gift sets to help make holiday shopping easier. The store is also known for houseware and some tools, so you can find a little something for everyone. Although the ads aren’t out now, you should base the Black Friday planning on previous years. You can also keep up to date with sales and others updates when you sign up for their newsletter. This will also provide you with a 25% off coupon.

6. Kohls
Kohls has been a big contender on Black Friday for the last few years. This retailer really steps up its came when the holiday season rolls around. You will find some incredible deals on clothes during the Black Friday event. Although they will have adult options available, you will find that Kohl’s has a great collection of some of your kids’ favorite character clothing. Of course, Kohls has more to offer than clothes. Like JC Penny, you will find deals on makeup, accessories, shoes, and gift sets. Kohls also offers a huge selection of toys, which can help you get most of your shopping done at once. You can even use Kohls Cash to cut back on your spending.

7. Costco
When it comes to bulking up, Costco is going to provide you with a whole bunch of cool options this holiday season. Their deals begin on November 5 and will continue throughout the holiday season. If you’re in the market for TVs then this is going to be one of the prime stores to keep an eye out for. Of course, this is only scratching the surface of the electronics that will available for you to choose from. Apart from that, you will find a whole lot of houseware items and small appliances, like vacuum cleaners. Another major thing to look for at Costco is holiday items, as Christmas trees and more will definitely be on the list for sales items.

8. Home Depot
If you’re in the market for a good set of tools, then the Home Dept is going to be one of the best places to begin your journey. Home Depot will have its usual deals on toolsets and other items that are easily gifted. However, if you’re looking to expand on your shopping experience, you will find that there are lots of houseware items and appliances that will be on sale. This will easily become one of the best times to add a new stove to your kitchen. Of course, Home Depot does offer an abundance of holiday items too which are bound to be on sale during Black Friday.

9. Sam’s Club
Sam’s Club is another bulk chain that will help you find some pretty amazing deals on the stuff you need for the holidays. The store is already offering a few deals to help make your holiday shopping easier. Your first stop might be electronics as you will find that there will be tons of deals on televisions, earphones, and so much more. Sam’s already has lots of amazing Disney inspired dolls in their collection too, which will make most kids happy. Other than that, you’re going to find deals on alcohol, bulk foods, appliances, furniture, housewares, and so on. Sam’s will also be giving out gift cards with certain purchases, which can help you save all the more.

10. Lowes
This year, Lowes will still be offering their typical deals on tools. However, you will find a lot of options for home security and electronics. Home security, like camera doorbells and alarms, is going to be one of their more popular items, so if you’re in the market make sure to shop fast. Of course, Lowe’s will also be competing with appliance sales and more. The sales will definitely be competitive so make sure to shop around.

Although you might not be pushing and shoving in the fray of your favorite store, this year doesn’t have to be a bust when it comes to Black Friday. You will definitely want to catch some of the deals these ten stores are offering.

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