Ten Winter Activities You Can Enjoy While Social Distancing

The beauty of winter is here, but most of us aren’t really sure how to handle it because of covid fears. There are so many things to do during this season, but if you’re not careful you might find yourself in a crowded area and putting yourself at risk for sickness. There are a few things you can do to make the wintertime as magical as it typically is while still helping your family and those around you to be safe. So, check out these ten ideas and have a little fun with your favorite activities, while possibly coming up with some new traditions for you and your family.

1. Snowball Fight
Without a doubt, when it snows, the kids want to go out and play in it as much as they possibly can. However, it’s not quite the same if you don’t have people to play with. A snowball fight is a very simple game that the whole family can take part in. This can help everyone bond, work out pent of emotions, and in general have some fun. You can even invite your neighbors in on the fun if you want to. Try to have a fight between your yards with everyone staying in their own space. As long as everyone wears gloves and masks, you should be fine when it comes to sickness. Plus, those gloves and masks are going to keep you warm so you can play for longer.

2. Sledding
Sledding is another activity that your family can take part in that won’t require you to put yourself at risk. If you have a place to sled in your own yard, then definitely use this. However, if you’re looking for a place to sled, then try to choose a large park. As long as you can find an area that is six feet or more away from people then you’re good to go. Sledding can help bring a sense of normalcy to the family too, especially if it is a family tradition. If it’s not, then it might be something you consider doing every year. You don’t need an expensive sled to go either. You can use items from around the house, including items that you might have for pool time.

3. Snowman Competition
Building a snowman is another great way to add to the winter fun. All this activity requires is some snow and some items brought out for your snowman to wear. However, making snowman after snowman can get a little boring, especially if you’re experiencing a lot of snow this winter. So, if you have a good relationship with the neighbors, you might call everyone up and propose a snowman competition. Everyone can build in their own yards and friends and family can drive by and rate the snowmen. This can help bring everyone together, even when you can’t all be together. If you don’t have a lot of snow, then get in touch wither everyone and ask to make snowman crafts. These can be placed in the front window for all to see.

4. Snow Science Experiments
The snowy season can be one of the best times for kids to engage in the world of science. One of the most common things for children to do is observe the snowflakes as they hit the window of the home. You can even have children take pictures of the flakes so they can make a memory book of them to observe later on. Another great option is to freeze bubbles outside, the snowflakes will form around the bubble to create a beautiful appearance. Dying the snow can also be a lot of fun that will help bring out the beauty of each flake. Of course, there are lots of other great ideas online that will help you embrace the science surrounding the snow.

5. Read a Book
Nothing says winter quite like the enjoyment of a good book. This winter, you can enjoy warmer settings, explore winter wonderlands, or simply go to a whole new world where winter isn’t a thing. Reading a book is one of the safest activities around. You can purchase really cheap books online, but you can also order them for your ebook device, sometimes for free. Apart from that, most public libraries also have an option to check out digital books now. So, you don’t have to worry about exposure to germs period during this time. Reading is also a fun activity because you can toss in a warm drink to help make the experience even more enjoyable.

6. Ice Skating
One of the best ways to enjoy some exercise while having fun during the winter months is to go ice skating. Ice skating is fairly cheap at most rinks and with covid happening most rinks are only letting a limited capacity of people in. This is an okay option, but you might also find that there are better options if you’re not feeling comfortable. For instance, if you know someone with a private rink or you live near water that is definitely completely frozen over, then this might be the safest option for you. However, if you are handy, then you can easily make your own ice-skating¬†rink with¬†just a bit of wood and some water. These rinks won’t cost a lot if you use scrap wood, which can definitely make your winter months more fun.

7. Knit a Scarf
Combat the cold weather with a hobby that will actually help you to stay warm. Learning to knit can truly be a challenge, but if you’re stuck at home this year then it might be one of the best times to try to learn. Scarves are one of the more common items to learn because they are pretty straightforward and allow you a bit of creativity. There are some awesome tutorials and videos online that will help you to create the perfect scarf without a whole lot of headache. This can help open up the doors to other knitted crafts too. Plus, your new scarf will help to keep you warm as you navigate the rest of winter.

8. Scavenger Hunt
Another great option for those hoping to have a little fun outside in the fresh air is a scavenger hunt. You can choose items commonly found in your area as well as those that are winter based. Simply print out a list and have your family enjoy the hunt. A scavenger hunt can be done anywhere too. If the weather is too harsh then keep it inside. If not, then take over your backyard or go to a park or trail that isn’t going to be busy. Getting out and having fun will definitely help lift your mood while allowing you to get some exercise too.

9. Experiment with Warm Drinks
Winter and warm drinks go hand in hand. So, your self-isolation time is the perfect time to experiment with the warm drinks on your list. If you’re a fan of hot cocoa, there is a lot that you can get done in order to create some of the most delicious hot chocolate around. You might consider experimenting with different powders or using straight chocolate. You can also add in flavors or meltdown some of the Christmas candy to add to the taste. Coffee and teas are other options that can help you enjoy getting warm as you drink something tasty. You can add in flavorings, experiment with milk alternatives, and so much more. By the time winter is over, you may have a few signature options that you’ll want to share with friends and family.

10. Plan for Summer
Sometimes, we’re just over winter, which might cause you to feel down. If this happens then live for summer for a little while. You might consider planning upcoming vacations, talking about sun-based activities that you might want to try, or simply look into potential summer fashion trends. This will help you to think of warmer days, which might lift your spirits immensely. You may even plan out your ideal summer garden or come up with fun ways to improve your backyard so your kids can have the summer of their lives, even if self-isolation time isn’t over yet.

Winter can be fun even if you can’t go out to do much. This year, you can explore the numerous ways to keep yourself entertained on cold days without forcing you to spend a lot of money or put yourself in harm’s way. So, try to make the most of the season as your memories will truly help to comfort you even through the trying times.

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