Ten Vacation Ideas That Will Make This Autumn Exciting on a Budget

With summer practically gone and your schedule back to normal, you might already be thinking about an autumn vacation. Luckily, autumn is one of the best times to get away for those on a budget. There are lots of things you can see and do that won’t cost you to forfeit your holiday budget, too. These ten ideas will help you plan out the best autumn yet, which is certain to help you get in a relaxed state of mind before the holiday rush. So, clear your weekend plans and get ready to have the time of your life during your autumn adventures.

1. Camping
Autumn is one of the best times to enjoy a camping trip. During this time, you can enjoy the cooler weather, but you won’t have to worry about it getting too cold. However, you should pack for colder nights just to ensure no one will catch a cold or feel too uncomfortable to sleep during the trip. The cooler weather will allow you to hike and explore for longer without having to worry about heat stroke or dehydration. The autumn foliage will make scavenger hunts during your trip a lot more fun, as well. During the autumn, hunting and fishing periods are more common, so you might even be able to enjoy catching your own food during the trip.

2. National Park
National parks can be incredibly beautiful during the autumn months. On top of that, there are many activities to take advantage of during these times. Luckily, there are even a few free days you can take advantage of. However, if you have a fourth grader then your child is eligible for a free pass that gets your entire family into the park for free during the year. This can help you to enjoy more parks and might even help your family find activities that they might want to pursue in their free time. National parks have a wide range of activities too and you can even camp and picnic in many of them. This should help make your weekends even more enjoyable.

3. Beach
Beaches can be pricey during the summer, because everyone wants to be there. However, as the weather cools the beaches tend to empty. This causes the prices in the area to go down too, which opens up the perfect window for you to check out the beach. You can usually book a hotel for much less during this period. Believe it or not, but in most beach towns you can still sign up for scuba diving, surf lessons and so much more. Of course, if you want to save even more money you can simply hang out at the beach. If you plan to go in the water, then a wetsuit will keep you warmer for longer. These suits can even be rented to save even more.

4. Vineyard
Believe it or not, but autumn is one of the prime times to go to a vineyard or to take part in a wine tour. During the autumn, you’re going to be getting the best of the crop, so the taste is going to be phenomenal even if it hasn’t aged for long. Of course, you will also be able to try aged wines too. A trip to the vineyard makes a nice romantic getaway for a couple or it could be a great bridal party. The best time to get into a wine tour is between September and November, so make sure to book a tour before they are all full.

5. Road Trip
If there is one thing that you should try to plan as a gateway, it is a road trip. Road trips are especially beautiful during the autumn months though. Since the weather is cooler, you can roll down the windows and enjoy all of the fresh air and beautiful scents of the season. This will make the road trip a lot more enjoyable to begin with. On top of that, you can choose your route based on the scenery you’d like to view. You can drive through one or more states and see entirely different foliage if you plan correctly. Some states and regions even produce guides to help you plan your trip accordingly. These plans often go through smaller towns, so you should be able to find cheap accommodations. Of course, you can always pack a tent and camp out if you want to save more. Cutting your road trip short can also work out. You might even plan your trip in a circle, so you can be gone no more than a day. While you’re out, try to embrace some of the towns and cities you might not normally see. You can truly feel the joy of the season by doing this. If you’re lucky, you might even plan your trip around local festivals, so you can enjoy a wider range of celebration options.

6. Renaissance Festival
Autumn is one of the best times to enjoy a renaissance festival. Although these festivals take place throughout the year, you might find that the festivals in the autumn are larger and more authentic. Generally, tickets to a festival won’t set your budget back much either, so you can have fun with the whole family. However, you might want to consider packing your own food or eating away from the festival as this tends to be where you will spend more of your money. Some festivals will also offer discounts on tickets and other things if you decide to go to the festival in costume. Luckily, you can make clothing suitable for the festival with a cheap pattern and fabric, so you won’t spend a bundle on this. Once inside the festival, you should be able to enjoy shows at no extra cost. There are also many shops to pursue, but make sure to set a budget for this aspect of the festival, so you don’t overspend.

7. Enjoy the Mountains
The mountains can be one of the most beautiful sights in the autumn months. With the foliage changing to golden colors, you’re certain to fall in love with your surroundings during your getaway. Spending time in the mountains doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. You can camp out or stay in a hotel that doesn’t cost a fortune. Of course, if you live near the mountains then you might not need accommodations anyway. The mountains are a great place for hiking and mountain climbing, which can both be cheap adventures. In the later season, you might also be able to enjoy skiing or snowboarding. This can be a bit pricier than other activities, but if you keep an eye out for a deal then you should be in store for a good time.

8. Oktoberfest
Many communities like to begin Oktoberfest a bit early. Generally, this celebration starts at the end of September and goes through October, but you’re probably going to see events starting up in early September. This can be a great celebration for adults in most cases, although there are many Oktoberfest celebrations that are family friendly. This event usually allows you to pay a fee for a certain amount of beer and everything after that will come out of pocket. So, make sure you stick to what the festival offers to save money. You should be able to get snacks with admission, but if not make sure to eat a proper meal before going to the event to avoid feeling sick or having to deal with a bad hangover. Most communities have some sort of Oktoberfest, but you might have to travel to a neighboring town or city to participate. There are large scale celebrations all over the country and the rest of the world, if you’re looking to spend more money on your getaway.

9. Ghost Tours
As soon as autumn arrives, people tend to get in the mood for spooky outings in order to prep for Halloween. So, if you’re feeling spooky you might have some fun in store for you throughout the autumn months. There are tons of haunted houses and corn mazes to check out, but if you want to take things further then you can always check out a ghost tour. You might be surprised by how many of these tours exist. They are all over the country and will help send chills down your spine as you learn about the hauntings and encounters. You might want to look into tours in your general area. It may mean driving a little while, but if you’re into the paranormal now is the perfect time to enjoy such a tour.

10. Community Events
Autumn is a great time to get out and enjoy your community, which is efficient for those that might not have money for a proper getaway. A staycation can be just as fun when you have exciting things to keep you busy. During this season, you’re bound to fund autumn festivals all over the place. You might also consider visiting orchards or other farms to pick apples and other seasonal produce. On top of that, you can tour a nearby city or town, which will give you the sensation of traveling. Another great event to look out for is Dia De Los Muertos celebrations, which should take place during the last week of October. If you look hard enough, you’re bound to find something fun.

When it comes to vacations, autumn might be the perfect time to indulge. There are so many amazing choices that won’t force you to spend as much money as a summer or winter vacation would. So, plan out your autumn efficiently, because you might be able to afford more getaways than you can imagine.

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