Ten Tips to Make your World Art Day Rich Without Spending a Fortune

Art can be one of the greatest aspects of life. It allows you to show off your creativity when you create your own works of art and when you purchase other’s art it helps to excite emotions. The only problem with art is it can be quite expensive. From purchasing quality paints to spending money in a gallery, you might find that art isn’t for your tight budget. However, on World Art Day, you might want to make an exception. These ten ideas will help you to celebrate art on a low budget, so you can once again enjoy the happiness it brings you.

1. Enjoy a Local Art Walk
Generally, World Art Day hosts a wide variety of art walks across the globe. This can be a great way to make the most out of the day without having to spend a lot of money. In most cases, an art walk is entirely free. The only reason you would need money is to purchase something there. This can give you a lot of freedom as you will be able to browse a wide variety of art without having to spend a penny. It might help you to see what’s new in the art world, especially in your local area. It may also give you a few works of art that you want to save up to buy. If you’re an artist, then you can even enter the art walk yourself to try to sell off some of your items. Although there is a fee to do this, if your items sell then they should more than cover the cost of the fee. Some vendors will even offer classes for new crafts at the art walk, which might be the perfect time to immerse yourself in something new.

2. Visit a Gallery
Most of us pass by galleries daily, but don’t take the time to browse them. On World Art Day, you might want to stop and enjoy the art for a change. Most galleries won’t charge you to stop in to browse, so you can see the visit as a trip to a museum of sorts. Visiting a gallery will give you a lot of insight into the art of your local area, which can help you feel closer to your community. You may even feel encouraged to purchase an item. If they’re too expensive then take the artist’s card and see if there are more affordable options on their website.

3. Purchase Prints
Without a doubt, purchasing a work of art can cost a small fortune. If you’re looking to buy art from an established artist, then you might need thousands to millions in order to do so. This isn’t money most of us have to spend on such a thing. So, the next best thing is to buy an art print. These prints offer great quality and when framed look astonishing. You can buy prints in all sorts of places too, so you can even bargain hunt to see who is going to offer you the best price. If you want to spend a little extra money on your artistic purchase, then you might consider getting the work of art autographed. This will give it even more pizzazz that you can show off when displayed in your home.

4. Support a Struggling Artist
One way to celebrate World Art Day is to help a struggling artist out. One of the best ways to do this is head to the art department of your nearest community college or university. While you are there, you should see a lot of art work displayed. You can easily find an item you like and talk to the professor that heads the department. He or she should be able to get you in touch with the artist, so you can offer them a price. Another great way to do this is to purchase something from a vendor. You can find vendors all over the place, including the side of the street. If this isn’t something you feel comfortable with then consider shopping around online. There’s tons of artists to choose from. You will have to pay shipping and handling for your purchase, but you will be helping out an artist that needs the money to further their craft.

5. Share Artists with Family
Art history can be a great way to celebrate this holiday. You might even transform it into an art week, or even a month. This will give you a chance to teach your family all about the famous artists that have helped to fuel creativity in the modern world. Art history isn’t often taught in schools, so this can be a great way for your family to be advanced in the world of culture. There are lots of great lessons online for children hoping to learn more about art history, so you can let these lessons guide you. Of course, you can even come up with your own lessons if you prefer to teach about artists that are a bit more obscure. You might also consider lessons on artists from a wide variety of cultures, so children can broaden their horizons.

6. Enjoy Sales on Art Supplies
On World Art Day, you may be able to find some pretty awesome bargains on art supplies. Generally, art specific stores are going to be the stores that offer these sales, so if you’re shopping around then this would be the best place to start. However, you might also find that larger stores, like Hobby Lobby and Michaels, will also offer sales. If you can’t find anything on sale, then these stores generally offer great coupons so that you can afford to purchase something to celebrate World Art Day too. You can also shop around online to see who is offering big deals to make the holiday great. You never know, you might end up stocking up enough art supplies so that you can enjoy making art for the rest of the year without spending a fortune.

7. Improve Your Skills
Of course, one of the best ways to celebrate this special day is to actually work on your own skills. May it be taking the day to paint, draw, knit and so on, or actually enjoying a lesson that will help you learn more about your craft. You can actually find many lessons online that won’t cost you a thing, which is sure to help make you feel more confident about your art. You can also use this time to challenge yourself. For instance, you can force yourself to paint using only the primary colors. This will help you to learn more about colors and alter your painting technique. You can also try out something new during this time. For instance, if you’re interested in making mosaics then you might try out a new material, like metal.

8. Visit a Museum
One way to celebrate art, both old and new, is to take a trip to a museum. This will cost a small fee in most cases, but it will allow you to immerse yourself in the world of art. While you’re visiting the museum, make sure to take the time to think about the work’s place in the world. How does it reflect on the time it was made? Who was the artist and what was their motive? You may learn a lot more about the work of art than you thought possible. This is a great way to further your knowledge on art and see pieces of art that you’ve always loved in a brand-new light. If you don’t have a museum nearby, or you simply want to further your experience then check online for digital tours. You can even explore iconic museums from abroad.

9. Watch Movies Based on Artists
If you want to spend World Art Day relaxing, then one of the best options is to rent a movie based on an artist’s life. There are so many available, that you might have a hard time picking which one you want to watch. If you’re interested in documentaries then there are lots you can find on artists, art and even art movements. Of course, one of the more popular options is the feature films that have been created about famous artists. These films offer high quality productions that will leave you feeling like you knew the artist. You may start by researching some of your favorite artists to see if you can find any productions made about them.

10. Make Art
Another way to get more out of the holiday is to make some art. If you have children, then this is a great time to teach them about the art of the past as well as various mediums that they might enjoy. You might consider trying pottery, mosaics, painting, animation or anything else that seems like it would interest them. You can even base your art on the art of the past. There are so many lessons available that will help your children recreate the art work of the past while adding their own special twist to it. Even adults will have fun with these lessons, so let your creativity show on World Art Day.

Enjoying art can be one of the best ways to ditch stress and relax. These ten ideas should give you plenty to do on World Art Day, which will make you feel excited to enjoy art once again. You may even find cheap ways to incorporate art into your life after the holiday is over, which will certainly make your life feel well rounded and fun.

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