Ten Cheap Valentine Date Ideas for New or Long-Term Couples

Valentine’s Day will be here soon, which is one of the reasons why so many people are already in a panic over the holiday. Many people are trying to rush to buy gifts, make reservations, and so much more before the holiday sneaks upon them. There really is no need to make Valentine’s Day a hassle for you and your partner. This holiday is all about sharing the love, which doesn’t mean you have to put a fortune into the holiday. These ten ideas will help you to find a heartfelt way to celebrate the day of love while still making your partner feel special. So, get ready to change the way you celebrate the holiday, as these ten ideas will allow you to change the way you spend money on Valentine’s Day.

1. Binge Together
Rather than spending a lot of money to go out, make it a point to stay in. Purchase or make some snacks that the two of you love, then take a seat in front of the TV. If you already have an established relationship, then you might want to take some time to catch up on the shows you like to binge-watch together. This can also be a great time to try something new if you’re looking to spice things up. Perhaps, you might want to try a romantic comedy if you tend to watch other genres. Newer couples might want to share some of their favorite movies or TV shows in order to gain a better understanding of each other. You can also dive right in and try something new together in hopes of calling it your own in the future. Either way, you’re spending quality time together that won’t cost you much of anything.

2. Cook Together
Instead of wasting time looking for a reservation and then spending a fortune on a meal, you might simply choose to cook something together. The money you would have put toward the meal can be used for groceries that will allow you to purchase something luxurious or romantic for dinner. Then, you can put the leftover money back for a special treat on another day. Once you get your groceries ready, try setting up a romantic environment for the two of you to cook together. This will allow you the time and environment to slowly work as you create something as a couple. Teamwork can be a great way to embrace romance. Of course, sitting down and eating a nice meal together will also help you out. By cooking for yourselves you allow even more time to talk, collaborate, and have some fun.

3. Fresh Air
Instead of choosing a date that will keep you indoors, you might want to consider planning something that gets you out of the house with your partner. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on your date though. Some of the best things in life are actually free, so make sure to take advantage of them. For instance, if you live by the beach then go for a romantic walk. Even if it is still cold, there will be lots of beautiful things to take in. A hike is another great option, especially since it will help you get your body moving while embracing the beautiful landscape around you. If you have an afternoon free, then a picnic in the park might be one of your best options. You won’t have to deal with crowds either since most people will be indoors. Finally, if you only have the evening and night to work with then find a romantic spot to watch the sunset and do some stargazing.

4. Explore Food Trucks
Instead of hanging out inside of a restaurant all evening, you might consider exploring the food trucks in your region. This can be a great way for you to enjoy some of the best sights and sounds in the city while finding adventurous food that you won’t want to pass up. Going from one food truck to the next will allow you to experience a variety of cultures, ideas, and so much more. This, in itself, opens up a conversation so you can truly enjoy one another’s company. You never know what you might find as you explore either. If you’re having trouble finding food trucks in your area, then you might consider downloading an app that can help you pinpoint some of the best options near you.

5. Smell the Flowers
Flowers have become a big part of Valentine’s Day, but they’re also incredibly expensive. Instead of just purchasing flowers, you might want to just stop and smell them. This will not only save you some big money but will also allow you to enjoy the experience of having flowers around you. One great way to smell the flowers is to take your partner to the botanical garden. This will allow you to see some exotic flowers that might not be on your agenda every day. Of course, if there isn’t a botanical garden near you, then you might just go to a regular park as this will help with your budget as well. Another option is to check out a greenhouse in your community or anywhere that sells flowers. You might end up leaving with a few items for your own garden, but in most cases, it will still wind up being cheaper than a bouquet.

6. Game Night
Another fun way to spice up your relationship is to add a game night to the mix. A little healthy competition can truly add to your fun while improving your relationship. There are many ways you can enjoy a game night. Trivia, for starters, can be a lot of fun for two players. However, if you’re double-dating or enjoying the day with many couples then you might be in for even more fun. This is especially true if you aim for games like Newly Weds. Board games can also add to some fun, especially if you have stories behind your nostalgia for them. Poker and other card games can add to the magic too and can even be transformed to suit the romantic vibes. Of course, there are romantic games you can purchase which can truly change the course of your date if you so choose to.

7. Create Valentine’s Together
Valentine’s Day really pulls at the heartstrings when it comes to consumerism. Many people feel it is mandatory to purchase their partner something special. However, this isn’t the case at all. You can easily celebrate Valentine’s Day without spending a penny on a gift or a date. One way to do this is to sit down with your partner and make one another a gift while you talk. You can learn how to make paper roses together for a special bouquet that will stand the tests of time. You can also channel your childhood and make classic valentines for one another. All you need is a few craft supplies that you can probably easily find around the home or office. Apart from that, you might consider writing poetry or a song for one another. This can truly bring some magic to the holiday.

8. Local Music
Music is another great bonding experience, but most of your classic Valentine’s Day restaurants won’t feature local music unless it is soothing. So, you might make it your game plan to find a place to listen to some local music for your date. You might end up lucky and find a free performance in a park, which will help save you quite a bit of money. However, your best option might just be to go to a local cafĂ©. You should be able to grab a cheap meal, as well as a nice cup of coffee or a drink while enjoying the music. Although this might be one of the pricier dates on the list, it won’t leave you feeling like you’ve wasted a lot of money.

9. Escape Room
If you’re looking for an exciting date that neither of you will forget, then you might consider an escape room. This is an exceptional date if you want to go out with a group because it will allow you to split the fee of the game room. However, if you don’t want to share the date then the price won’t set you back as much as an expensive dinner. An escape room will keep you busy for some time too, which makes it a great date idea for older couples or those just getting to know each other. In short, this date will have you follow a series of clues so that you can escape a certain space. This requires teamwork and quick thinking, which will add to the fun of the evening.

10. Be Early Birds
Of course, if you really do love the traditional dinner and movie date for Valentine’s Day then you might consider being an early bird. Instead of waiting for peak hours, grab an afternoon movie and then catch an early bird special at a restaurant. This will allow you to save some money and hassle while you’re on your date. You can even go out for ice cream or something later to extend the date. Another great option is to consider going bowling or skating in the afternoon, as most people will still be at work. You should be able to enjoy a peaceful date that will certainly make you feel satisfied with the holiday.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to add to your holiday debt. Instead, treat it like a light holiday that can be celebrated on a dime. These ten ideas should help you embrace your holiday fun while showing your date a good time. So, get ready to embrace some fun as you show off your love.

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