Quick Tips to Incorporate Minimalism Into Your Life While Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning time is here again, which can cause a lot of dread for many people. Spring Cleaning can be a time to rejoice though, as it is a great way to get a fresh start on your life. One of the best ways to make the most out of your cleaning experience is adapt to minimalism concept while you work. You may find that your life becomes less stressful as you remove the clutter from it. These ten ideas should help you work on your home with ease, so you can easily get more out of your day to day living.

1. Start with Clothing
The best place to begin your minimalism practice is in your closet. This is where most people accumulate the bulk of their clutter. From t-shirts from events to dresses that stopped fitting decades ago, our closets tend to build up with clothing items we just don’t need. So, this Spring Cleaning period is the best time to get rid of the clutter for good. The ideal thing to do would be to illuminate most of the clothing in your closet. You will need an item for special occasions as well as a week’s worth of work clothes and casual clothes. You can also keep a couple of pieces that make you particularly happy. If you have a washer, you can even cut the clothes back more. You should go through your drawers and get rid of old underwear, holey pajamas and other clothes that might not be comfortable. Once you’ve finished making your wardrobe look like a minimalist dream, start on the rest of the household’s closets.

2. Clean Your Shelves
Another place people tend to have clutter is on their shelves. This can be a lot harder for people to clean than their wardrobe though, as many of these items have a deeper connection to the owner. However, you can easily part with these items if you’re careful. Knick-knacks can be gone through quickly, if you like many of them then put some away and rotate them throughout the year. This will bring you more happiness and will add a newness to your collection. Books can be the hardest items to part with. However, if they don’t bring you joy and you don’t plan on reading them then it’s time to let go. Once you’ve purged your shelves and put away items or given them away then you can clean them with ease.

3. Decor
Many households have way too much decor out too, which just sits around and collects dust. Try to cut back on your items where you can. For instance, pictures of loved ones can be transformed into a collage to take up less space. You might stick with one simple art piece for the room to work as a focal piece. To add to the design of the room, simply add a rug to tie things together. Plants are something you should add to each room though as they will cleanse the air and help you with cleaning.

4. Ditch Appliances
It’s hard to say no to a cool appliance, especially if we think it is going to make our lives easier. However, more often than not, the appliances we choose don’t stay in use for long. In fact, the panini press, wok, waffle maker and sushi maker, tend to collect dust for years before we pull them out to use them again. If you have a collection of these items, then it’s time to say goodbye. You don’t need to have a waffle maker if you don’t ever make waffles, so sell it and use the money to buy appliances that have more one use. For instance, if you love paninis then invest in a cast iron skill and a weight. You will be surprised as to how delicious it tastes and how little space it takes up. With your kitchen cabinets emptier, you can have space for the stuff you actually need, like food.

5. Clear the Bathroom
The bathroom is another place known for having clutter everywhere. From half empty bottles of shampoo to the lotion that you tried but hated, these supplies tend to pack the cabinets. So, now is the time to ditch everything you don’t use. There is no need to save these items because they will never be used. If you’re worried about waste, then put a ban on buying products until the items in your bathroom cabinets are done. You may want to clear out old medications too, but make sure to dispose of them properly. With less in your bathroom, it will become more of a safe space where you can unwind or get ready for work with less stress in your life.

6. Reconsider Holiday Clutter
Let’s face it, we accumulate a whole lot of items to celebrate holidays. These items can really take up a lot of space in our storage areas, which can even cause hazardous conditions. Now is the perfect time to go through these items. If you have lights, then test them out. If they don’t work or are in a tangled mess, then you might want to ditch them. Holiday ornaments that are rusted or have been broken a few times might need a retirement too. Apart from that, you can easily go through and find items you just don’t use anymore. You may even cut back on items that are just unnecessary. For instance, you might not need a set of plates for every holiday you celebrate. Cutting down your supplies can help you save money in the long run and will make it so much easier to clean storage in the future.

7. Think Multifunctional
If you want to make any space in the home more efficient then you need to think multipurpose as you go through your items. For instance, if you’re in the market for new furniture, then pick items that work as storage spaces too. You can also pick up bins that slide under furniture to store the clutter that you don’t want to part with. Items that do more than one job around the house are definitely keepers too, so shop efficiently when investing in new things. This even includes your technology, so don’t purchase tech that only has one purpose. You should even clean up apps and other items that clutter up these devices and add to your stress.

8. Encourage Sustainability
Minimalism cleaning and organizing can also get you started on living a more sustainable life. For instance, you may want to invest in storage bins and jars for your home. These can be taken with you for shopping that doesn’t require bags and other disposables. If you have a backyard then consider creating a compost. This will put the items you need waste to good use, so you won’t have to worry about them becoming landfill. Of course, you should also recycle whenever and wherever you can. Leading this type of lifestyle will even encourage you to think before you purchase. So, not only will you have less cleaning to do, but you also won’t have to worry about new clutter entering the home.

9. Take it Slow
Rome wasn’t built in a day, so don’t tackle your home in the same way. This will only make things harder for you, especially when you’re dealing with items that are emotionally hard to get rid of. You should start slowly and stop when you feel like the burden is too much for you. This should help you deal emotionally with the loss of your items, so you can move on to the next stage. Before you know it, your home will be complete, and you will feel so much better. However, don’t feel like you have to compete with others going through the same process.

10. Deep Clean
Don’t feel overwhelmed to clean straight away as you work. Instead, wait until you have cleared all of the items you no longer desire. With emptiness to contend with, you should be able to get a deep clean that you will feel proud of. Once the clean is over, then move the items back in. This is a great time to take a second look to see if there isn’t anything else you can get rid of. Often, when the deep clean is present, it inspires people to purge even more, so they can enjoy the feeling of cleanliness for much longer. You might consider using natural chemicals in some of these areas too. If not, rub down areas like closets, doors and windows with essential oils to keep bugs out of your home.

These ten tips should have you well on your way to becoming successful at minimalism and Spring Cleaning. Before you know it, this seasonal clean with be over and you’ll be enjoying your seemingly new home. You may even notice that cleaning is much easier, and life feels more complete. If not, then you’ve opened up your home to begin new collections that will help bring you a fresher sense of joy.

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