Quick and Easy Fixes to Make Your Porch this Spring’s Hot Spot

Spring is finally here, which means you might be thinking about spicing up your porch to create an outdoor room you can enjoy while the weather is nice. Porches can be quite pricey though, which might detour you from wanting to even begin the project. Luckily, there’s a ton of great things you can do for your porch that will allow you to enjoy the space without forcing you to spend a small fortune. With these tips, you’ll be able to create an amazing space that will encourage the whole family to get outside more and enjoy the fresh air. You may even find your cheaply renovated space will encourage you to host guests more often. So, get ready to do a little magic this spring as you’ll soon have an outdoor room that you’ll want to celebrate.

1. Screen It In
One of the best things you can do for your porch is screen it in. Believe it or not, but this actually doesn’t cost a lot of money. If you don’t want to do the labor yourself, hiring someone to do this task won’t break the bank either, so you may want to begin looking for quotes on materials or labor. Screening in your porch actually transforms it into a whole new room, which will make you want to spend more time outside. One of the benefits of doing this is the fact that it will cool down the space. You can even add lattice to the exterior of the screen to create even more shade. The screen adds extra shade to the mix, which can even help cool down your house. On top of that, it helps prevent bugs from entering the space. This is especially nice if you live in area that has flies, mosquitoes and wasps.

2. Add a Shelf
Another way to give life to your porch is to add a special shelf. One of the best options is to make the shelf a little above waist high. This will allow you to use the extra space as a bar or a home buffet when you’re hosting guests. This position is also great for keeping potted plants. You will be able to help tend to the plant with ease at this level, but you’ll also be able to enjoy them more too. Of course, you can add shelves in many different areas too. If you love the idea of letting your cats out on the porch then consider shelves that are high up to encourage exercise. You can also use these spaces as decor or a place to keep some of your gardening books.

3. Solar Lights
Solar lights can add so much to a space. Some time ago, these lights would have cost an arm and a leg. Luckily, now they are easier to come by at a fair price and you can even try your hand at making your own. The best thing is, there are so many solar lights available now that you can create a wide variety of designs with them. You can create a whimsical feeling to the porch or simply use the lights to create a bright atmosphere for entertaining. Solar lights will cut back on your energy costs too, so you can spend all night outside without feeling guilty about running the power for so long.

4. Repurpose Furniture
Your old furniture can be a huge asset to you while you’re working on building up your porch. If you have old chairs, then you can easily refurbish them to suit the theme of your new porch. Once this is complete, you can weather proof both fabric and wood to ensure that your furniture will hold up to the great outdoors. Of course, you can do this with just about any furniture you might have lying around. For instance, you can get a lot out of an old table. This can be weather proofed and used for dining, games and so much more. Your creativity is the limit when it comes to these projects, so have a little fun with the projects. If you don’t have any furniture you would like to use, then consider looking around for new items at the thrift store. You might be surprised what all you will find there, which could make your porch look spectacular.

5. Add Art
Art can really make your space even more comfortable, which is why you shouldn’t shy away from putting it on your porch. One of the more common items to add to your porch is art made of metal or wood. These tend to last longer outdoors and will allow you to show off a bit of personality. Of course, you can hang up all sorts of art in your space, so don’t feel limited. However, you should always take into consideration the weather and how your piece of art will react to the elements. For some items, weather proofing is possible, while other items won’t fare as well. Hanging these items up can easily be done with nails and screws, but if you don’t want to do this or you’re working with a harder substance, like brick, then you might consider an outdoor tape. Hanging items up isn’t your only option either. You might also want to add faux trees, statues, knick-knacks or a fountain to make the space suit you better.

6. Bring in Plants
Another great way to add to the atmosphere of the porch is to bring in some plants. For instance, you can add smaller plants like a bonsai tree or flowers that can live in a pot. This will help add freshness to the area while ensuring the porch is a mixture of indoor and outdoor elements. Many people have loved to add bamboo to their porch, especially if it offers a larger area. This amazing plant creates a tropical feeling, but it also helps remove toxins from the air. If you have space to grow items that climb, like ivy or honeysuckle, then this is another great option for the porch. This will bring a lovely smell to the area that will certainly keep you outdoors more often.

7. Bring in Games
Your porch should be a place to kick back and relax, so make it feel that way. You might consider adding a chess board to the mix. You can even put out a table with the board painted on, so you can get even more out of the game. Another great option is a card table, which can entertain people of all ages for hours. This table can also double as a place where you play board games when the weather is right. Adding games will certainly make the space a lot more engaging, which can help inspire all members of the family to spend more time outdoors. You never know, this cool design may even bring everyone closer together.

8. Add Color
If you’re suffering from a dull style, then the best thing you can do is add a splash of color. One of the first things to consider is adding new and more colorful padding to your furniture. Even this small change can make your space look out of this world. Of course, you can take it a step further by painting furniture to make the splash of color even more noticeable. Another option is to bring in a few colorful accent pieces. This can be as simple as painted flower pots or as complex as a vibrant work of art. You may find that the colorful appearance brings the illusion of more space, which will add more comfort to your porch.

9. Windchimes
If you love a soothing environment, then wind chimes might be the next addition that your porch needs. These amazing decor items bring natural music to your porch, which can help you to kick back and relax. Many windchimes also work to bring color to the space, which can make the visual aesthetics of your space look incredible. Luckily, you can buy a wide assortment of windchimes from many different stores. You can even have them customized to suit your family, interests and even to celebrate a deceased love one. Best of all, windchimes can be made at home at a very low price. You can show the world your creativity by creating them, which will make your home even more personable. There’s a ton of design ideas online to ensure you can have a blast using these items.

10. Shop Clearance
Without a doubt, one of the best ways to improve on your porch is to shop clearance whenever you can. This is certain to help you save a whole lot of money on the things you need to make your porch comfortable and exciting for the whole family. If you wait until autumn, then you should be able to find some of the best items on sale. This includes furniture, decor and even accessories that will help you entertain efficiently. Make sure to shop online too, as you should be able to find some exciting deals on items you will love.

Your porch can be one of the best places to spend spring and summer, so it’s important to make it comfortable for your whole family. These tips will help keep your projects frugal, so you can go all out and enjoy the space you have. Before long, your porch might become your favorite place in the home, which might even improve on your overall health.

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