Keep Your Wedding Cost Low With These Ten Tips

Weddings can be a stressful time, especially if you spend the entire process stressing out over the cost. With these ten tips you will be well on your way to shaking the wedding blues thank to the amount of money you will spend on your big day. Each of these tips will provide you will a simple solution that will give you the wedding of your dreams without the bill of your nightmares. Finally, you can sit back and relax as you make the decisions that will shape one of the biggest days of your life. Before you know it, you will be walking down the aisle and looking forward to the amazing honey money you could afford thanks to all of your wedding day savings.

1.Invitations/ Save the Dates
Although important, invitations and save the dates weren’t created to dictate a huge portion of your wedding budget. In order to save big money on this simple piece of your wedding you should make sure you shop around before purchasing. Finding these items on sale can be a huge money saver, and looking around can actually help you make a wise choice as to what a great price is. Of course, if you’re looking to save even more money you can always put on your crafting gloves and make the items yourself. This could also be a great wedding shower activity that will allow you and your bridesmaids to bond over the wedding ideas so far. You might even take inspiration from one of the items you looked at while pricing!

2. The Dress
For most women then dress is the most important part of the wedding. A lot of the time women have actually planned out their perfect dress for years prior to the wedding, so it is often hard to come to terms with the dream dresses being way out of the budget’s spectrum. There are many ways to have a beautiful dress without spending a fortune though. For instance, keep your wedding traditional. There is nothing more beautiful than wearing a dress that has been in the family for generations. It will also make the dress even more special when you pass it down to your daughter in the years to come. You can also find amazing dresses at charity shops or on clearance racks at many popular stores. The key is to look at the dress for what it and not where it is coming from. You can turn any dress into something that your wedding guest will remember for a lifetime. If you do have to have a brand new dress then make sure you shop around to find the best deal, or better yet, have someone close to you create the dress for you.

3.The Venue
The venue often tends to be one of the major expenditures that could have been budgeted more wisely. Many people want to get married in the huge church or venue that might cost thousands to book for only a couple hours of service. If you don’t have a huge guest list then you might want to try out an outdoor venue, depending on the time of year you get married. Outdoor weddings tend to run a bit cheaper and are already beautiful so you don’t have to spend too much money on decor! Try finding a place at an unpopular beach, or maybe even a lovely field. If you have family or friends with a big backyard then that might be a great little space to tie the knot. If you want an indoor wedding try booking a smaller chapel that will give you a more romantic feel anyway. One of the key ways to save here is to book in advance. If you want a summer wedding make sure to book it in the winter. You might get a great discount and will also ensure that you won’t end up on a waiting list. Unpopular venues are not only cheaper, but will also give you more time in case, say, the limo experiences technical difficulties or is stuck in traffic!

4. Off Season Weddings
Spring and summer seem to be the most popular times for weddings, which is also why it cost so much more to get married during this period of time. If you’re looking to save some money on your wedding then aim for a day in the autumn or winter as any venue will be cheaper. You will also find a better deal on entertainment and other needs for your wedding because business is not as booming as it is in the warmer months. Although the weather might not be the best of things to contend with the savings will get you a refreshing price on just about everything you need to make your guest happy. Having an off season wedding also means an off season honey money, which will make your budget go even further.

5. Photo/Cinematographers
Hiring someone to take photographs or record your wedding and reception can run you thousands of dollars, especially if you go through a business. There are many ways to beat this hige fee though. For instance, if you have a photographer in your close circle then you might offer them a small fee to do the same job. This way you are getting someone you trust to do the job and skipping out on the price. Another way is to hire in a photographer to do the initial work, while utilizing your photo shopping or video editing skills for the rest. This will cut down on the cost of the project and give you the control of editing your memorabilia. You can also shop around for students who are looking for experience. In this case you won’t end up paying as much and you will also be helping out a student. Of course, make sure to look at the students portfolio before you make any final decisions. Finally, if you want a unique experience, add a disposable camera onto your guest chairs so they can take their own photos. Develops the cameras when you get home from your honey mood for a wide spectrum of photos you will fall in love with.

6. Flowers
Flowers also tend to be a huge expenditure, especially when you have everything made for you. You can save huge on flowers by simply buying local items that are in season at the time. This will also help you bring out the beautiful natural elements of your wedding. If you, or someone you know, is great with crafting then you might want to make your own flower arrangement as it will save money and help you get the bouquet you want without a third party stepping in. As far as floral decorations go keep it simple. You don’t have to have massive amounts of flowers all over the place and the flowers you do have can be set up by you or your bridal party. If you have a flower girl let her go out and pick her own flowers. This will not only keep the little one entertained during wedding business, but will give you a wide variety of flowers.

7. Entertainment
Looking for entertainment can be timely and expensive. One of best saving tips is to go with a company that bundles their services. For instance, if you can find someone that caters, provides a DJ and any other services you might want, then you might save ordering from the same place. If you call and ask they might even give you a discount for giving them so much business. Of course, if this is not possible then you certainly want to shop around before making any decisions. Look for a catering group that uses foods that are in season and don’t provide too many food options for your guest. The more elaborate the meal is the more expensive it usually is. When looking for a DJ, once again, shop around for students looking to add some experience to their resume.

8. Reception and Mementos
Getting the receptions ready to go and providing your guest with mementos can be a huge drain on the budget. If your catering company or reception venue doesn’t supply runners, centerpieces and other decor then you might want to look into creating your own. This will give you the opportunity to play on your wedding theme. For instance, if you are getting married on the beach then add some sand based designs to the table. You can even direct guest to the appropriate seating table with small mementos with their name and table number on it. If you don’t want to get crafty then look online for clearance items that might work out for your wedding or do you shopping early and grab off season items months prior to the wedding. The key to providing a great looking reception is to not spend too much money on it, but to make it look comfortable to the guest. This can be done with the simplest of items, so you won’t need to fret over spending even more.

9. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
One of the biggest cost of the wedding can be your bridesmaids and groomsmen’s attire. When conserving money it is important to find items that don’t cost as much as your did! There are many dresses on sale or on a clearance rack that will look great on your bridesmaids. Of course, finding enough of the same dress in the appropriate sizes might be hard. One of the best ways to save money on dresses is to make them yourself, or have someone make them that will give you a great price. This is the best way to supply dresses that fit everyone perfectly and keep a great uniform look for the bridal party. You can even have the guy’s cummerbunds made to look like the girl’s dresses when you go this route. When it comes to the guy’s tuxes renting is always a great way to go, but make sure to shop around first.

10. The Finishing Touches
You would be surprised at how much money actually goes towards the finishing touches of the wedding. From the jewelry to the hair stylist you can lose thousands of dollars if you aren’t careful. When it comes to accessorizing your dress keep it simple. The veil can be hand made easily, or in some cases can be bought in a bundle with the dress. When it comes to jewelry keep it traditional with the something blue, something borrowed and something new rule. You don’t have to go out and spend a fortune on something when the only piece of jewelry that is going to matter will belong on your finger. Shoes are rarely ever seen under the dress, so don’t bother spend a fortune here either. Some people find their shoes online for $5 or less! Also, when it comes to hair hire a student who needs the experience. You and your bridesmaids will have a great look at the same price it would cost only one of you to get your hair done at a salon.

Your wedding day doesn’t have to bring tears of grief to your eyes. Thanks to these tips you will be able to walk down the aisle without thinking about the credit card bill that is coming in the mail. You will be able to enjoy your beautiful decorations and great company. You will also love the personal touch your wedding has thanks to all of the beautiful work you put into your big day.

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