Great October Savings From Walmart, Target, and Amazon Prime

It might be a little later in the year than it normally is, but we can finally say hello to some of the biggest sales of the year. Amazon Prime generally hosts its Prime Day sale in July, with Walmart and Target following suit. However, with Covid-19 putting most things to a screeching halt, Prime Day was pushed back and largely kept hushed until this week. Now, we already know there are going to be three huge sales to check out. These deals are said to be as big as Black Friday deals, so you might be able to get your holiday shopping in before Halloween even arrives. These ten items should definitely be on your watch list if you’re looking to save some money during these big events.

1. TVs
Without a doubt, televisions are probably one of the most common sales items that people tend to hunt for during sales like these. A lot of people are going to be on the lookout for Black Friday inspired sales. During these events, most stores aren’t going to fail you though. Amazon, for instance, will be promoting their Amazon Fire TV for the event. This TV will have its price knocked down quite a bit, which will allow you to save big on one of the latest models. Walmart is also going to be promoting the Roku Smart TV at a fantastic price. Target seems to be keeping its tech sale quiet, but you might hold out to see what they have to offer. Best Buy and other stores might also be working to show off some major deals to compete with the retail giants.

2. Toys
With a lot of major holidays coming up, you might be glued on to the sales pages involving toys. This sale is going to be a great opportunity for you to shop some of the biggest sales around. Target is already offering a great assortment of deals on toys, but there will be a lot to come during the big event. This could bring you some major savings, especially since Target is partnered with the Disney Store to bring you a lot of great options to suit your child’s favorite characters. Walmart also has some big plans for toys savings. They even have some early bird deals on blocks that promote STEM learning and other similar toys. Amazon won’t be leaving this section empty either. They even have toys on sale for early bird deals, if you are in the mood to keep track of the deal unveils, and so on.

3. Household Essentials
It seems like household essentials are going to be very popular during this sale. Target seems to be pushing these items the most for the sales event, so keep an eye out on your favorite brands of laundry detergent, cleaning supplies, and more. Target is also offering gift cards when you spend a certain amount of money on these essentials. Walmart is also jumping in on the household essentials bandwagon. You will also find that Amazon will feature a good assortment of essentials, especially in their pantry section.

4. Furniture
If you’re looking for some new furniture to make your home look and feel amazing, then you’re going to be in for a treat with this sale. All three of the stores will be offering phenomenal deals on a wide variety of furniture options. When looking around for these items then you might break it up into different stores. Walmart is still going to be trying to get rid of their back to school items. So, you’ll find fold-up chairs, bean bags, smaller furniture items, and more. Target is also going to have some of these items lying around, but you will also find more room accessories from this store. Amazon might be your stop for larger items. In fact, Amazon has been paying more attention to the furniture they offer, as you see it advertised far more often. You should always price check before you purchase such large items though.

5. Groceries
If you want to get your pantry stocked back up, then now is going to be a great time to do it. Purchasing groceries during these sales can actually help you quite a bit. Walmart will offer more of its daily essentials to keep your home operating well. However, if you’re looking for items that appeal to the season, then you might check out Target’s options. These will cater more to pumpkin spice and other seasonal treats that will help you enjoy life all the more. Amazon will be the place to shop if you’re looking for bulk options. Think bags of chips, boxes of snack bars, and so on.

6. Clothing
With autumn finally here, a lot of retailers are trying to get rid of all of their autumn clothes. So, you’re going to have a lot of options when it comes to sales items during this period of time. Of course, you should also try to visit other retailers too, just to see if they will be getting in on the competition. Your best option here is to shop for things from the store’s official brand. These are the items they will be more likely to push so you will find the best deals here. However, you will find options from other brands too. Amazon, Target, and Walmart all have their own official brands as well, so make sure to shop around so you can truly stock your wardrobe for a whole lot less.

7. Smart Devices
If you love to keep up with all of the latest gadgets, then this sale is definitely going to have you wanting to shop. One of the larger items on the market is going to be robotic cleaners, namely vacuum cleaners. These machines have grown in popularity recently thanks to their reduction in price from previous years. So, if you shop the sale, there is a good chance you’re going to find something that will suit you perfectly. Apart from that, there will be a good number of smart home items. Think camera doorbells, security system, thermostat control, household hubs, and so much more. You might also consider shopping Amazon’s brand for these items. They already have a preview sale which is offering two echo devices for the price of one.

8. Baby Gear
This year, all three sales are going to cater to your needs if you’re expecting, already have a baby, or know someone that needs a few things. You will find everything from diapers to swings which makes this the perfect time to bulk up before you have to purchase holiday gifts. All three of the stores will have options to choose from but when it comes to products, you might find they are going to be advertising their own brands more than others. This doesn’t mean there won’t be deals on other options though, so make sure you shop around to find the best deal for you.

9. Appliances
If you need appliances, then now is the perfect time to grab them. This is especially true considering all of the meals you will be preparing in the upcoming months. Thus, you are going to find a lot of sales on items like crock pots and air fryers. These deals will be across the board though, so it might not matter what store you end up shopping with. Most of the small appliances will be kitchen based, but you might find some novelty items and other appliances if you dig deep enough or shop other vendors that might be competing.

10. Membership Programs
Some of the best deals are going to be on membership programs though. For instance, Amazon is offering four months of music service for just ninety-nine cents. This is only the beginning of Amazon’s deals though as you will also be able to find deals for Audible and other popular programs too. Apart from that, Target will be extending their price match guarantee to 2 weeks. So, if you’ve found a better deal then you can snatch up the price during this sale. Another major perk is Walmart will be reducing the price of its gasoline during the sales event, so fill up then to put a little more in your pocket.

For so many, this sale has been long anticipated. This sale is going to be your last big event before Black Friday deals, but if you get lucky, you might not have to wait on these deals at all. So, make sure you shop smart and fast while staying safe during this big sales event

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