Fugal Tips to Start Your Year Off Right in the Month of January

January is practically here, and many people are trying to do everything in their power to make the right choices. With 2020 being such a nightmare for most, starting 2021 on the right foot seems the only way to go. One of the best ways to help the year go well is to make some financial decisions that will benefit your life. There are many things you can do in January that will help you to save money right away and make the changes necessary to save even more money throughout the year. These ten ideas are only scratching the surface but can help you to make the decisions you need to feel confident in the New Year.

1. After Holiday Sales
You might not think that shopping is a great way to start the year. However, if you can check out the right holiday sales then you’re going to be able to spend less money now for items you will need later on. For starters, you might start out in the food department. Often, you will find turkeys and hams at a discounted price. These can be frozen to help you prepare a meal or several later on down the line. You can also stock up on boxed and canned foods that might be cleared out as overstock. Apart from food, clothing is another major item you should shop for. You might consider looking for winter clothes like jackets and sweaters. You may even be able to find some jeans and boots to help keep you warm for the rest of the season. If you’re low on d├ęcor and want to invest in this then now is the perfect time to shop too as everything will be down in price.

2. Readjust Your Budget
If there is one thing you should consider doing in January, it is readjusting your budget. Even if your finances haven’t changed at all, you can easily look at your budget from the following year to determine whether or not it is working for you. If you’re struggling with finances, then you might begin your journey by seeing what items you can be cut from your budget. A lot of entertainment and subscription services often go unused, which makes them an easy item to cut. You might also consider ditching some of your clothes budget and cutting down on eating out or purchasing incredibly expensive foods. If you are making your budget with ease each month, then you might consider adding some more savings into your budget which will help you in the future.

3. White Sales
January is known for its white sales, which can help save you money throughout the year. The white sales are a period in time which linens and towels tend to be on sale. So, if you’re facing low stock on these items then there is no better time than January to make those purchases. These days, white sales tend to encompass a bit more though. For instance, you will find small appliances on sale too. This can help you with cooking throughout the year, so you won’t feel the need to spend money on fast food. If you know you’re going to have weddings to go to in the upcoming months, then you may also want to shop ahead for some gifts that can help you out in the future.

4. Buy an Air Conditioner
Purchasing an air conditioner is a big deal. These items definitely aren’t inexpensive. However, if you think your air conditioner isn’t going to make it through the summer or you currently don’t have one then now is the time to invest. In January, air conditioner sales will be at their lowest. If you’re lucky, you might also be able to get a good deal on installation since most other people won’t be worried about their air conditioner in the middle of winter. Of course, before you purchase an air conditioner, you should check into different options to make sure you’re going to get something that will cool your home efficiently without spiking the costs of your home’s bills. Some homes work better with specific types of coolers, so don’t be afraid to ask for professional advice if you’re just not sure which direction to go in.

5. Electronics
When it comes to electronics, you may want to shop in January as opposed to waiting around for the sales to begin again around Labor Day. In January, lots of stores will try to get rid of the excess stock that they have from holiday sales. They will also try to get rid of older models, especially since most brands have come out with new items over the last few months. So, everything from phones and computers to gaming consoles and gadgets, you will find the perfect items for your household at a price that will work wonders throughout the year.

6. Put Extra on Credit Cards
Holiday spending isn’t a joke when it comes to your finances. If you feel like you may have gone a little overboard this holiday season then it is important to put more money on your cards in January. Paying more than your minimum payments on your cards will do you more than one favor. To begin with, it will allow you to easily cut down on the amount of money that is on your balance. With the balance dropping, you are also cutting down on the interest you will be charged, which will allow you to easily save more money. Best of all, it will also help your credit score, which can allow you to save money in so many different facets of your life.

7. Turn Down the Heat
January is one of the coldest months of the year, which isn’t great for your heating costs. By turning down the heat, you can save quite a bit on heating costs. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to freeze though. There are many ways that you can stay warm that costs next to nothing. One easy way is to use a hot water bottle to stay warm. This can be placed under the blankets, so your sheets won’t feel like icicles. Extra blankets are also a must. In fact, this might also help reduce your anxiety, especially if you choose heavier blankets. Making sure your home is free of drafts is also imperative when it comes to staying warm.

8. Check Rewards
One of the most important things you can do in January is to check the rewards available on your accounts. If you have a credit card, then chances are you might have some rewards to cash in even if you don’t know it. You might check with your credit card company to see if this is an option for your account and if it isn’t then you might also see if this an option that is available to you. Sometimes, you may have a hundred dollars or more just waiting to be cashed in. Other options that you should check out are your rewards from stores. These stores rarely offer just money, but you might find discount codes or free shipping that will suit your needs. Sometimes these rewards expire which is why you should check on them and keep up with them throughout the year.

9. Swap Billing Companies
More often than not, switching billing companies can be a wise move when it comes to saving money. This is largely because most billing companies will offer you a sign-on bonus that will greatly decrease the price of your monthly bill. However, after this initial period is over, most companies go back to their normal rates, which might leave you feeling unhappy with what you’re paying. So, if you’ve been using a company for a while, use January to branch out and see what you find. You can do this for your insurance, utility bills, and so much more. You can even get a new credit card and transfer balances to help you save even more money.

10. Invest in a Bike
We’re always looking for the best possible way to shed weight and stay healthy. However, one of the best options is actually a bike. A bike can help you cut down on a gym membership as it will allow you to exercise as you enjoy fun trails or simply get around town. This will also cut down on your transit costs because you can ride to nearby places instead of wasting money on gas or taking public transit. With a bike, you’ll be exercising a greener life too, which will help you feel better than ever. Of course, you should first do a little research on the type of bike that is going to be best for you, as this will ensure you will love your bike of choice.

January is a great time for saving money and enjoying life. This month offers so many ways to save and prepare to save that you will truly be able to get off on the right foot when it comes to 2021. With these suggestions, you should be able to find a financial groove that will suit your personal needs and more.

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