Frugal Ways to Learn Self-Defense So You Can Feel Secure on a Budget

It’s never a bad time to learn self-defense. However, April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, which makes it a better time than any to brush up on your self-defense skills. Believe it or not, but you can quickly learn the art of self-defense without having to spend a fortune on it. This can help save your life and the lives of others, if ever something terrible comes your way. These ten tips should help you get started on your journey to feel safe and secure when you’re inside or outside of your home. These tips may even give you the confidence you need to do more in life without having to worry about a potential attack.

1. Free Classes
Most communities pride themselves on giving their community the opportunity to know how to handle them in case of an emergency. So, you might check out your community center or local police station to see if self-defense courses are currently being offered. Many city governments offer a few courses a year at no cost to you, which should help you get the skills you need to defend yourself. Sometimes, if a community is forced to deal with a tragedy or there is a string attacks then the police station will offer more courses in self-defense. Make sure you sign up for these courses quickly and try to take in as much as you can. You should also practice your self-defense techniques often, so they are always fresh in your mind.

2. Watch Videos
We are lucky enough to live in a time in which we can find an abundance of information online. That being said, you can also find lots of great videos that can help teach you self-defense at no cost to you. There are also many websites dedicated to this art, so browse around and find something that suits your needs. Many of these videos will show you step by step how to move your body in case of an attack. This is certain to help you learn moves that will be helpful while allowing your body to get some exercise. There are also videos that can help you keep your cool in the face of an attack. A combination of these DIY videos should help you feel like you’re ready to defend yourself without forcing you to spend a penny.

3. Utilize Your Phone
Your phone can be one of the best assets when it comes to your safety. There are actually countless apps that allow you to check in or notify loved ones when you feel like you’re in danger. Of course, you should also program your phone to have quick dial, so you can contact someone close by or important to you if you feel like you’re in danger. There are also codes that you can give to 911 operators now that will allow them to know you’re in trouble without you having to say you are. Even talking on the phone with a loved one can help stop an attack from happening in some cases. At the end of the day, your phone can even become an excellent weapon when it comes to defending yourself too. Make sure to check out some tutorials on how to do this so you’ll be prepared if you ever do need to use the phone in this manner.

4. Use Your Keys
If you drive, then your car’s remote can be one of the best functions to keep you safe when you feel in danger. The alarm button on your car’s remote is one of the easiest items to hit to draw attention to your self and the area that you’re in. This alarm can also detour an attack due to this, so always have your keys handy when you’re walking somewhere alone. Of course, having the unlock and lock feature close by can help you get in your car faster if someone is following at a distance behind you. Even if you don’t drive, your house keys can be a real asset to use. The hard edge of the key can be used as a weapon to ward off an assailant. There is a certain way to hold your keys if this happens, so you might want to practice in order to be prepared. You won’t think twice about having your keys handy anymore, especially after you learn how much of an asset they can be.

5. Pepper Spray
One of the most common items to use in self-defense is pepper spray. If this item is legal in your area, then it might be something you choose to invest in. You can find pepper-spray in all shapes and sizes, including one that conveniently fits on your key chain. This spray can stop an assailant in their tracks due to the pain that it causes. However, you should also learn how to use the spray to help protect yourself. Many people use the spray but end up getting it on themselves too. This can hinder your ability to escape an attack, which could cause you further harm. Of course, you should always dial 9-1-1 when an attack occurs, so you can ensure further safety and that the assailant doesn’t go after anyone else.

6. Stay in a Group
Although knowing how to protect yourself is important, you might want to take one extra step to keep yourself safe. One of the best ways to do this is to stick with a group at all times. It doesn’t matter if you’re walking to work with a few of your colleagues or sticking with a designated group after a night of partying, being around a few other people can truly save your life. Most assailants won’t approach a group when planning an attack. Even if they do so, there were will be more people to help ward off the potential attack, which will improve your safety immensely. You might talk to those in your life to set up specific groups for specific outings, so you will always know you have people nearby. If you don’t know anyone to walk with you then quickly join a group of people that are already walking. Most people won’t mind walking with an extra.

7. Take a Course
Even though free self-defense courses can really help you out, there are other courses that can do even more for you. For instance, you might want to pick up a form of martial arts like tae kwon do. This sport will allow you to learn the moves you need to defend yourself from an assailant. It will also provide you with lots of exercise that will improve strength, speed and confidence. On top of martial arts, you might also look at activities that help you think quickly and keep your cool in an extreme situation. Meditation is one great option, but you might also consider Tai Chi to help you find peace of mind while working the body. These two aspects combined will not only help you protect yourself but will help prevent your brain from going into fight or flight mode which might save your life.

8. Stay Aware
One of the key elements to staying safe when you’re out and about is to be aware of your surroundings. In this day and age, so many people actually disconnect themselves from the world around them. May it be talking on the phone, surfing the net while walking or even listening to music, you can find yourself in real danger by doing this. The best thing you can do is unplug when you’re walking alone, especially if there aren’t a lot of people around. By disconnecting, you allow yourself to hear everything around you and to feel out the atmosphere, which should help you protect yourself efficiently or at least take control of the situation you are in.

9. Practice Relaxation Methods
When it comes to a dangerous situation, many people who are prepared end up feeling so overcome with fear that they forget all about their training. So, you might want to consider practicing some relaxation methods to help you keep your head on straight when a problem occurs. One of the best options is to begin with breathing. This will help the body and mind relax so you can react appropriately. You may find these relaxation techniques work wonders in many areas of your life.

10. Know Your Routes
A key element in keeping safe is knowing the routes that you travel on. This will help you avoid walking into dark areas or areas that don’t have a lot of people, so you can stay safer than ever. You should always come up with alternative routes too. This will help you find a secure place to walk when your schedule is a little skewed. It will also prevent you from taking the same path daily. Some assailants will notice routine, which helps them to plan out attacks. By switching things up, you’re allowing yourself a little more security while also keeping your life fresh. The same can be done with driving routes. Although you don’t have to switch these up to avoid conflict, you should know the best route to take at night, just in case your car breaks down. Overall, being aware of where you are going can help you immensely.

Taking care of yourself should be top priority, which is why it is so important to know self-defense. These tips should help you find the help you need to feel confidence when you are alone, while also protecting you during every aspect of your life.

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