Cheap Autumn Snacks Your Kids Will Devour

With autumn here, there are a lot of wonderful options to enjoy when it comes to snacking. Since many kids are still learning from home, these snacks can be a great way to make snacking a lot easier and healthier for the whole family. Some of these snacks are even fun tasks for kids to help create. Best of all, the supplies are all in season which cuts down on the price and makes them a lot fresher. So, gear up for autumn in the best way possible, snacking.

1. Applesauce
If you’re looking for a kid-friendly snack that is simple to make while still keeping to your budget, then you’re in luck. Applesauce can be one of the best snacks for kids of all ages. It is actually incredibly easy to make too, which will make it a real treat in your home. All you need to make applesauce is apples, sugar, and other spices you might want to add in. There are a lot of recipes online to choose from if you don’t want to wing it. So, you can try a variety of methods to find what works best for your family. You can even use other fruits to mix into the sauce if you like. Once you get your applesauce made up, kids can eat it as a snack, with meals, or you can use it to bake. It’s one of the best ways to get rid of older apples too, so you might be able to avoid waste in this way.

2. Pumpkin Seeds
If you have your jack o lanterns ready to go then you might find yourself with an abundance of pumpkin seeds to deal with. This can be an asset to you as pumpkin seeds are a wonderful snack for the whole family. All you need to do to make this snack a possibility is to lay out your seeds on a cooking sheet with some nonstick oil and bake to perfection. Of course, you can get creative here. You might start by adding a touch of sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, or pumpkin spice. Sweet isn’t the only option available here either. You can also use an array of savory seasonings to create something that the whole family will love. Pumpkin seeds are easy to store as well and will last for quite some time, so you can make as many as you would like.

3. Popcorn
Your child’s favorite movie theater snack is going to be a great option for your child to enjoy during the autumn months. Popcorn is a fantastic snack for working on homework too as it can help kids to concentrate on their work efficiently. You can do a lot with popcorn too. However, you might avoid popcorns that are pre-seasoned with salt and butter as these can be unhealthy for your family. However, you can always come up with your own seasonings to help make the popcorn suit everyone’s needs. Apart from that, you might consider making popcorn balls to help appease the family while creating an easy to make treat.

4. Autumn Trail Mix
Trail mix is another great option when it comes to kids snacking. You might start by adding some seasonal nuts that you can get in bulk. Then add some dried seasonal fruit to the mix. You can dry the fruit yourself to help save money too. This will help you create a healthier mix that will truly help your kids stay healthy. Your kids can even get in on the fun and make their own mix, which will help them learn a lot more about what they are putting in their bodies. Of course, you can also add a little sweetness into the mix with chocolate chips. However, it is healthier to go with a dark chocolate variety if your child will eat them, as this chocolate is filled with antioxidants.

5. Spooky Rice Crispies
If you don’t mind your child having a little sweetness, then spooky rice crispies are a fun treat for everyone. This is also a great recipe that you can have the kids help with as it is essentially just cereal, marshmallows, and melted butter. You can form the treats into any shape that you like, which is where the real fun comes in. You can try to make Frankenstein, mummies, vampires, bats, witch hats, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Once everything is shaped and then formed, you can also add some fun to the mix by decorating them. This is truly a great way to make your snacks even more rewarding for your kids.

6. Apple Chips
Eating fruit is great for your kids, but it is often a battle to keep the snack exciting. Instead of just offering fruit, you might consider transforming it into one of your child’s favorite junk foods. That is, chips. All you have to do is cut up apples into thin slices and then bake them. You can all use a dehydrator or an air fryer depending on the result that you hope to get. Your apples can be cooked with a sprinkle of cinnamon or other seasonings to add to the joy of the taste. Of course, you don’t just have to stick with apple chips. You can do this with just about any produce you have as it will help kids eat healthier while still allowing them to feel like they’re getting their favorite junk food.

7. Cheerio Bars
Cheerios seem to have an autumn flavor to begin with, which makes them a great treat for kids. However, you can go really seasonal with these items when you try out pumpkin spice or apple nut cheerios. Both of these flavors offer autumn options that can easily be transformed into a breakfast bar. All you need to make cheerio bars is the cereal and some kind of binder. Many people mix honey and peanut butter, so kids will get plenty of nutrients and protein from the snack. You can also keep it more dessert friendly with marshmallows though. You might play around with the recipes to see what your kids like. You can even add fruits or other treats to the mixture.

8. Edible Trees
If your kids are in the mood to get crafty then an edible tree is a great option. All you need for this craft are some pretzels, some form of binder, and something to use as leaves. Simply place the pretzel down on a piece of parchment paper and get ready to decorate it. You can work with things like peanut butter or icing to help secure the items to the pretzel and to connect the pretzels together. Once you have the foundation of your tree going, you can use gummies, fruits, or other items as leaves. There are lots of great recipes for homemade gummies if you prefer to go that route. The trees might not stand up, but if you’re fast you can snag a photo of the craft before your kids eat every last bite.

9. Apple Cookies
There’s no doubt about it, cookies and milk are a great option when it comes to snack time. However, some cookies are filled with so much sugar that your child is bound to be bouncing off of the walls. Apple cookies are a wonderful alternative to this, and they are low carb so even you can enjoy them when you’re on a diet. To begin with, all you need to do is slice an apple and lay the apple on a cooking sheet. Then add peanut butter or an alternative to the top. From there, kids can decorate their cookie with dried fruit, chocolate chips, nuts, or anything else that might strike your fancy. You can also use applesauce to transform your favorite recipes into low sugar options. This can help you immensely when you’re trying to keep kids healthier while still allowing for their favorite treats.

10. Giant Pretzels
Pretzels and autumn go in hand in hand, which is why you’ll want to try to make your own pretzels during this amazing season. You should be able to find lots of great recipes right now, especially with everyone celebrating Oktoberfest at home. You can have a lot of fun with pretzels too. For instance, you can make pizza pretzels, fill them with fruit, or simply do the classic salt sprinkle on the top. Pretzels can also be served with a variety of sauces too. So, you can keep the snack fresh and inviting while sticking to one simple recipe. You can also make large batches of these items and freeze them for whenever the mood calls for one.

Autumn is a great time for snacking and enjoying the bounty that the season brings. These snacks are a great way to embrace the season while allowing the kids to have tasty items to eat. This can be increasingly important if your kids are stuck at home doing distant learning. These snacks are all a great way to take a break from school and learn some kitchen skills that will last a lifetime.

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